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Taipei, Taiwan

National Taiwan Normal University , or Shīdà 師大, is an institution of higher education and normal school operating out of three campuses in Taipei, Taiwan. NTNU is widely recognized as one of Taiwan's elite higher education institutions. The university enrolls approximately 11,000 students each year. The ratio of undergraduate to graduate students is 6:4. Approximately 1,500 students are international. Wikipedia.

National Taiwan Normal University | Date: 2014-10-18

A converting device converts an unpolarized incident light into a polarized emitting light. The converting device includes a polarizing or polarization beam splitter, a converting module, and a retroreflector. The polarizing or polarization beam splitter splits the unpolarized incident light into a first polarization wave and a second polarization wave, the polarizing or polarization beam splitter reflecting the first polarization wave and allowing the second polarization passing through thereon. The converting module receives the second polarization wave and converting the polarization direction of the second polarization wave to match or approximate a polarization direction of the first polarization wave, and guiding the converted second polarization wave to an output direction. The retroreflector is coupled to the polarizing or polarization beam splitter and reflects the first polarization wave to the output direction. Finally, the reflected first polarization wave and the converted second are combined into the polarized emitting light.

National Taiwan Normal University | Date: 2014-09-04

A light-guide coupler for modulating angular and spatial distributions of a light source is provided. The light-guide coupler includes a transmission body and a microstructure portion. One end of the transmission body defines a first opening. The other end of the transmission body defines a second opening. The width of the transmission body increases in a direction from the first opening to the second opening and forms a curved portion in at least one side plane of the transmission body. The microstructure portion is configured on one plane of the transmission body. An inner reflecting surface is formed in the transmission body and matched to the microstructure portion and curved portion. The inner reflecting surface forms a light transmission path between the first opening and the second opening.

National Taiwan Normal University | Date: 2014-11-26

An authorization method based on eye movement behavior is provided, which includes the steps of: displaying preset visual stimulus materials to a user; detecting eye movement states of the user during the users viewing the preset visual stimulus materials so as to generate eye movement behavior; obtaining a set of authorization rules corresponding to the visual stimulus materials; and comparing the eye movement behavior with the set of authorization rules so as to pant authorization to the user if the eye movement behavior meets the set of authorization rules, thereby overcoming the conventional drawback of easy leakage of alphanumeric passwords and providing more variety to the authorization rules and the protection mechanism.

The accumulation of abnormal proteins in neurodegenerative disorders is considered to induce oxidative stress and lead to cell death. Thus suppression of abnormal protein aggregation and reducing oxidative stress or reactive oxygen species (ROS) are expected to inhibit a wide range of harmful downstream events, providing an observation for identifying the potential prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative disorders comprising spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA), Alzheimers disease (AD) or Parkinsons disease (PD). In the present invention, there are several cell and animal experiment models for SCA, AD and PD established, and NiSOD-like compounds were applied to these experiment models. The results have demonstrated how NiSOD-like compounds are likely to work in suppressing abnormal protein aggregation and reducing oxidative stress; in addition, the results were also confirmed with brain slice culture of SCA17 transgenic mice and AD mice, brain tissues immunostaining of PD mice, and SCA17 transgenic, AD and PD mice.

National Taiwan Normal University | Date: 2014-05-09

A transport vehicle includes a driving unit, a wheel and a charging system. The charging system includes an electricity-generating tire and a converting unit. The electricity-generating tire has a tire body mounted on the wheel, and a piezoelectricity generating unit disposed at the tire body and configured to output electricity when the piezoelectricity generating unit is subjected to mechanical forces attributed to movement of the tire body on a ground surface. The converting unit operates to convert the electricity outputted by the piezoelectricity generating unit into a form of energy for storage in an energy storing unit.

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