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Lyubin E.A.,Gornyi National Mineral Resources University
Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Oils | Year: 2014

A method of reducing hydrocarbon emissions into the atmosphere from storage tanks with the use of a liquid-gas ejector based on a comparison of the Ka criterion for each technique of reducing losses is evaluated. For this purpose, new dimensionless equations for predicting the evaporation dynamics of petroleum are obtained, experimental studies designed to confirm the theoretical foundations of the theory of phase equilibria applied to liquid-gas ejectors are conducted, and an analysis to obtain data on the range of applicability of different instruments for reducing losses of petroleum from storage tanks is conducted. © 2014 Springer Science+Business Media New York.

Beloglazov I.I.,Gornyi National Mineral Resources University | Pedro A.A.,LENNIIGIPROKhIM Research and Design Institute
Metallurgist | Year: 2015

The nature and character of emf existence in the electrode–earth circuit for a switched-off ore-smelting furnace during downtime is considered. It is shown that the presence of an emf is connected with processes accompanying temperature equalization between similar contacts of an electrode and carbon lining with materials filling a bath (Peltier effect), and also temperature gradients in materials (Thomson effect). The presence of an emf may be used for creating a fundamentally new method of evaluating electrode working surface temperature and bath thermal state during downtime. © 2015 Springer Science+Business Media New York

Gerasimenko A.A.,Gornyi National Mineral Resources University | Samigullin G.K.,Gornyi National Mineral Resources University
Chemical and Petroleum Engineering | Year: 2016

Factors are considered affecting correct evaluation of tank service life: the effect of the form of biaxial stressed state on tank material cyclic crack resistance properties, and the dependence of stress-strained state at the tip of a defect specifying stress intensity factor on operating conditions, defect size, and structure geometric features. A universal algorithm is proposed on the basis of numerical and experimental research for calculating the number of cycles to failure for a tank wall with a crack-like surface defect. © 2016 Springer Science+Business Media New York

Patrin R.K.,Gornyi National Mineral Resources University | Bazhin V.Y.,Gornyi National Mineral Resources University
Metallurgist | Year: 2014

Large quantities of spent cathodic linings have accumulated on the grounds of Russian aluminum plants and at adjacent disposal sites, these linings being comprised of metallized and fluoride-impregnated carbon-graphite materials and refractories. It is of interest from both a scientific and an engineering standpoint to find ways to recover the valuable components in these wastes and use the recycled materials in different industries. A pyrometallurgical method is proposed for recycling the wastes with the use of standard equipment, and the physicochemical properties of waste materials collected from decommissioned aluminum cells are determined. © 2014, Springer Science+Business Media New York.

Telyakov A.N.,Gornyi National Mineral Resources University | Shmidt D.V.,Gornyi National Mineral Resources University | Aleksandrova T.A.,Gornyi National Mineral Resources University
Metallurgist | Year: 2015

Results are presented from studies of the intensive radial injection of an air blast into a crucible to recycle electronic scrap. A relation is found to describe the effect of the blast and the unsubmerged air jet on mass transfer, and an empirical formula is obtained to calculate the unit air flow rate in the critical regime. © 2015 Springer Science+Business Media New York.

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