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St. John, Canada

The National Research Council is the primary national research and technology organization of the Government of Canada, in science and technology research and development. The Minister of Industry is responsible for the National Research Council . The transformation of the NRC into an RTO that focuses on "business-led research" was part of the federal government's Economic Action Plan. On 7 May 2013, the NRC launched its new "business approach" in which it offered four business lines: strategic research and development, technical services, management of science and technology infrastructure and NRC-Industrial Research Assistance Program . With these services, NRC intends to shorten the gap between early stage research and development and commercialization. NRC now has over 30 approved programs. Wikipedia.

National Research Council Canada | Date: 2015-09-28

Insulin-like growth factor binding proteins (IGFBPs) and variants thereof, including IGFBP-1, IGFBP-2, IGFBP-3, IGFBP-4, IGFBP-5, IGFBP-8 and the C-terminal fragments thereof, inhibit angiogenesis, tumorigenesis and cathepsin activity, particularly cathepsin B activity.

National Research Council Canada | Date: 2015-09-11

Polypeptides with desirable biophysical properties such as solubility, stability, high expression, monomericity, binding specificity or non-aggregation, including monomeric human V

There is provided a method for depositing a TiO

National Research Council Canada | Date: 2015-02-27

The invention features a method of identifying an agent and generating an antibody that can cross the blood brain barrier, through the use of novel antigen isoforms of transmembrane domain protein 30A (TMEM30A). This is useful in establishing mechanisms of transmigration across the blood-brain barrier. These antigens are enriched in brain endothelium compared to other endothelial cells and may have better selectivity and capacity for brain delivery compared to transferrin and insulin receptors. One antigen is TMEM30A.

Xerox and National Research Council Canada | Date: 2015-03-10

The disclosure describes dry acrylate resin particles, optionally, with a C/O of at least about 4, comprising a heterocycle comprising sulfur, exhibiting high charge and improved RH sensitivity.

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