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National Applied Research Laboratories | Date: 2014-02-20

A microfluidic channel detection system for environmental or biomedical detection includes a chip having a first surface where a sensing region is located, a substrate having a recess for containing the chip, in which the first surface is exposed, a first inactive layer filling gaps between the chip and the substrate in the recess, so as to form a plane with the first surface of the chip, an electrical connection member electrically connected to the chip, a cover having a microfluidic channel and disposed on the plane. The flow path in the microfluidic channel is smooth, and further the measurement accuracy is improved via the plane formed by the first inactive layer and the first surface.

National Applied Research Laboratories | Date: 2014-07-09

A re-modularized sensing device is disclosed, which is especially for a sensing system having a power unit, a sensing unit, a processing unit, and a transceiver unit is disclosed. The power unit provides electricity for the modularized sensing device. The sensing unit derives at least one environmental data. The processing unit has a sensing device processing application program for calculating the environmental data and generating a first outcome. The transceiver unit transfers the first outcome and a first signal to the host. And one or more modules are formed by the sensing unit, the processing unit, and the power unit, and each module is individually removable and replaceable. And an initialization method of the sensing system using the re-modularized sensing device is also disclosed.

National Applied Research Laboratories | Date: 2014-02-07

A current-steering offset compensation circuit is configured for compensating an offset caused by process variation or environment variation of a signal processor. The signal processor includes a pair of differential input terminals and a pair of differential output terminals. The current-steering offset compensation circuit comprises a current-steering circuit connected with the signal processor, a digital control unit which generates a digital control signal according to the outputs from the pair of differential output terminals of the signal processor, and a digital-to-analog converter which receives the digital control signal and outputs a control voltage, wherein the current-steering circuit receives the control voltage, so as to steer the current of the pair of differential input terminals, to reduce the offset in the signal processor.

National Applied Research Laboratories | Date: 2014-10-13

A gap compensation mechanism capable of self adaptive posture adjustment is disclosed, which comprises a base seat, having at least a fixation portion disposed thereon, the fixation portion having a flow path area disposed peripheral thereto; at least an adjustment unit, sleeved onto an outer rim of the fixation portion; and a filler, being filled within the flow path area. As such, a workpiece to be fixed may be disposed on a face of an adjustment unit. Further, the adjustment unit provides at least three freedoms for the altitude and two axial inclinations for self adaptively compensating a gap with any geometrical shapes and thus further adjusting the posture of the combined workpiece. After all the adjustments, a filler is filled to reinforce the structure and finally a fixation unit is employed for locking and fixing.

National Applied Research Laboratories | Date: 2014-08-08

In a method for monitoring water level of a water body, a monitoring system is configured to: capture a current image that has a portion of the water body, and a remaining portion aside from the portion of the water body; process the current image into a processed image that includes a water body region corresponding to the portion of the water body, and a background region corresponding to the remaining portion of the current image; mark, on the processed image, a plurality of virtual alert points according to a predetermined water level of the water body; determine whether at least one of the virtual alert points is located within the water body region of the processed image; and generate a monitoring result according to the determination thus made.

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