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National Changhua University of Education and Feiloli Electronic Co. | Date: 2013-06-04

A boxing game machine includes a punch bag, a frame, a rocker, a catch, a latch and a spring. The rocker is pivotally connected to the frame between an idle position and an active position. The punch bag is secured to an end of the rocker. The catch is secured to another end of the cocker and formed with a radial edge. The latch is movably supported on the frame and formed with an edge for sliding into contact with radial edge of the catch so that the latch engages with the catch. The spring biases the latch into engagement with the catch to keep the rocker in the idle position.

National Changhua University of Education | Date: 2011-10-07

A memory address remapping architecture is applied to execute an address remapping method for repairing a main memory. A valid flag and an essential flag in a TCAM corresponding to at least one subcube address in a spare memory are initialized, and the main memory is checked to find out some faulty cell addresses. The Hamming distance between the subcube address and the faulty cell address is calculated, and the faulty cell address is merged into the subcube address by a masked bits concentrator when the Hamming distance is not larger than an address-width degree of the subcube address and the merged number of the subcube address is not larger than a threshold value.

National Changhua University of Education and Buffalo Machinery Company Ltd | Date: 2012-04-09

A system for inspecting a scraped surface of a workpiece performs steps of: a) capturing an image of the scraped surface to obtain a original image section; b) removing high point regions whose areas are outside of a predetermined area range to obtain a base image; c) processing pixels of the base image using a first imaging mask to generate a judgment image; d) determining whether uniformity of the high point regions in the base image conforms a standard; e) determining whether a number of the high point regions in the base image falls within a predetermined number range; and f) evaluating whether or not a portion of the scraped surface conforms with the standard based on results of determinations made in steps d) and e).

National Changhua University of Education | Date: 2012-06-21

A reflective 3D display device and manufacturing method thereof This method includes following steps: providing a template with at least one concave parts-trap and at least one metallic microsphere, and tilting the template to form a first included angle, between the concave parts-trap and a horizontal plane, in a first direction, and a second included angle, between the concave parts-trap and the horizontal, in a second direction. When the metallic microspheres are disposed in the concave parts-trap, the metallic microspheres would self-organize to intrinsic potential minima, and then an adhesive layer and a gel are provided for removing which and fixing the relative positions between which respectively. A portion of each metallic microsphere is exposed form the gel, which is used to reflect light to 3D space, such that 3D images viewable with naked eye are achieved and the perspective phenomenon occurring in 3D images is reduced.

National Changhua University of Education | Date: 2013-03-17

A through-silicon via self-routing circuit includes a plurality of through-silicon vias (TSVs) and a plurality of planar die. The plurality of planar die are connected by the plurality of TSVs. And each one of the plurality of planar die includes a built-in self-tester, a built-in self-routing switching network, and a core circuit. The built-in self-tester has a plurality of valid-bit leads and a plurality of through-silicon via leads to connect the plurality of TSVs. The built-in self-routing switching network is connected to the built-in self-tester, for selecting from the plurality of TSVs for conducting. The core circuit has a to plurality of I/O leads linked to the built-in self-routing switching network.

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