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Red Bank, NJ, United States

Natcore Technology and Rice University | Date: 2011-10-11

The present invention relates to coated fullerenes comprising a layer of at least one inorganic material covering at least a portion of at least one surface of a fullerene and methods for making. The present invention further relates to composites comprising the coated fullerenes of the present invention and further comprising polymers, ceramics, and/or inorganic oxides. A coated fullerene interconnect device where at least two fullerenes are contacting each other to form a spontaneous interconnect is also disclosed as well as methods of making. In addition, dielectric films comprising the coated fullerenes of the present invention and methods of making are further disclosed.

Natcore Technology | Date: 2015-07-15

A laser processing system can be utilized to produce high-performance interdigitated back contact (IBC) solar cells. The laser processing system can be utilized to ablate, transfer material, and/or laser-dope or laser fire contacts. Laser ablation can be utilized to remove and pattern openings in a passivated or emitter layer. Laser transferring may then be utilized to transfer dopant and/or contact materials to the patterned openings, thereby forming an interdigitated finger pattern. The laser processing system may also be utilized to plate a conductive material on top of the transferred dopant or contact materials.

Natcore Technology | Date: 2014-04-24

Systems and methods for producing nanoscale textured low reflectivity surfaces may be utilized to fabricate solar cells. A substrate may be patterned with a resist prior to an etching process that produces a nanoscale texture on the surface of the substrate. Additionally, the substrate may be subjected to a dopant diffusion process. Prior to dopant diffusion, the substrate may be optionally subjected to liquid phase deposition to deposit a material that allows for patterned doping. The order of the nanoscale texture etching and dopant diffusion may be modified as desired to produce post-nano emitters or pre-nano emitters.

Natcore Technology | Date: 2014-03-14

A deposition process for coating a substrate with films of varying thickness on a substrate can be achieve. The thickness of the film deposition can be controlled by the separation between the substrate and a curtain. Different separation distances between the substrate and curtain in the same chemical bath will result in different film thicknesses depositing on the substrate.

Natcore Technology | Date: 2012-02-14

A film deposited on substrate may originally has a high surface recombination velocity (SRV). In order to suppress the SRV and increase the minority carrier lifetime, the substrate may be treated annealing at a high temperature in gas ambient containing O

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