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Chiayi City, Taiwan

National Chiayi University is a public university located in Chiayi City and Chiayi County, Taiwan. It was formed in 2000 by merging National Chiayi Institute of Technology and National Chiayi Teachers College. The University has six colleges, which include seven doctoral programs, 42 full-time master's degree programs, twelve part-time master's degree programs, and 38 undergraduate programs now. NCYU is one of the oldest and largest universities in southern Taiwan. Wikipedia.

Lin W.-S.,National Chiayi University
International Journal of Human Computer Studies | Year: 2012

Virtual learning system (VLS) is an information system that facilitates e-learning have been widely implemented by higher education institutions to support face-to-face teaching and self-managed learning in the virtual learning and education environment (VLE). This is referred to a blended learning instruction. By adopting the VLS, students are expected to enhance learning by getting access to course-related information and having full opportunities to interact with instructors and peers. However, there are mixed findings revealed in the literature with respect to the learning outcomes in adopting VLS. In this study, we argue that the link between the precedents of leading students to continue to use VLSs and their impacts on learning effectiveness and productivity are overlooked in the literature. This paper aims to tackle this question by integrating information system (IS) continuance theory with task-technology fit (TTF) to extend our understandings of the precedents of the intention to continue VLS and their impacts on learning. By doing it, factors of technology-acceptance-to-performance, based on TAM (technology acceptance model) and TTF and post-technology-acceptance, based on expectation-confirmation theory, models can be included to test in one study. The results reveal that perceived fit and satisfaction are important precedents of the intention to continue VLS and individual performance. Later, a discussion and conclusions are provided. This study sheds light on learning system design as assisted by IS in VLE and can serve as a basis for promoting VLS in assisting learning. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. Source

Chu H.-C.,National Chiayi University
Accident Analysis and Prevention | Year: 2014

High-deck buses that have a higher center of gravity traveling at an excessive speed have a higher likelihood of causing serious and fatal accidents when drivers lose control of the vehicle. In addition, drivers who suffer from fatigue in long-distance driving increase the likelihood of serious accident. This paper examines the effects of risk factors contributing to severe crashes associated with high-deck buses used for long-distance driving on freeways. An ordered logit and latent class models are used to examine significant factors on the severity of injuries in crashes related to high-deck buses. Driver fatigue, drivers or passengers not wearing a seat belt, reckless driving, drunk driving, crashes occurred between midnight and dawn, and crashes occurred at interchange ramps were found to significantly affect the severity of injuries in crashes involving high-deck buses. Safety policies to prevent severe injuries in crashes involving high deck buses used for long-distance runs on freeways include: (1) restricting drivers from exceeding the limit of daily driving hours and mandating sufficient rest breaks; (2) installing an automatic sleep-warning device in the vehicle; (3) drivers with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome or sleep disorders should be tested and treated before they are allowed to perform long hours of driving tasks; (4) educating the public or even amending the seatbelt legislation to require all passengers to wear a seat belt and thus reduce the chance of ejection from a high-deck bus and prevent serious injuries in a crash while traveling at a higher speed on freeways. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. Source

Ghorpade S.,National Tsing Hua University | Su M.-D.,National Chiayi University | Liu R.-S.,National Tsing Hua University
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition | Year: 2013

Gold-catalyzed oxidative cyclizations of 1,4-enynes were used to study the γ-effect on the Wagner-Meerwein rearrangement. Both experimental and theoretical work disclose that a gold substituent in the γ-position can direct a stereospecific 1,2-shift of the anti-β-substituent regardless of its intrinsic properties. Copyright © 2013 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim. Source

Chang H.,National Chiayi University | Yeh M.-K.,Institute of Preventive Medicine
International Journal of Nanomedicine | Year: 2012

Research on liposome formulations has progressed from that on conventional vesicles to new generation liposomes, such as cationic liposomes, temperature sensitive liposomes, and virosomes, by modulating the formulation techniques and lipid composition. Many research papers focus on the correlation of blood circulation time and drug accumulation in target tissues with physicochemical properties of liposomal formulations, including particle size, membrane lamellarity, surface charge, permeability, encapsulation volume, shelf time, and release rate. This review is mainly to compare the therapeutic effect of current clinically approved liposome-based drugs with free drugs, and to also determine the clinical effect via liposomal variations in lipid composition. Furthermore, the major preclinical and clinical data related to the principal liposomal formulations are also summarized. © 2012 Chang and Yeh. Source

Liu P.-L.,National Chiayi University
Computers and Education | Year: 2011

This study aims to examine the effect of using computerized concept maps during the pre-writing phase on learners' writing performance. The research questions were: (1) What are the impacts of different computerized concept mapping treatments (no-mapping, individual-mapping, and cooperative-mapping) on writing performance for learners of different writing proficiencies (high-level, middle-level, and low-level)? (2) Does the quality of the concept maps constructed cooperatively exceed the quality of the concept maps constructed individually? (3) Does the map quality correlate to the learner's writing performance? Ninety-four freshmen enrolled in an English course were divided into high-level, middle-level, and low-level learners according to their baseline writing scores. The experimental part of the study took place over two-hour class periods for nine weeks. All participants went through all three treatments for accomplishing three writing assignments. It was found that both computerized mapping treatments had equally positive effects on low-level and middle-level learners compared with the no-mapping treatment. However, high-level learners performed significantly better with the individual-mapping treatment than with the other two treatments. The quality of the concept maps constructed cooperatively exceeded the quality of those constructed individually. The quality of the maps was also correlated to the learners' writing performance. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. Source

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