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National Chiao Tung University , is a renowned public research university with international reputation located in Hsinchu City, Taiwan. NCTU was originally founded in Shanghai in 1896 and re-established in Taiwan by former Chiao Tung University faculty and alumni members in 1958, following the government of the Republic of China's forced relocation to Taiwan after the Chinese Civil War. The university's main campus is located close to the Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan's national research center. The area is referred to as the Silicon Valley of Asia. More than 400 technology companies have been established in the park. The NCTU campus is also one of top tourist attractions in Hsinchu area. Wikipedia.

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National Chiao Tung University | Date: 2017-02-01

The present invention provides a method for preparing a drug composition, which includes steps of dispersing an amphiphilic chitosan derivative, at least a hydrophobic drug, and at least a hydrophilic drug into a solvent to form a mixture solution, and the pH value of the mixture solution is adjusted to a range without precipitating the hydrophilic drug(s) and the hydrophobic drug(s), wherein the amphiphilic chitosan derivative is modified by a plurality of hydrophilic group(s) and a plurality of hydrophobic group(s); and after stirring the mixture solution for at least 12 hours, receiving the drug composition when the pH value of the mixture solution is between pH 6 to 7. The hydrophilic drug(s) and the hydrophobic drug(s) are encapsulated simultaneously by one-pot synthesis, and the protein could be modified by one-pot synthesis to provide a drug composition with multiple functions.

An optically visualized anti-counterfeiting electronic integrated apparatus includes a housing, light sources and spectroscopic structures. The housing has tunnels each with an incident end and an exit end respectively present on opposite sides of the housing. The light sources are respectively configured to emit first lights with a first spectrum range. The spectroscopic structures are respectively disposed in the channels, and are respectively configured to separate second lights from the first lights to the exit ends, in which the second lights have a second spectrum range within the first spectrum range.

National Chiao Tung University | Date: 2017-01-23

A one-dimensional titanium nanostructure and a method for fabricating the same are provided. A titanium metal reacts with titanium tetrachloride to form the one-dimensional titanium nanostructure on a heat-resistant substrate in a CVD method and under a reaction condition of a reaction temperature of 300-900 C., a deposition temperature of 200-850 C., a flow rate of the carrier gas of 0.1-50 sccm and a reaction time of 5-60 hours. The titanium nanostructure includes titanium nanowires, titanium nanobelts, flower-shaped titanium nanowires, titanium nanorods, titanium nanotubes, and titanium-titanium dioxide core-shell structures. The titanium nanostructure can be densely and uniformly grown on the heat-resistant substrate. The present invention neither uses a template nor uses the complicated photolithographic process, solution preparation process, and mixing-coating process. Therefore, the process scale-up, cost down, and the simplified production process are achieved.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and National Chiao Tung University | Date: 2016-10-13

A semiconductor device including at least one fin disposed on a surface of a semiconductor substrate is provided. The fin includes a main portion extending along a first direction, and at least one secondary portion extending outward from the main portion along a second direction not collinear with the first direction.

National Chiao Tung University | Date: 2016-02-23

A rack assembly includes a rack body and a jet generating device. The rack body is configured to hold a plurality of servers that are displaced from each other by a passageway. The jet generating device is disposed in the passageway and includes a partition wall, a proximal barrier, and a distal barrier. The partition wall is disposed to define an inflow path and an outflow path. When cooling air is drawn into the inflow path, the cooling air is blocked by the distal barrier such that the cooling air is forced to flow into the outflow path through internal ports of the partition wall to generate a plurality of cooling air jets, which impinge on and cool one of the servers.

National Chiao Tung University | Date: 2016-02-25

The physiological signal measuring method includes the following steps: obtaining a user physiological signal; separating the user physiological signal into multiple first packets according to a first box number; performing a sifting process respectively on the first packets by Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) to obtain multiple temporal intrinsic mode functions (temporal IMFs) respectively corresponding to the first packets; calculating multiple average envelope curves according to multiple upper envelope curves and multiple lower envelope curves respectively corresponding to the temporal IMFs; averaging the average envelope curves to generate a semi-IMF; calculating at least one correlation coefficient according to the semi-IMF and at least another semi-IMF; when the at least one correlation coefficient is larger than a correlation coefficient threshold, determining at least one signal section corresponding to the at least one correlation coefficient as at least one main component section of the user physiological signal.

National Chiao Tung University | Date: 2016-05-09

A method for analyzing and searching 3D models includes steps of obtaining data global features and data local features of data images by globally analyzing and locally analyzing data images of 3D models respectively; obtaining searching global features and searching local features by globally analyzing and locally analyzing searching images respectively; obtaining corresponding data global features and corresponding data local features based on the search global features and the searching local feature; and obtaining corresponding data images based on the corresponding data global features and the corresponding data local features.

The present invention provides a catalyst composition for producing hydrogen and preparation method and use thereof, wherein the catalyst composition comprises a catalytic component and a supporter having a pyrochlore structure. By using the catalyst composition of the present invention, carbon deposition can be reduced and the oxidative steam reforming of ethanol could be operated for a long period of time with high ethanol conversion rate and selectivity of hydrogen.

Tseng, National Taiwan University, National Chiao Tung University and National Health Research Institute | Date: 2017-03-08

The invention utilizes virtual screening strategy to seek for current market drugs as anti-schizophrenia therapydrug repurposing. Drug repurposing strategy finds new uses other than the original medical indications of existing drugs. Finding new indications for such drugs will benefit patients who are in needs for a potential new therapy sooner since known drugs are usually with acceptable safety and pharmacokinetic profiles. In this study, repurposing marketed drugs for DAAO inhibitor as new schizophrenia therapy was performed with virtual screening on marketed drugs and its metabolites. The identified and available drugs and compounds were further confirmed with in vitro DAAO enzymatic inhibitory assay.

A network communication system, a software-defined network controller and a routing method thereof are provided. The routing method is adapted to the software-defined network controller. The routing method includes the following steps: determining a first root switch corresponding to at least one first service cluster according to service chaining information, wherein each of the at least one first service cluster includes at least one service node for providing a first service; determining first routing path information for routing a packet flow from a first target switch to the first root switch; and configuring first group entry information for the first root switch according to cluster information of the at least one first service cluster, wherein the first group entry information is for performing a first routing path selection of the packet flow corresponding to the first service by the first root switch.

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