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Hitachi Ltd., St. Marianna University School of Medicine and National Institute Of Agrobiological Science | Date: 2013-04-24

The present invention can provide a controlled drug release carrier formed by using a silk fibroin porous material, which has high drug controlled release rate, controllability of the drug controlled release speed, high strength, easy handleability, skin care properties from high biocompatibility, high water retentivity, and capability of efficiently retaining a drug.

National Institute Of Agrobiological Science and Kanto Kagaku Kabushiki Kaisha | Date: 2014-07-09

A dried vitrigel membrane is produced by a method including the following steps of (1) a step of keeping a hydrogel in the inside of a wall surface mold with a shape the same as the desired shape disposed on a substrate, and discharging a part of free water within the hydrogel from a gap between the substrate and the wall surface mold; (2) a step of removing the wall surface mold from the top of the substrate; (3) a step of drying the hydrogel to remove the residual free water, thereby fabricating a vitrified dried hydrogel; (4) a step of rehydrating the dried hydrogel to fabricate a vitrigel membrane; and (5) a step of redrying the vitrigel membrane to remove free water, thereby fabricating a vitrified dried vitrigel membrane.

Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha, National Institute Of Agrobiological Science and University of Tokyo | Date: 2012-03-22

This invention is intended to allow accumulation of large quantities of soluble sugars in tissue other than plant seeds. A plant is modified so as to suppress a gene encoding a subunit exhibiting the highest sequence similarity with the subunit encoded by the AGPL1 gene of rice among subunits constituting.

National Institute Of Agrobiological Science | Date: 2012-03-01

The present inventors isolated many promoters having various expression characteristics from monocots, connected the OsWRKY45 gene downstream of these promoters, and then re-introduced them into a monocot (rice plant), and thereby strived to produce a rice line having both complex disease resistance and excellent agronomic traits. As a result, the present inventors succeeded in producing transgenic plants having both disease resistance and good agronomic traits by expressing OsWRKY45 using upstream sequences of the EF1 or OsUbi7 gene as promoters.

Incorporated Administrative Agency Fertilizer And Feed Inspection Services and National Institute Of Agrobiological Science | Date: 2012-03-12

The present invention provides a method for identifying animal species, said method comprises a step of amplifying a DNA fragment by PCR using a DNA in a sample as a template and animal-specific DNA sequences as a primer pair, wherein the animal-specific DNA sequences are derived from a ATP synthase subunit 8 gene or a region proximal thereto of a mitochondrial genome; and a step of detecting the amplified DNA fragment.

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