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Kim Y.H.,National Information Society Agency | Park J.W.,Chungnam National University
Journal of Computing Science and Engineering | Year: 2017

This paper proposes a new IPv6 networking paradigm as a counter answer to the rationale for locator/identifier separation. Instead of involving separate number spaces each for node identifiers and locators, the context of the IP address as a node identifier alone is utilized and no additional locators are incorporated. That is, there are only node addresses and no locators, and location information is indirectly derived from neighbor relations between nodes. In order to accomplish this, no subnet IDs are utilized; the ID value is set to zero for all subnets. The paper details how to construct this paradigm through novel choice of operational policies in various IPv6 protocols and some trivial modifications. Especially, inherent provision of intra-domain node- as well as subnet-mobility by use of standard link-state intra-domain routing protocols is discussed. A number of important advantages of this paradigm over the canonical IPv6 networking and various known solutions of locator/identifier separation are discussed. Tailoring for multi-area domains and IPv4 is left for further study. © 2017 The Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers.

Lee B.B.,Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute | Cho I.K.,National Information Society Agency | Kim S.-J.,Chosun University
IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences | Year: 2017

An interference-aware dynamic channel assignment scheme is proposed with consideration of co-tier interference for the down-link of an OFDMA/FDD based dense small-cell network. The proposed scheme adaptively assigns subchannels to the small-cell user equipment (SUE) according to the given traffic load and interference effect from neighbor small-cell access points. The simulation results show that the proposed scheme outperforms the other schemes based on the graph coloring algorithm in terms of the mean SUE capacity. © 2017 The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers.

Agency: European Commission | Branch: FP7 | Program: CP | Phase: ICT-2011.1.6 | Award Amount: 11.07M | Year: 2012

A federation of experimentation facilities will significantly accelerate Future Internet research. Fed4FIRE will deliver open and easily accessible facilities to the FIRE experimentation communities, which focus on fixed and wireless infrastructures, services and applications, and combinations thereof. The project will develop a demand-driven common federation framework, based on an open architecture and specification. It will be widely adopted by facilities and promoted internationally. This framework will provide simple, efficient, and cost effective experimental processes built around experimenters and facility owners requirements. Insight into technical and socio-economic metrics, and how the introduction of new technologies into Future Internet facilities influences them, will be provided by harmonized and comprehensive measurement techniques. Tools and services supporting dynamic federated identities, access control, and SLA management will increase the trustworthiness of the federation and its facilities. A FIRE portal will offer brokering, user access management and measurements. Professional technical staff will offer first-line and second-line support to make the federation simple to use. The project will use open calls to support innovative experiments from academia and industry and to adapt additional experimentation facilities for compliance with Fed4FIRE specifications. A federation authority will be established to approve facilities and to promote desirable operational policies that simplify federation. A Federation Standardization Task Force will prepare for sustainable standardization beyond the end of the project. The adoption of the Fed4FIRE common federation framework by the FIRE facilities, the widespread usage by both academic and industrial experimenters, and the strong links with other national and international initiatives such as the FI-PPP, will pave the way to sustainability towards Horizon 2020.

Oh S.T.,National Information Society Agency | Park S.,Hoseo University
Procedia Computer Science | Year: 2016

This study aimed to figure out the effects of 'technostress' and 'work continuity after daily work' on 'job satisfaction' and the influence of 'factors easing stress' through empirical research by taking 'work-life conflict' of connected smart workers who have emerged as a typical employment type in the 21st century hyper-connected environment as a parameter. For this, research hypotheses were set based on previous studies, and causal relations among the variables were empirically verified. In terms of the samples of this study, a questionnaire survey was conducted against office workers who use new and emergent technologies such as smartphone, mobile computing and SNS. Then, the results from the analysis of empirical data were interpreted. This study investigated technostress which may result from the use of new technologies even after work and during holidays (e.g., using smartphone, checking emails or continuing work through a messenger after working hours'), its influence on job satisfaction and work-life conflict. © 2016 Published by Elsevier B.V.

Chae S.W.,National Information Society Agency | Seo Y.W.,Software Engineering Center | Lee K.C.,Sungkyunkwan University
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics) | Year: 2012

Trust plays a critical role in facilitating transactions in the online shopping environment. Accordingly, various methods have been considered to enhance customer trust. Human branding has received increased attention and played a vital role in business in recent years because it has great impacts on our daily life and consumption. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the effect of applying human brands in an online shopping environment with an emphasis on product type and human brand attachment. The study combines the eye-tracking technique with a self-reported questionnaire to gain a deeper understanding of the effect of human branding in the online shopping process. The results showed that both the product type and level of human brand attachment have significant influences on a customer's visual attention as well as perceived trust towards the product. © 2012 Springer-Verlag.

Chae S.W.,National Information Society Agency | Lee K.C.,Sungkyunkwan University
Communications in Computer and Information Science | Year: 2011

The purpose of this study is aimed at understanding how task difficulty and emotion as a source of stress affect such creativity manifestation activities as exploration and exploitation in the decision support system environment. The study presented a situation where the subjects need to exert creativity to resolve a task, and the result was analyzed through the measurement of physiological signal data in the process of resolving a task. Empirical results reveal that exploration activity would be facilitated under less stressful environment, while exploitation in the stress situation. © 2011 Springer-Verlag.

Kim J.-M.,Sun Moon University | Jeong H.-Y.,Kyung Hee University | Cho I.,National Information Society Agency | Kang S.M.,National Information Society Agency | Park J.H.,Seoul National University of Science and Technology
Cluster Computing | Year: 2014

Cloud computing technology is a general concept and idea such as existing distributed computing, parallel computing, Pervasive computing and Ubiquitous computing. We have been studying OpenStack which was an Open cloud project under the KOREN (Korea Advanced Research Network) environments. In this paper, we propose a secure smart-work service model-based OpenStack. There are mainly two kinds of security breaches that can occur under the proposed environment. Nova is vulnerable to DoS attack in OpenStack. SQL Injection can be attacked in the process during which the user requests authorization, which results in data being saved in Swift. Looking more deeply into these two types of attack, we can divide DoS attack into Jolt2, Tear-drop, and SYN-Flooding attack. We simulated attacks in an experimental environment and summarized the results. With the objective of being able to provide Smart-Work service in the KOREN environment, we proposed solutions to various kinds of attacks against the security system and carried out modeling work with the data from the experiment conducted in the Cloud service environment we examined above. © 2013 Springer Science+Business Media New York.

Lee S.,Sejong University | Park S.B.,National Information Society Agency | Lim G.G.,Hanyang University
Information and Management | Year: 2013

To overcome the problem of limited resources, increasing numbers of small- and medium-sized companies (SMEs) are adopting "Software-as-a-service" (Saas) as an efficient tool for IS implementation. The balanced scorecard (BSC) has been adopted by SMEs to evaluate Saas via four measures: learning and growth, internal business processes, customer performance, and financial performance. The survey results for 101 Software-as-a-service adopters indicate that learning and growth, internal business processes, and customer performance are causally related to financial performance. The results show that these four key elements for Saas success are interrelated, supporting the core premise of the BSC. © 2013 Elsevier B.V.

Jin H.H.,National Information Society Agency
Proceedings - 2012 6th International Conference on New Trends in Information Science, Service Science and Data Mining (NISS, ICMIA and NASNIT), ISSDM 2012 | Year: 2012

This study carried out an empirical analysis on the IT-caused shifts in labor demand with the data of 498 Korean companies having domestic sales of KRW 100 billion or more during the six-year period between the fiscal years 2003 and 2008. The result of the analysis find found that IT-caused shifts in labor demand took place in favor of IT convergence industries and service industries. On the other hand, there was no a statistically-significant relationship between the labor turnover indexes and IT in IT production industries and IT high usage industries. The shifts in labor demand occurred most frequently in service industries when IT investment increased. © 2012 AICIT.

Lee J.D.,National Information Society Agency | Kwon Y.I.,National Information Society Agency
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology, ICACT | Year: 2013

Recently Enterprise Architecture (EA) has been receiving growing attention again from the public sectors. It is because EA maturity result is reflected to the organization's informatization level and EA maturity ratio has been enlarged. There has been more participation from the Chief Information Officers of the public sectors. EA research in the public sectors has influenced IT environment since the research started in late '90, the legislation work done in '05, and the maturity model developed in '06. However, there are some remaining tasks to solve. EA policy is introduction oriented, its contribution to the consecutive the best UN e-Government rank is limited, and its user-friendly responding system is still lacking. Related research outcomes are rather microscopic focusing only on the models and maturity than implicating on the public policy in a macroscopic manner. In this respect, this study will provide the implication on how EA policy should be. Requirements derived from EA stakeholders and the tasks will be arranged in accordance with its domain, then the performance and tasks will be demonstrated. As guiding EA stakeholders and information related officers to setup the EA policy with these results, this study is expected to support information the policy drivers. © 2013 GIRI.

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