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National Cerebral And Cardiovascular Center and Nihon Kohden | Date: 2014-06-09

A diagnosis assistance apparatus for assisting a diagnosis using schemas includes a storage section that stores a plurality of different schemas each configured by a figure representing a body region, an acquiring section that acquires results of a plurality of examinations that are performed on an examination target, a schema refining section that refines a schema of a body region related to a disease that is predicted from the acquired examination results, from the schemas step-by-step in accordance with progress of the examinations, and a displaying section that displays the schema refined by the schema refining section.

The present invention provides a membranous connective tissue-forming substrate on which a membranous connective tissue having a sufficient thickness and strength can be formed and a method for producing a membranous connective tissue by using the substrate. Specifically, a connective tissue-forming section

Nihon Medi Physics Co. and National Cerebral And Cardiovascular Center | Date: 2013-05-06

Contour information is extracted from nuclear medicine projection data on a subject not subjected to a scattering correction and an absorption correction by performing a pixel value binarization processing based on a threshold scheme. If necessary, an interpolation processing is performed before reconstructing an image through an image reconstruction processing. Based on the reconstructed image, a second binarization processing is performed to generate a contour image.

Shionogi & Co. and National Cerebral And Cardiovascular Center | Date: 2013-10-04

A medicinal composition for suppressing or preventing the metastasis of a malignant tumor, the composition comprising, as an active ingredient, at least one kind of vasoprotective agent selected from the following (i) to (iv): (i) angiotensin II receptor antagonist, (ii) HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor, (iii) ghrelin or its derivative, and (iv) adrenomedullin or its derivative; or a pharmacologically acceptable salt thereof.

National Cerebral And Cardiovascular Center and Seiko Epson Corporation | Date: 2013-05-01

A processing device included in a cardiac output monitoring system includes an arterial diameter measurement ultrasonic probe that is attached to a neck of a subject, and measures the diameter of the carotid artery, and an arterial diameter measurement control section. A carotid artery diameter control section analyzes an ultrasonic echo to calculate the diameter of the artery (DOA), and outputs the diameter of the artery (DOA) to an ejection time/mean arterial pressure calculation section. The ejection time/mean arterial pressure calculation section calculates the ejection time (ET) from a temporal change in the diameter of the artery (DOA), and calculates the cardiac output. The temporal change waveform of the diameter of the artery (DOA) is clearer than the waveform of the blood flow velocity in the aorta or the ventricular outflow tract measured using an ultrasonic Doppler method, and the ejection time (ET) can be automatically calculated with high accuracy.

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