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National Taipei University of Education is a university located in Da'an District, Taipei, Taiwan that predominantly focuses on teacher training. It was established in 1895, at the beginning of the Japanese colonial rule of Taiwan, as the Governor-General's Taihoku Teacher's College. Wikipedia.

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Yang K.-H.,National Taipei University of Education
Interactive Learning Environments | Year: 2017

It is widely accepted that the digital game-based learning approach has the advantage of stimulating students’ learning motivation, but simply using digital games in the classroom does not guarantee satisfactory learning achievement, especially in the case of the absence of a teacher. Integrating appropriate learning strategies into a game can better enhance the learning performance. Therefore, in this study, a mastery theory-based digital game with different feedback models was developed to compare the differences in the learning behavior of students using the two feedback models. Lag sequential analysis was then applied to identify the sequential behaviors that are statistically proven to have impact. The results of the experiments and behavior analysis show that, with proper design of the game, students in both feedback methods can achieve the same learning performance as that in the conventional learning method with a teacher involved. Moreover, students in the Regular Feedback Group reviewed the learning material more times than those in the Corrective Feedback Group, which seemed to mitigate the drawbacks of the regular feedback. This result suggests that a proper game design will be able to achieve effective learning and is robust in terms of feedback models. © 2017 Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group

Chen K.H.-J.,National Taipei University of Education
Evaluation and Program Planning | Year: 2017

Evaluation capacity building (ECB) is a context-dependent process. Contextual factors affecting ECB implementation have been explored theoretically and practically, but their influence within a changing environment has seldom been discussed. This study examined essential context-sensitive parameters, particularly those involved in implementing new governmental policies regarding higher education. Taiwan was used as a case study for exploring the effect of contextual change on ECB attributes from the perspectives of training receivers and providers. Surveys and interviews were used for data collection and importance–performance analysis was applied for data analysis. Four prominent features were identified. First, the ECB attributes perceived as important by receivers were performed adequately, whereas those perceived as less important were performed less well. Second, under new policies, training provider designed training covering a wide range of ECB, whereas receivers focused on those can be directly applied in evaluation process. Third, in a small education system such as Taiwan's, the complexity of peer review is high and ethical issues become important. Fourth, because the evaluation structure has been changed from single- to dual-track, receivers expect more training for institution staff, whereas providers insist on hierarchical training. Aligning ECB supply and needs is paramount for adaptation to new policies. © 2017 Elsevier Ltd

Chen I.-J.,Takming University of Science and Technology | Yen J.-C.,National Taipei University of Education
Computers and Education | Year: 2013

This study extends current knowledge by exploring the effect of different annotation formats, namely in-text annotation, glossary annotation, and pop-up annotation, on hypertext reading comprehension in a foreign language and vocabulary acquisition across student proficiencies. User attitudes toward the annotation presentation were also investigated. Data were collected from 83 non-English-majored university students in Taiwan in a 4-week period. Each week participants read 3 passages, each with different annotation formats as a treatment condition and one passage without annotation as a control condition. Posttests of reading comprehension and vocabulary recognition followed each passage. The results indicate that, for reading comprehension, the in-text format led to the lowest performance among all types of annotation, including the control condition. The best performance was observed in the condition where annotations were presented in the pop-up format. No interaction effect between format and proficiency was detected. For vocabulary acquisition, reading passages with hypermedia annotations significantly benefit vocabulary learning for participants of medium and high proficiencies compared with the control condition. No significant differences were found among the 3 formats. The beneficial effect, however, did not extend to low-proficiency participants. Participant feedback revealed a positive attitude toward annotations. Among the 3 annotation formats, the glossary type was considered the least preferred type by participants. Findings of the research provide insights on the design and instruction for online reading. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Liu H.-K.,National Taipei University of Education
Computers and Mathematics with Applications | Year: 2011

The theory of approximate solution lacks research on the area of nonlinear q-difference equations. This article explores the possibility of using the differential transformation method to find an approximate solution for strongly nonlinear damped q-difference equations. The time response of the nonlinear equation is presented under different parameter conditions, and the results are then compared with those derived from the numerical method to verify the accuracy of the proposed method. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Yu C.-S.,National Taipei University of Education
IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery | Year: 2010

When fault currents contain decaying dc components, current transformers (CTs) face the risk of becoming saturated. Traditionally, fault current waveform or CT model analyses were used to detect CT saturation. This paper analyzes the decaying dc components in fault currents to detect CT saturation. The decaying dc component in fault currents is first estimated using phasor-based computations. Such a component is then used to define a detection index. The proposed detection index can be easily used to detect CT saturation because its value in an unsaturated period is within a pre-known range. After CT saturation has been detected, the current samples and phasors in the latest unsaturated period are used to correct the saturated current samples. The proposed algorithm was tested using MATLAB/SIMULINK simulator and realized on a DSP Starter Kit to demonstrate its effectiveness and applicability. © 2010 IEEE.

Tsuei M.,National Taipei University of Education
Computers and Education | Year: 2012

The face-to-face computer-supported collaborative learning has emerged as an important strategy to elementary students' learning. Few studies have explicitly incorporated the structured peer tutoring to the synchronous environment in mathematics. This study was aimed to explore the effects of the synchronous peer tutoring system on children's mathematics learning. In the project, there were 88 10-11-year-old students who peer tutored each other in mathematics in the face-to-face online environment for a year. Compared to the control group, students in the experimental group had significant gains in mathematics learning, especially in the arithmetic and application types of questions. This study demonstrated the positive effects of peer support via the online synchronous learning on students' self-concept and attitudes toward mathematics learning. The results indicated that the longer the vulnerable pupils engaged in peer tutoring online, the more they benefited from the process. The finding suggests that students demonstrate different mathematics reasoning skills when they are paired with peers at different levels of ability. These findings demonstrate that the synchronous peer tutoring system is an effective tool to enhance elementary students' learning in mathematics, as well as promote positive self-concepts. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Jadhav A.M.,National Tsing Hua University | Bhunia S.,National Tsing Hua University | Liao H.-Y.,National Taipei University of Education | Liu R.-S.,National Tsing Hua University
Journal of the American Chemical Society | Year: 2011

We report a new redox/cycloaddition cascade on readily available 1-alkynyl-2-nitrobenzenes that produces complex azacyclic compounds stereoselectively. The core structures of the resulting products are constructed through a formal [2 + 2 + 1] cycloaddition among α-carbonyl carbenoids, nitroso species, and external alkenes. © 2011 American Chemical Society.

Tai Y.,National Taipei University of Education
Educational Technology and Society | Year: 2012

Mobile technologies have been successfully implemented in language learning, and have supported various innovative designs. However, many of these designs require considerable technical knowledge and support that are beyond the workload capacity of most language teachers. This paper discusses a study using an over-themarket mobile device combined with a task-based approach to design a contextualized mobile assisted language learning (MALL) practice. Meanwhile, a small-scale study was conducted to evaluate the effects of the proposed practice. The results provide evidence suggesting that contextualizing MALL practice can improve language learning and related attitudes for learners. The primary goal of this study is to demonstrate an affordable MALL design for language teachers. The study serves as a reference for teachers in developing this new type of MALL practice to motivate students and enrich language learning. © International Forum of Educational Technology & Society (IFETS).

This paper aims to explore the spatial and organisational dynamics of innovation activities in the evolution of cultural industry using Taipei's music industry as a case study. The existing literature has emphasised that innovation and creativity are driving the evolution of the cultural industry as a result of the spatial proximity effect generated by production systems. However, few studies have examined the innovation practices of the cultural industry resulting from interactive relationships between the urban cluster environment and the mobilisation process of project networks. An evolutionary perspective is used to illustrate how the cluster and network elements of the music industry are intertwined in innovation practices within the Taipei context. As a contribution to the cluster-network debates, this paper argues that the innovation dynamics of Taipei's music industry are a hybrid feature of Taipei's cluster environment and the strategic competencies of music project networks rather than the local cluster effect. In conclusion, a different trajectory for the evolution of Taipei's music industry is presented. Additionally, this dynamic process between cluster and network makes Taipei a hybrid creative platform that is an active element in the cultivation of the innovative competencies of Taipei's music producers and related workers. © 2013 Urban Studies Journal Limited.

Kuo Y.-C.,National Taipei University of Education
Qualitative Health Research | Year: 2014

I used a phenomenological method to examine the caregiving experiences of Taiwanese men with their siblings with Down syndrome (DS). Four themes emerged after drawing on stories shared by 7 men: taking responsibility for the caregiving, adjusting to an unfamiliar caregiving role, and counting on help from women and reframing. The results of the study show that the Taiwanese brother caregivers were raised according to the cultural norm, because of which they accepted the caregiving responsibility, even though they had rarely been included in the early life of their sibling with DS. These brothers thus encountered chaos in the process of transferring into the role of main caregiver. Greater attention must be paid to the promotion of earlier involvement of brothers in the life of their sibling with DS, and the special challenges surrounding a brother giving care to a sister with DS. © The Author(s) 2014.

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