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Adelman K.,National Health Research Institute
Nature reviews. Genetics | Year: 2012

Recent years have witnessed a sea change in our understanding of transcription regulation: whereas traditional models focused solely on the events that brought RNA polymerase II (Pol II) to a gene promoter to initiate RNA synthesis, emerging evidence points to the pausing of Pol II during early elongation as a widespread regulatory mechanism in higher eukaryotes. Current data indicate that pausing is particularly enriched at genes in signal-responsive pathways. Here the evidence for pausing of Pol II from recent high-throughput studies will be discussed, as well as the potential interconnected functions of promoter-proximally paused Pol II. Source

National Health Research Institute | Date: 2014-12-11

The present application provides a method for predicting clinical prognosis for a human subject diagnosed with prostate cancer, comprising: detecting an expression level of a marker gene selected from a group consisting of ABCG1, PDCD4, KLF6, ST6, BTD, BANF1, IRS1, ZNF185, ANXA11, DUSP2, KLF4 and DSC2, in a biological sample containing prostate cancer cells obtained from the human subject; and predicting a likehood of the clinical prognosis by comparing the expression level of the marker gene with a reference level. The present application also provides a combination of molecular markers and a kit containing thereof.

National Health Research Institute and National Yang Ming University | Date: 2014-03-05

An ultrasound probe structure dedicated for guiding the puncture needle. It has a passage in the center of the structure and the diameter of the passage is equal to the outer diameter of puncture needle. The bony and non-bony tissues can be distinguished according to the strength of the echoes so that the puncture needle can be guided to avoid hitting the bony tissue before or during insertion.

National Health Research Institute and Molecular Targeting Technologies, Inc. | Date: 2015-05-14

Dipicolylamine compounds of Formula (I) set forth herein. Also disclosed are pharmaceutical compositions containing metal ions and these compounds. Further disclosed is a method for treating a condition associated with cells containing inside-out phosphatidylserine, with these compounds.

National Health Research Institute | Date: 2015-09-21

Heterocyclic compounds of Formula (I) shown herein. Also disclosed are pharmaceutical compositions containing the heterocyclic compounds and methods of using the heterocyclic compounds to mobilize hematopoietic stem cells and endothelial progenitor cells into the peripheral circulation. Further provided are methods for treating tissue injury, cancer, inflammatory disease, and autoimmune disease with the heterocyclic compounds.

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