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Kharkov, Ukraine

National Aerospace University – Kharkov Aviation Institute is a university in Ukraine which specializes in aviation and space engineering. The KhAI was founded in 1930. Wikipedia.

Totsky A.V.,National Aerospace University - Kharkiv Aviation Institute
Telecommunications and Radio Engineering (English translation of Elektrosvyaz and Radiotekhnika) | Year: 2013

A problem of unknown signal shape estimation in noise is considered. Combined bispectrum-filtering technique is proposed for signal waveform restoration by using higher-order spectrum properties in combination with linear or nonlinear digital filtering. Numerical simulation results demonstrating reconstruction of unknown signal waveform from an observed set of noisy realizations are represented. It is shown that combined signal processing strategy contained bispectrum-based signal shape reconstruction and nonlinear/linear filtering procedures provides better noise suppression in comparison to common types of bispectral, nonlinear and linear filters. © 2013 by Begell House, Inc. Source

Koshovy G.I.,National Aerospace University - Kharkiv Aviation Institute
Telecommunications and Radio Engineering (English translation of Elektrosvyaz and Radiotekhnika) | Year: 2012

The paper is aimed at the development of basis for electromagnetic theory of pre-fractal diffraction gratings (PFDG). Considerable attention is focused on the systems analysis of the process of constructing two classes of self-similar fractals with the variable Hausdorff dimension which represents a base for mathematical ordering of PFDGs. Several mathematical models are presented for the process of interaction of a plane E-polarized electromagnetic wave with a system of cylindrical strips forming a grating. An asymptotic model of weak-field up PFDGs which is efficient for investigating their fractal properties is considered in detail. Source

Zaitseva L.V.,National Aerospace University - Kharkiv Aviation Institute
Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics | Year: 2016

Consider from the common position present-day state, prospects and the possibility of non-destructive testing capacitive method using. Developed mathematical model of the process of acoustic wave's excitation (longitudinal and surface) with a capacitor allow carrying out the output signal calculation for the subsequent choice of methods and devices for receiving the acoustic oscillations data. A device layout has been developed for realization of capacitive method. The possibility of excitation and reception of acoustic vibrations by capacitive transducers it has been established. © 2016 Sumy State University. Source

Sklyar V.,National Aerospace University - Kharkiv Aviation Institute
CEUR Workshop Proceedings | Year: 2016

Instrumentation and Control systems play important role in operation and maintenance of Nuclear Power Plants. A challenge in such systems implementation is certification and licensing against national safety regulatory requirements. A considered case describes certification of Instrumentation and Control platform of Ukrainian company Radiy against the United States nuclear safety requirements. General framework is described. Research activities of the project are presented. © 2016 by the paper authors. Source

Pogrebnyak O.,National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico | Lukin V.V.,National Aerospace University - Kharkiv Aviation Institute
Journal of Electronic Imaging | Year: 2012

A classical problem of additive white (spatially uncorrelated) Gaussian noise suppression in grayscale images is considered. The main attention is paid to discrete cosine transform (DCT)-based denoising, in particular, to image processing in blocks of a limited size. The efficiency of DCT-based image filtering with hard thresholding is studied for different sizes of overlapped blocks. A multiscale approach that aggregates the outputs of DCT filters having different overlapped block sizes is proposed. Later, a two-stage denoising procedure that presumes the use of the multiscale DCT-based filtering with hard thresholding at the first stage and a multiscale Wiener DCT-based filtering at the second stage is proposed and tested. The efficiency of the proposed multiscale DCT-based filtering is compared to the state-of-the-art block-matching and three-dimensional filter. Next, the potentially reachable multiscale filtering efficiency in terms of output mean square error (MSE) is studied. The obtained results are of the same order as those obtained by Chatterjee's approach based on nonlocal patch processing. It is shown that the ideal Wiener DCTbased filter potential is usually higher when noise variance is high. © 2012 SPIE and IS&T. Source

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