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National Cheng Kung University is a research-led comprehensive university in Tainan City, Taiwan. In Chinese, its name is shortened to 成大 . Cheng Kung is named after Cheng Ch'eng-Kung , who defeated the Dutch and founded the Kingdom of Tungning in Taiwan. NCKU is one of the most prestigious universities in Taiwan, with a high reputation in science, engineering, medicine, management, planning and design. According to US News and World Report - 2014 Global Universities Ranking , NCKU was ranked #22 Best Global University for Engineering and Computer Science. Times Higher Education- QS World University Rankings and Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities, NCKU was ranked second or third among all universities in Taiwan. Many surveys throughout the years have shown that its students are most desired by Taiwanese companies. NCKU has 9 colleges, 40 departments, 82 graduate institutes, and 54 research centers, and it is also a major university, educational, and area-network center in Taiwan.NCKU is among the four universities of Taiwan's Public Ivy - the Taiwan Comprehensive University System. Wikipedia.

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National Cheng Kung University | Date: 2016-07-11

The present invention relates to an immunostimulatory nanocomplex. The immunostimulatory nanocomplex comprises polyglutamic acid (PGA), a first positively charged substance, a second positively charged substance and a dengue viral protein for holding the dengue viral protein inside. The immunostimulatory nanocomplex is characterized by having a nonuniformally and positively charge distribution along a radial direction thereof. The nonuniformally and positively charge distribution comprises a first electrically charged portion having substantially electrical neutrality, a second electrically charged portion surrounding the first electrically charged portion, and a third electrically charged portion surrounding the second electrically charged portion. The third electrically charged portion has a third volume charge density more than a second volume charge density of the second electrically charged portion, thereby enhancing CD8(+) T-cell response and higher antibody titer after administrating an organism with the immunostimulatory nanocomplex.

A radio frequency energy-transmitting apparatus includes a harmonic radar unit and a harmonic radar control unit. The harmonic radar unit transmits a radar wave with a fundamental frequency. After a radio frequency energy-harvesting apparatus receives the radar wave, the radio frequency energy-harvesting apparatus generates and transmits a radar reflection harmonic wave. A frequency of the radar reflection harmonic wave is a multiple frequency of the radar wave. After the harmonic radar unit receives the radar reflection harmonic wave, the harmonic radar control unit determines a location of the radio frequency energy-harvesting apparatus. According to the location of the radio frequency energy-harvesting apparatus, the harmonic radar control unit controls the harmonic radar unit, so that a radar wave beam of the radar wave transmitted from the harmonic radar unit is directed toward the location of the radio frequency energy-harvesting apparatus.

National Cheng Kung University | Date: 2016-04-19

A portable electronic device with a smart air purifier is provided with an electronic device body having a display surface, a back surface and a side jointed with the surfaces. The smart air purifier is embedded in the electronic device body. The smart air purifier includes a container, a fan, an air cleaning device, an air quality receiver, a tracking device, an adjustable opening, and a control panel. The container includes an air inlet formed on the back surface, an air outlet formed on the display surface, and an opening formed on the side. The fan draws air from the inlet to provide an airflow. The air cleaning device filters the airflow. The air quality receiver detects quality of the airflow. The tracking device tracks the user. The adjustable opening is disposed at the air outlet of the container. The control panel controls the fan and the adjustable opening.

A low power consumption sigma-delta modulator architecture capable of dynamic detection of output signal strength to change dynamic range, a method for implementing low power consumption circuit thereof, and a method for automatically correcting and extending dynamic range of the sigma-delta modulator are provided. An automatic correction unit is utilized to detect system output signal strength of the sigma-delta modulator, compare system input signal specifications to come out multiple sets of dynamic range curves, and thereby extract an appropriate combination of system order and feed-forward coefficients so as to extend the system dynamic range. The circuit architecture of the automatic correction unit is in a digital circuit form, including a digital signal processor, a counter and register array, a comparator, a digital coefficient controller, a feed-forward gain control unit and a system order control unit.

National Cheng Kung University | Date: 2015-10-05

A method of treating ovarian, tubal and peritoneal cancer is revealed. It comprises administering an effective amount of a pharmaceutical composition (including a copper chelator, a platinum-based chemotherapeutic agent and an anthracycline) to a subject in need thereof for reducing concentration of intracellular copper ions and promoting activation of transcription factor Sp1 and human copper transporter 1 (hCTR1).

National Cheng Kung University | Date: 2017-02-08

Reducing inflammatory pain in a subject having or being suspected of having an inflammatory pain using an IL-20 antagonist, which can be an antibody that blocks a signaling pathway mediated by IL-20. Such antibodies include anti-IL-20 antibodies and anti-IL-20R antibodies that specifically block the IL-20 signaling pathway.

National Cheng Kung University | Date: 2017-02-28

A stability analyzing apparatus is in cooperation with a DC power system having a bus terminal connected to at least a load, and comprises a perturbation signal generating module, a signal processing module and a determining module. The perturbation signal generating module generates a perturbation signal injected into the bus terminal to obtain a transfer function of the bus terminal impedance. The signal processing module is electrically connected to the perturbation signal generating module and calculates the slope of the transfer function of the bus terminal impedance to obtain a transfer function of the bus terminal impedance slope. The determining module is electrically connected to the signal processing module and determines the stability tendency of the DC power system according to the transfer function of the bus terminal impedance slope. A stability analyzing method is also disclosed.

National Cheng Kung University | Date: 2016-09-30

A piezoelectric energy harvesting apparatus includes a housing and a piezoelectric module disposed in the housing. The piezoelectric module includes a piezoelectric wafer unit and a clamp unit clamping the piezoelectric wafer unit. A resilient member is connected between the clamp unit and an inner wall of the housing to transmit an oscillation movement to the clamp unit, which in turn causes oscillation of the piezoelectric wafer unit for generating an electric power. An impact unit extends movably into the housing and is capable of pushing the clamp unit against the resilient member when being subjected to an ambient natural force such that the resilient member generates the oscillation movement.

An intelligent wearable outfit, and an external information platform and a computer program product which are in conjunction with the intelligent wearable outfit, provide various functional modules for measuring physiological signals in a modular design. An appropriate functional module (or even more than one functional module if desired) may be selected therefrom and arranged in the wearable outfit to extend and change functions of the wearable outfit, making the intelligent wearable outfit suitable for most users who can manage personal health appropriately.

National Cheng Kung University | Date: 2016-09-09

Embodiments of the present invention provide a two-phase process for searching the root causes of the yield loss in the production line 100. In a first phase, process tools and their process tool types that are likely to cause the yield loss are identified, and in a second phase, the process parameters that are likely to cause the yield loss within the process tool types found in the first phase are identified. In each phase, two different algorithms can be used to generate a reliance index (RI_(k)) for gauge the reliance levels of their search results.

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