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Chia Yi, Taiwan

National Chung Cheng University is a public research university located in Minxiong, Chiayi County, Taiwan. It is distinctive among universities in Taiwan in that it is dedicated to the core humanities and the basic science, both natural and social. In both quality and quantity of research it annually places among the top 5% of universities in Taiwan .Chung Cheng is among the four universities of Taiwan's Public Ivy - the Taiwan Comprehensive University System. Wikipedia.

A mercaptoalkylsilatrane derivative having protecting group and a method of manufacturing the same. The mercaptoalkylsilatrane derivative includes: mercaptoalkylsilatrane compound having a mercapto group; a protecting group bonding to sulfur of the mercapto group, wherein the protecting group is used to avoid the chemical reaction of the mercapto group with reactive chemical species, e.g., oxygen, ketone, and aldehyde, etc. Besides, the manufacturing method thereof includes the steps of: providing silane compound having the mercapto group; bonding the protecting group to the mercapto group of the silane compound; performing the chemical reaction of triethanolamine with the silane compound having the protecting group for manufacturing the mercaptoalkylsilatrane derivative having the protecting group.

A springless voice coil actuator is provided. The springless voice coil includes a base, a coil, a guiding rod, a slidable base, a main magnetic component and a balance magnetic component. The coil is disposed on the base. The guiding rod is disposed on the base. The slidable base is for sliding along the guiding rod to a predetermined direction. The main magnetic component is connected to the slidable base. The balance magnetic component is coupled with the main magnetic component for generating a magnetic induction.

National Chung Cheng University | Date: 2015-01-27

A computer-aided positioning and navigation system for dental implant includes a computer system having built therein a dental implant planning software and providing a 3D digital human tissues model to create an implant navigation information, a positioning assistive device including a body providing a positioning portion and a guide portion and a connection member carrying an optical positioning device, one or multiple optical capture devices, and a display device electrically connected to the computer system. The computer system controls the optical capture device to capture images and drives the display device to display a part of the content of the 3D digital human tissues model and the implant navigation information.

National Chung Cheng University | Date: 2014-03-17

A method for fixing metal onto a surface of the substrate. The present method includes steps of: providing a substrate and a mercaptoalkylsilatrane compound; dissolving the mercaptoalkylsilatrane compound in a solvent; performing a condensation reaction of the substrate with and the dissolved mercaptoalkylsilatrane compound to complete the surface modification of the substrate; and performing a covalent bonding process to metal with the mercaptoalkylsilatrane compound already modified onto the surface of the substrate to fix the metal onto the surface of the substrate.

National Chung Cheng University | Date: 2014-09-15

The present invention discloses a speculative lookahead processing device and method to enhance the statistical performance of datapaths. The method comprises steps: entering an input signal to at least two datapath units in a round-robin way; outputting the correct value at the Nth cycle, and acquiring the speculation value at the Mth cycle beforehand to start the succeeding computation, wherein M and N are natural numbers and M is smaller than N; comparing the speculation value with the correct value at the Nth cycle to determine whether the speculation is successful; if successful, excluding extra activities; if not successful, deleting the succeeding computation undertaken beforehand and restarting the succeeding computation with the correct value.

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