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Saldan Y.R.,National Pirogov Memorial Medical University | Artemov A.V.,Se Vpfilatov Institute Of Eye Diseases And Tissue Therapy Of Namsu | Saldan Y.Y.,National Pirogov Memorial Medical University | Nazarchuk H.H.,National Pirogov Memorial Medical University | Vernyhorodskyi S.V.,Pirogov Memorial Medical University
Novosti Khirurgii | Year: 2017

Degeneration of the endothelium of the anterior chamber and the drainage system of the eye is one of the key elements of etiopathogenesis of the primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG). Morphological, histogenetic and functional alliance of the corneal endothelium and trabecular meshwork, visible only by electronic microscopy, indicates a unified charaeter of the pathologicul changes. Such approach permits to see the general etiopathogenetic mechanism of age-related pathology in the trabecular zone, leading to POAG, and in the posterior corneal epithelium resulted in the bullous keratopathy. Insufficient number of endothelial cells lining the trabecular meshwork loses its ability to hold the intraocular fluid and initiates the process of similar bullous keratopathy. Swelling of trabecular collagen fibers leads to the narrowing of the inter-trabecular gaps' lumen and the increase of resistance to intraocular fluid outflow. A hypothesis of POAG pathogenesis based on the unity of histogenesis and morphological composition of the trabecular structures and the posterior segment of the cornea ("Dua's layer") is proposed. The main reason of these pathological changes is considered to be an age-related reduction of the endothelial cell density. Thus, the common nature of the pathological changes leading to glaucoma, keratoconus, bullous keratopathy is grounded, based on the proximity of the composition and functions of these structures.

Kovalyov O.O.,State Institution Zaporizhzhya Medical Academy Of Post Graduate Education Of Ministry Of Health Of Ukraine Zaporizhzhya | Kostyuk O.G.,National Pirogov Memorial Medical University | Tkachuk T.V.,National Pirogov Memorial Medical University
Wiadomosci lekarskie (Warsaw, Poland : 1960) | Year: 2017

RESULTS: Doppler sonography found qualitative and quantitative changes in forearm veins at different time periods after initiation of chemotherapy in the majority of patients. The major morphologic manifestations of venous wall damage were chemical phlebitis, local or extended hardening of venous wall, venous thrombosis and extravasations with necrosis and subsequent paravasal tissue sclerosis. Alternative vascular access created in 12 patients completely met the adequacy criteria (safety, multiple use, longevity, realization of the designed therapy program). The conclusion was made about inapplicability of forearm veins for long-term administration of cytostatic agents. If it is impossible to use central veins, arteriovenous fistula can become an alternative vascular access.INTRODUCTION: To provide long-term vascular access in clinical oncology peripheral forearm veins (up to 95% of patients in Ukraine), central venous access and "complete implanted vascular systems" are used most often. Many oncology patients have contraindications to catheterization of superior vena cava. Besides, exploitation of central veins is associated with potential technical and infectious complications. The aim - to study short-term and long-term results of arteriovenous fistula exploitation as vascular access for continuous anticancer therapy.MATERIALS AND METHODS: Peripheral venous bed status in 41 oncology patients taking long-term chemotherapy treatment is analyzed in the article. Doppler sonography, morphologic and immune histochemical analyses were used in the study.

Vernygorodskyi S.,National Pirogov Memorial Medical University | Shkolnikov V.,National Pirogov Memorial Medical University | Suhan D.,National Pirogov Memorial Medical University
Experimental Oncology | Year: 2017

Aim: To analyze the glycoprotein binding sites of the gastric mucosa and its secreted mucus using lectin histochemistry in patients with chronic non-atrophic gastritis (CNAG) associated or not-associated with Helicobacter pylori infection with or without dysplasia. Materials and Methods: In order to identify the areas with glycoconjugates expression in gastric mucosa, 6 lectins (Canavalia ensiformis agglutinin - Con A, Sambucus nigra agglutinin - SNA, wheat germ agglutinin - WGA, soybean agglutinin - SBA, Helix pomatia agglutinin - HPA, peanut agglutinin - PNA) were used. Carbohydrate determinants were visualized according to the lectin-peroxidase-diaminobenzidine staining protocol. Biopsy material was obtained and processed by conventional histological methods. The samples from 84 patients (54 with CNAG) with low (n = 34) and high grade (n = 20) dysplasia, 38 patients were H. pylori-infected and 26 patients - H. pylori-noninfected) were used. The comparison group included 30 persons with CNAG without dysplasia (16 patients H. pylori-infected and 14 - noninfected). Results: In comparison to normal gastric mucosa, a low affinity of Con A was shown in 80% of patients with non-infected CNAG and 90% of H. pylori associated CNAG. In 70% of H. pylori-infected patients with CNAG and low grade dysplasia there was an increase of SNA expression compared with noninfected patients (p < 0.05). Regarding SBA labeling no differences were detected in the studied groups (p < 0.05). In H. pylori infected patients with CNAG and low grade dysplasia, WGA, HPA and PNA showed a strong reactivity with the gastric mucosa cells in 80; 75%, and 60% of patients, respectively. Conclusion: We suggest that a set of lectins in reaction with gastric epithelial and glandular cells can be used as a tool to obtain information about the dysplastic changes of the gastric mucosa and may offer new insight into gastric carcinogenesis and precancerous lesions treatment. Copyright © Experimental Oncology, 2017.

Nikolskyy A.I.,Vinnytsia National Technical University | Krasilenko V.G.,Vinnytsia Social economics Institute | Bilynsky Y.Y.,Vinnytsia National Technical University | Starovier A.,National Pirogov Memorial Medical University
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering | Year: 2017

Today real-time studying and tracking of movement dynamics of various biological objects is important and widely researched. Features of objects, conditions of their visualization and model parameters strongly influence the choice of optimal methods and algorithms for a specific task. Therefore, to automate the processes of adaptation of recognition tracking algorithms, several Labview project trackers are considered in the article. Projects allow changing templates for training and retraining the system quickly. They adapt to the speed of objects and statistical characteristics of noise in images. New functions of comparison of images or their features, descriptors and pre-processing methods will be discussed. The experiments carried out to test the trackers on real video files will be presented and analyzed. © 2017 SPIE.

PubMed | Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and National Pirogov Memorial Medical University
Type: | Journal: Problemy radiatsiinoi medytsyny ta radiobiolohii | Year: 2016

The definition of a contribution of the carriage of the G1691A allele of thecoagulation factor V gene and the G20210A allele of the coagulation factor II gene in the development of thrombosis in Ph negative myeloprolifer ative neoplasms (MPN) patients, who were irradiated in the dose range 0,001 0,99 Gy and who were not.The clinical and molecular genetic characteristics of patients with radiation associated and spontaneous polycythemia vera (PV), essential trombotsytemiya (ET) and primary myelofibrosis (PMF) were ana lyzed. The group of radiation associated PV, ET and PMF represented by 35, 10 and 22 patients respectively, and the cohort of spontaneous PV, ET and PMF - 149, 111 and 78 patients respectively.The carriage of any of the two molecular genetic markers of hereditary thrombophilia at spontaneous PMF increases the frequency (3 of 6 vs 8 of 72; p = 0.033) and risk (RR = 6.09; 95 % CI = 1.40-26.43) of thrombosis. The presence of the G1691A allele of the proaccelerin gene in patients with PMF, who were not exposed to ionizing radiation, causes increase the likelihood of venous thrombosis at 10.14 times (95 % CI = 1.67-61.33). At spontaneous and radiation associated Ph negative MPN (in individuals exposed to doses in the range 0,001-0,99 Gy), the higher rate of the occurrence of venous, arterial and any thrombosis was observed in carriers of the G1691A allele the coagulation factor V gene, than in those, whose have the wild type allele. In particular, the G1691A allele of the proaccelerin gene carriers, that are belonged to the group of patients with radiation associated PV, have at 33.33 person years bigger rate of any thrombosis (95 % CI = 0.22-100.00, p = 0.048) and venous vascular events (95 % CI = 12.50-50.00; p = 0.003).In PMF patients with a radiation anamnesis were found the difference (20.00 person years; 95 % CI = 1.51-50.00, p = 0.035) between the ratio of any thrombosis and arterial vascular events, which was calculated for the G1691A allele of the proaccelerin gene and for those, who have the wild type allele. The carriers of the G20210A nucleotide variant of the coagulation factor II gene with spontaneous ET and PMF, compared with patients with the wild type allele, have a higher rate of venous thrombosis per 100 patient years.

PubMed | National Institute for Tuberculosis, Center for Research Borstel, Agencia de Salut Publica de Barcelona, Hospitalario Universitario Of Pontevedra and 9 more.
Type: Journal Article | Journal: BMC pregnancy and childbirth | Year: 2016

Objectives: To determine whether the incidence of tuberculosis with pregnancy is more common than would be expected from the crude birth rate; to see whether there is significant delay in the diagnosis of tuberculosis during pregnancy.Design: A cross-sectional survey.13 tuberculosis clinics within different European countries and the USA.All patients with tuberculosis seen at these clinics for a period>1year.Questionnaire survey based on continuous data collection.number and proportion of women with tuberculosis who were pregnant; timing of diagnosis in relation to pregnancy, including those who were pregnant or delivered in the 3months prior to the diagnosis of TB and those who developed TB within 3months after delivery.Pregnancy occurred in 224 (1.5%) of 15,217TB patients and followed the expected rate predicted from the crude birth rate for the clinic populations. TB was diagnosed more commonly in the 3months after delivery (n=103) than during pregnancy (n=68; TB is diagnosed more frequently after delivery, despite variations in local TB incidence and healthcare systems.

Vernygorodskyi S.V.,National Pirogov Memorial Medical University | Degtiariova L.V.,Bogomolets National Medical University | Iatsyna O.I.,National Cancer Institute | Blume Y.B.,Ukrainian Academy of Sciences | Yemets A.I.,Ukrainian Academy of Sciences
Cytology and Genetics | Year: 2015

The analysis of intestinal differentiation transcription factor CDX2 in the gastric mucosa biopsies has been carried out. It was established that CDX2 by its own promoter activation pathway can obtain intestinal phenotype for gastric mucosa cells. The loss of CDX2 expression in the nuclei of metaplastic epithelium may serve as a predictor of gastric mucosa malignization. © 2015, Allerton Press, Inc.

PubMed | Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and National Pirogov Memorial Medical University
Type: | Journal: Problemy radiatsiinoi medytsyny ta radiobiolohii | Year: 2016

Cytogenetic analysis of the effects of sodium humate in induced irradiation mutagenesis in Allium test.Analysis of the root meristem cells of Allium cepa L. seeds carried by ana telophase. Inves tigated the effect of sodium humate (100 mg/l) on cytogenetic effects irradiation (137Cs) at doses of 5, 10 and 20 Gy.Antimutagenic effect of sodium humate was revealed, what allows to consider it as potential therapeutic modifier of radiation damage. Antimutagenic effect of sodium humate increased with increasing irradiation dose. Spotted differential activity of the drug with respect to various types of aberrations are most effectively reducing the frequency of radiation markers mutagenesis - chromosomal aberrations manifested in lower efficiency of long term survivors against potential changes of chromosomes compared with short lived.Revealed different mechanisms for implementing antimutagenic properties of sodium humate in con dition of irradiation induced mutagenesis in Allium test.

Butov D.O.,Kharkiv National Medical University | Kuzhko M.M.,National Institute Of Phthisiology And Pulmonology Named After F G Yanovskyi Nams Of Ukraine | Makeeva N.I.,Kharkiv National Medical University | Butova T.S.,Kharkiv National Medical University | And 2 more authors.
Pneumonologia i Alergologia Polska | Year: 2016

Introduction: Multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR TB) is a significant health problem in some parts of the world. Three major cytokines involved in TB immunopathogenesis include IL-2, IL-4 and IL-10. The susceptibility to MDR TB may be genetically determined. The aim of the study was to assess the association of IL-2, IL-4, IL-10 gene polymorphisms with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR TB) in Ukrainian population. Material and methods: We observed 140 patients suffering from infiltrative pulmonary tuberculosis (PT) and 30 apparently healthy subjects. The patients were assigned to two groups whether they suffer or do not suffer from pulmonary MDR TB. Interleukin gene (IL) polymorphisms, particularly T330G polymorphism in the IL-2 gene, C589T polymorphism in the IL-4 gene and G1082A polymorphism in the IL-10 gene were studied through polymerase chain reaction. Circulating levels of IL-2, IL-4 and IL-10 in venous blood were estimated using ELISA. Results: Prior to treatment, patients with PT showed significant increase of IL-2 levels and decrease of IL-4 and IL-10 levels compared to apparently healthy subjects. Circulating IL-4 and IL-10 levels were significantly decreased whilst serum IL-2 level was significantly increased in patients with MDR TB compared to non-MDR TB. Low IL-4 and IL-10 secretion and considerable IL-2 alterations were shown to be significantly associated with mutations of homozygous and heterozygous genotypes affecting C589T polymorphism in the IL-4 gene, G1082A polymorphism in the IL-10 gene and T330G polymorphism in the IL-2 gene in patients with PT. Conclusions: Heterozygous genotype and mutations homozygous genotypes gene in polymorphisms determining specified cytokines’ production is a PT risk factor and may lead to disease progression into chronic phase. Heterozygous genotype of aforementioned cytokine genetic polymorphisms was significantly the most frequent in patients with MDR TB. © 2016 PTChP.

Pampukha V.M.,NASU Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics | Kravchenko S.A.,NASU Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics | Moroz L.V.,NASU Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics | Moroz L.V.,National Pirogov Memorial Medical University | Livshits L.A.,NASU Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics
Biopolymers and Cell | Year: 2011

Aim. The goal of our study was to develop an accurate detection of the SNP rs12979860 by RFLP-based method and to evaluate the polymorphic genotype distribution for this SNP among individuals with unknown HCV status from Ukraine. Methods.The SNP rs12979860 was tested by PCR RFLP-based method in 99 individuals from Ukraine. Results. The method of accurate detection of the SNP rs12979860 was developed. The genotypes distributions were: CC - 56 %, CT - 34 %, TT - 10 %. Conclusions. Due to the high incidence of CC genotype, found in our study, the SNP rs12979860 analysis may be useful for Ukrainian patients to predict responses to the treatment considering the HCV genotype and viral load. © Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics, NAS of Ukraine, 2011.

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