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Temnikov A.G.,National Research University Moscow Power Engineering Institute
Electric Power Systems Research | Year: 2014

Using artificial clouds of strongly charged water aerosol gives new possibilities for physical simulation of the possible processes corresponding to lightning formation and lightning attachment to object. Paper presents the results of experimental investigation of the peculiarities of the discharge formation from a system of artificial charged aerosol clouds of negative polarity. It has been found that there is a significant influence of upper cloud on the discharge development from the lower cloud and on its parameters. Presence of the upper charge aerosol cloud can increase the probability of the preliminary discharge initiation near the lower cloud boundaries as well as the subsequent stroke from the non-discharged parts of the lower cloud and change its parameters. It was established that with a system of two vertically separated artificial charged aerosol clouds of negative polarity the current amplitude, the charge and the maximal current steepness of final stage of discharge between artificial cloud and a grounded rod electrode increase significantly. Probably, local regions with a higher volume charge density in thundercloud influence the lightning initiation, the formation of the first and subsequent strokes and their parameters. © 2014 Elsevier B.V. Source

Pereskokov A.V.,National Research University Moscow Power Engineering Institute
Theoretical and Mathematical Physics(Russian Federation) | Year: 2015

We consider the eigenvalue problem for the Hartree operator with a small parameter multiplying the nonlinearity. We obtain asymptotic eigenvalues and asymptotic eigenfunctions near the upper boundaries of spectral clusters formed near the energy levels of the unperturbed operator. Near the circle where the solution is localized, the leading term of the expansion is a solution of the two-dimensional oscillator problem. © 2015, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd. Source

Raskovskaya I.L.,National Research University Moscow Power Engineering Institute
Quantum Electronics | Year: 2013

The principles are outlined of laser refractive tomography - a method for reconstructing the values of the refractive index in the cross sections of phase objects, which involves the use of three-dimensional refractive images (3D refractograms) of structured laser radiation. A simulation algorithm is realised and examples are provided of characteristic 3D refractograms obtained by solving the direct problem of refraction of structured radiation. A method was developed for reconstructing the values of refractive index under conditions of strong refraction, which is based on the visualisation of ray trajectories inside an optically inhomogeneous medium. A classification is made of possible approaches to the solution of the inverse problem of refraction based on the visualisation of ray trajectories. Examples are given of cross section reconstruction and quantitative diagnostics of phase objects. © 2013 Kvantovaya Elektronika and Turpion Ltd. Source

Kaplya E.V.,National Research University Moscow Power Engineering Institute
Measurement Techniques | Year: 2014

We propose an experimental-theoretical method to identify and compensate static errors in the phase coordinates of the elements of an optical encoder. The technique developed is applied to the compensation of systematic errors in angle measurements in the modern optical encoder. © 2014 Springer Science+Business Media New York. Source

Dubinskii Y.A.,National Research University Moscow Power Engineering Institute
Russian Journal of Mathematical Physics | Year: 2013

In the paper, two boundary value problems for the system of Poisson equations in three-dimensional domains are studied. © 2013 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd. Source

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