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Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

The National Mining University , colloquially known in Ukrainian as NGU is located in Dnipropetrovsk, the third most populous city in Ukraine. It was founded in 1899 as the Yekaterinoslav Higher Mining School. The task of the university then was to provide the mining industry with highly qualified specialists, a goal that has continued to direct the university's leadership right up to the present day, although in recent years its academic offer has developed beyond the confines of mining-related subjects. Currently, its structure consists of nine faculties . During the Soviet era, NGU was one of the country's top specialised institutions of higher education. It is ranked as one of Ukraine's best universities in many rankings and today attracts a large number of foreign students.The National Mining University is one of the leading establishments of higher education in Ukraine. According to the ratings of UNESCO it achieved 6th position among the 200 Top universities in Ukraine in 2009. Wikipedia.

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Korkhin A.S.,National Mining University
Cybernetics and Systems Analysis | Year: 2013

The paper considers the methods to evaluate regression parameters under indefinite a priori information of two types: fuzzy and stochastic. Fuzzy a priori information is assumed to be formulated on the basis of fuzzy notions of the model designer. Stochastic a priori information is systems of equations, which are linear in regression parameters and whose right-hand sides are random variables. Regression parameters may both be constant and vary in time. A classification of the evaluation methods using indefinite a priori information is proposed and used to generalize well-known methods. An evaluation method is developed, which combines the fuzzy and stochastic a priori information about regression parameters. © 2013 Springer Science+Business Media New York.

The article discusses the extraction of solid mineral resources (SMR) from the bottom, such as ferromanganese nodules (FMN) and cobalt-manganese crusts (CMC), occurring in both offshore and deep regions of the World Ocean. For separating and lifting the water surface is used mining complex, which includes a hydraulically dragheads and intermediate capsule with atmospheric pressure introduced into the of extraction process in order to increase energy efficiency through the organization of a two-stage hydroascent, the first stage is carried out by external hydrostatic pressure. To determine the optimum depth of immersion of the intermediate capsule composed mathematical model. It is based on the sustainable hydroascent provided at the first stage transport (from the bottom to capsule), and reducing power consumption slurry pump performing the second stage transport (from the capsule to the sea surface). In determining the rational immersion depth were taken into account design features of slurry pipeline, mine geological parameters, the parameters of extracted minerals, performance of dragheads, the slurry flow parameters, such as concentration, consistency, density. Presents an example calculation and determined the optimal capsule insertion depth for offshore geological environments. © 2016 The Authors.

Morokina G.S.,National Mining University
Procedia Engineering | Year: 2016

This paper concerns the problem of gamma radiation in the engineering industry. Distinctive features of the high energy resources in use are the short time of the product control. The research is devoted to problems of the small thickness about 30-40 mm. This investigation denoted to radioactive resources of high radiation and high energy range. In this case the photo effect plays insignificant role at this value of the energy, but others effects enter: Compton Effect and effect of annihilations. The type of the energy is influence on the quality of the results for the thickness 30-40 mm of the steel. Questions of personal dose measurement are urgent for radiation securities in the all enterprises of measuring system are considered. The results have shown that is possible to use selenium resource for the small thickness. The application of modern system of radiation control allows conduct the complex monitoring system with wide range or safe security. © 2016 The Authors.

Kolluru B.,National Mining University
Journal of integrative bioinformatics | Year: 2011

In this paper we illustrate the usage of text mining workflows to automatically extract instances of microorganisms and their habitats from free text; these entries can then be curated and added to different databases. To this end, we use a Conditional Random Field (CRF) based classifier, as part of the workflows, to extract the mention of microorganisms, habitats and the inter-relation between organisms and their habitats. Results indicate a good performance for extraction of microorganisms and the relation extraction aspects of the task (with a precision of over 80%), while habitat recognition is only moderate (a precision of about 65%). We also conjecture that pdf-to-text conversion can be quite noisy and this implicitly affects any sentence-based relation extraction algorithms.

Pivovarova I.,National Mining University
Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences | Year: 2014

In this study, the method of estimating the spatial uniformity of hydrological characteristics and the subsequent zoning of the studied territory by means of GIS applications are described. A new algorithm is proposed for estimating the uniformity of spatially distributed data depending on the differentiation of spatial-correlation functions of the studied characteristics. Mathematical calculation algorithm was implemented using object-oriented C++programming language. Prospects of researches in the creation of information model of the territory, reflecting the spatial structure, the status and relationships between its separate elements with the purpose of optimization of nature management and making decisions about the management of natural objects are outlined. © Medwell Journals, 2014.

Shaidurov V.N.,National Mining University
Novyj Istoriceskij Vestnik | Year: 2014

The article analyses the business activities of the Jewish community in Western Siberia in the latter half of the XIX century. On the basis of archival documents and published statistical data it is shown that the Jews who arrived from western provinces of the Russian Empire were mostly involved in buying up and processing agricultural products. They either took up the kinds of entrepreneurship which were considered unattractive by the local population or launched new processing industries. It is concluded that through these activities the Jews managed to secure the economic niches that brought them steady profits. The original accumulation of capital led to the appearance of Jewish family clans in banking, trade, different food industries and service sector. These clans made a significant contribution to the economic development of Tobolsk and Tomsk provinces and Akmolinsk region. © by Novyy Istoricheskiy Vestnik, 2014.

Nawaz R.,National Mining University
BMC bioinformatics | Year: 2013

Negation occurs frequently in scientific literature, especially in biomedical literature. It has previously been reported that around 13% of sentences found in biomedical research articles contain negation. Historically, the main motivation for identifying negated events has been to ensure their exclusion from lists of extracted interactions. However, recently, there has been a growing interest in negative results, which has resulted in negation detection being identified as a key challenge in biomedical relation extraction. In this article, we focus on the problem of identifying negated bio-events, given gold standard event annotations. We have conducted a detailed analysis of three open access bio-event corpora containing negation information (i.e., GENIA Event, BioInfer and BioNLP'09 ST), and have identified the main types of negated bio-events. We have analysed the key aspects of a machine learning solution to the problem of detecting negated events, including selection of negation cues, feature engineering and the choice of learning algorithm. Combining the best solutions for each aspect of the problem, we propose a novel framework for the identification of negated bio-events. We have evaluated our system on each of the three open access corpora mentioned above. The performance of the system significantly surpasses the best results previously reported on the BioNLP'09 ST corpus, and achieves even better results on the GENIA Event and BioInfer corpora, both of which contain more varied and complex events. Recently, in the field of biomedical text mining, the development and enhancement of event-based systems has received significant interest. The ability to identify negated events is a key performance element for these systems. We have conducted the first detailed study on the analysis and identification of negated bio-events. Our proposed framework can be integrated with state-of-the-art event extraction systems. The resulting systems will be able to extract bio-events with attached polarities from textual documents, which can serve as the foundation for more elaborate systems that are able to detect mutually contradicting bio-events.

Taran I.A.,National Mining University
Naukovyi Visnyk Natsionalnoho Hirnychoho Universytetu | Year: 2012

Purpose: To determine relationship of circular transmission number of closed loop with the character of power transmission change in hydrostatic mechanical transmissions as well as laws in the character of changes within both circulatory and non-circulatory modes over the range of service conditions for hydrostatic mechanical transmissions. Methodology: Theoretical studies of transmissions are based on the key issues of theory of machines and mechanisms and on the theory of closed double-split transmissions. Findings: Relationships of character of changes in power circulating in double-split stepless hydrostatic mechanical transmissions and their efficiency loss in hydrostatic mechanical transmissions, laws concerning the character of circulatory and non-circulatory modes changes over the range of service conditions for hydrostatic mechanical transmissions has been established. In future it will help to determine relationships between circular transmission loop of double-split hydrostatic mechanical transmissions and the control parameter of hydrostatic transmissions in the context of planetary gear in output and input. Originality is in analysis of distribution of powers circulating in double-split stepless hydrostatic mechanical transmissions with loss of their efficiency, determination of relationships of power distribution between brunches of double-split hydrostatic mechanical transmissions in the process of their performance as transport means, and strict demonstration of lemma concerning availability or absence of circulating power within double-split hydrostatic mechanical transmissions that is the basis of scientific substantiation of the methodology of stepless variable double-split hydrostatic mechanical transmissions under any working mode both for traction and transport velocity ranges of any transport means including mine diesel locomotives. Practical value is in using laws of formation and transfer of power paths within transmission components to substantiate the type of transmission required for necessary moving force and stepless cruise control of diesel locomotives within the given range when diesel engine has constant frequency of crankshaft rotation for minimum discharges and fuel consumption. Distribution of paths limits restricts both structure and kinematic scheme of double-split stepless transmission. It should give only parallel power paths from the engine to driving wheels of traction and transport machine for any nonreversible variator.

Beshta O.S.,National Mining University
Naukovyi Visnyk Natsionalnoho Hirnychoho Universytetu | Year: 2012

Purpose. To explain the scientific rationale for the possibility of improvement of energy efficiency of technological processes by means of electrical drive adjustment. Methodology. Methods of the research include theoretical studies of power and specific energy-dependent performance of certain technological systems. We have set the task of determining the dependence of these parameters on the average productivity of the equipment and its standard deviation at a given bar chart performance for a duty cycle of technological complex. The general principles have been tested on the two power- intensive classes of mechanisms namely pumping stations and conveyers which are the most common in the industry. For the purpose the correlations between the energy parameters of these mechanisms and their performance with different ways of the performance regulation, including regulation by change of machine tools work speed have been theoretically determined. Based on these correlations the parameters of the most energy-efficient mode of the machine tools have been established. The results coincide with the results arising from the established general laws. Findings. We have established that the control of the machine tools speed in technological systems allows reducing the specific energy per unit of productivity by providing rational proportional dependence of the load torque and the technological process productivity on the speed. We have proved that the greatest effect of this regulation type can be achieved in the range of control 2:1. If the range of the adjustments is wider, the two machine tools should be chosen, one of which should operate with a nominal capacity and the other one should be controlled in the speed range 2:1. We have determined that the efficiency strongly depends on the machine tool productivity oscillations relative to the average level in the duty cycle. Therefore, if the standard deviation exceeds 5-10%, the machine tool with large productivity should be replaced by several machine tools of lower productivity and the productivity of one of them should be regulated. We have established that the theoretical maximum of the efficiency, in terms of saving power required to control the flow rate by adjusting the pump speed, compared to the control of the flow rate by valve is within 4% with the support of sustainability in hydraulic pressure and about 40% without the support of sustainable pressure. Feed control of a pump should be in the range (5-10).(40-50)% of its nominal performance. Use of the adjustable electric drive on trunk pipelines and drainage systems with the constant pressure or low range of supply regulation is inappropriate in terms of energy saving. But, if we need to maintain the sustainability of flow rate, the use of adjustable speed drives on pumping units is the most appropriate decision in terms of effective energy saving. We have determined the extreme dependence of the energy consumption on the speed mode of the conveyor with the constant productivity of intermediate bunker. So we have theoretically determined the conveyor speed for minimal energy consumption during transportation. Reducing the average speed of the conveyor while maintaining constant specific load level reduces the losses of energy, but increases the energy consumption per unit weight of products transported (unit costs). Minimization of the specific energy consumption in this case is possible only by increasing the speed level. Originality. General regularities which make the most energy efficient modes of parameters of technological systems have been established. Practical value. The most energy efficient modes of parameters of technological systems have been determined.

Tyapkin K.F.,National Mining University
Naukovyi Visnyk Natsionalnoho Hirnychoho Universytetu | Year: 2013

Purpose. To determine the current state of the Earth tectonic development problem, that is essential for choosing rational system of training geological profile specialists for studying the Earth's crust. All features of the Earth's crust are closely associated with the development of the Earth as a whole. The main difficulty in achieving the assigned goal is that the idea of researchers on the Earth development is mostly hypothetical, its relationship with the formation of the Earth's crust had been evolved over the time, but nothing has been rejected. Methodology. The method of achieving the goal was elected to be the following - it was conducted the analysis of the materiality concept that was used, and the main advantages and disadvantages that determine its potential. Findings. Therefore, the first analyzed concept was the concept of geosynclines and platforms that emerged in the second half of the XIX century with the systematic study of the Earth's crust continents. The main advantage of this concept is that it is formulated on the results of direct examination of the actual Earth crust structures and is devoid of hypothetical assumptions. The main disadvantage consists in the lack of reference to the source of the forces that can explain the mechanisms of the structures formation, which are studied. In the early postwar years an intensive study of the Earth's crust within oceans started. It was carried out mainly by geophysical methods. Their main feature is their catastrophic shortage of parametric data on the geologic sections, which resulted in some uncertainty of the field observations interpretation results. Basing on the results of this Earth's crust study within the oceans it was formulated a new tectonic concept, which received the name of the 'Tectonics of Lithosphere Plates'. It is based on an idea of spreading of the ocean floor. From our perspective, this is mainly speculative concept that has very little common with reality. The attempts to extend it on conditions of the continents were found to be groundless. This is evidenced by the impossibility of explaining the concept of the basic laws of geosynclines and platforms from the perspective of the tectonics of lithosphere plates. But its main drawback is the absence of the description of the real source of the power which can explain the mechanism of crustal structures formation. In the second half of the twentieth century the New Rotational Hypothesis of the structure formation in the Earth's tektonosphere was offered, which is fundamentally different from the mentioned above. According to this hypothesis tektonic development of the Earth, and of its crust, is the result of the interaction of the planet with the surrounding space fields, and the specific source of the forces that affect the development process is the rotation tension field, which arise from the Earth's tectonosphere due to variations in rotation mode. To identify the postulates of this hypothesis, we have performed the analysis of compliance of its main provisions with the categories of dialectical materialism. It turned out that they are fully consistent to each other. Therefore, to assess the reliability of the New Rotational Hypothesis of the structure formation, it was also applied a criterion of dialectical materialism - practice. Originality. We have applied the laws of dialectical materialism to substantiate the New Rotational Hypothesis. Practical value. We have applied a complex approach to the analysis of geo-tectonic hypotheses, which increases their evidence grade.

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