Nagoya-shi, Japan
Nagoya-shi, Japan

Nanzan University is a private, coeducational university located in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The main campus is in the Shōwa Ward of Nagoya City, with another in Seto City and a recently established satellite campus near Nagoya's Takaoka Station on the subway Sakura-dōri Line. It is considered to be one of the most prestigious private universities in Central Japan. Wikipedia.

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Okumura Y.,Nanzan University
IEICE Transactions on Communications | Year: 2010

This letter proposes a dynamic bandwidth allocation algorithm for access networks based PON (Passive Optical Network). It considers the mixture of transport layer protocols when responding to traffic congestion at the SNI (Service Node Interface). Simulations on a mixture of TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), and UDP (User Datagram Protocol) traffic flows show that the algorithm increases the throughput of TCP, improves the fairness between the two protocols, and solves the congestion problem at the SNI. Copyright © 2010 The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers.

Bando M.,Kyoto University | Ichikawa A.,Nanzan University
Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics | Year: 2012

Graphical generation of periodic orbits of Tschauner-Hempel (TH) equations is presented. The general solution of the relative dynamics based on the orbital elements is obtained, and the relative motion invariant manifold, where the solution lies, is determined. The region where all periodic solutions lie is determined by two ellipses, whose size depends on the eccentricity of the leader orbit. Size and phase parameters for periodic orbits are introduced for the TH equations, and a simple way to draw a periodic orbit is proposed for a given pair of size and phase parameters and a given initial true anomaly of the elliptic orbit. Results show that the design of a relative orbit with size and position specifications is as simple as in the Hill-Clohessy-Wiltshire (HCW) case.

Oishi Y.,Nanzan University
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control | Year: 2010

Quantitative study is made on how much passivity is lost when a continuous-time nonlinear system is discretized for digital implementation of a controller. The standard discretization with the zero-order hold and the ideal sampler is mainly considered though other types of discretization are also considered. The result can be used for the choice of the sampling period. Namely, the sampling period has to be small when the original continuous-time system is oscillatory. The general input-output framework is used for the discussion. ©2010 IEEE.

Aoyama M.,Nanzan University
Computer | Year: 2012

Innovative computational technologies developed by automotive companies and research institutes in Japan are making cars greener, smarter, and more connected. © 2012 IEEE.

Iwai A.,Denso Corporation | Aoyama M.,Nanzan University
Proceedings - 2011 IEEE 4th International Conference on Cloud Computing, CLOUD 2011 | Year: 2011

This article reports our concept and experiences on ACSS (Automotive Cloud Service System) based on SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) for the next-generation automotive software platform. Along with rapid deployment of cloud computing, we expect, automotive software is evolving to ACSS where vehicles are collaborating with outside cloud computing and a variety of social networks. We propose an ACSS based on SOA named DARWIN, and demonstrate the validity of DARWIN with case studies running on a prototype electric vehicle. This article contributes to reveal key aspects of new software architecture for the next generation automotive software of integrating software in a vehicle and cloud services out of vehicles seamlessly. © 2011 IEEE.

Mizuochi M.,Nanzan University
BMC Health Services Research | Year: 2016

Background: Refraining from required medical care can worsen health, particularly for the elderly, and increase public medical expenditure, which destabilizes the financial aspect of social security. Social capital, such as trust between residents and the norms of reciprocity in the community, is a possible measure to prevent refraining from medical care. Methods: We studied survey data collected in a small area in Japan that included a high response rate (91.6 %) to evaluate refraining from medical care. Self-reported refraining from required medical care from among 1016 elderly people, aged ≥60 (male = 490; female = 526), was used as a dependent variable. Social capital indicators were mean values of people's attitude toward the generalized trust and norms of reciprocity in each community. We estimated the association between community level social capital and individuals' probability of refraining from medical care while controlling individual factors such as age, education, and marital status. Results: Logit estimation results showed that only generalized trust is associated with low probability of refraining from medical care among the elderly in small communities. The marginal effect for 0.1 increase in community level trust is 4 % decrease in the probability of refraining from medical care. In larger communities, generalized trust is not associated with the probability of refraining from medical care. Conclusions: This finding suggests that the generalized trust is effective in smaller communities as far as related to access to medical care. In small communities, policy to increase generalized trust to support medical care for elderly is recommended. © 2016 The Author(s).

Okamura H.,Hiroshima University | Dohi T.,Hiroshima University | Osaki S.,Nanzan University
Reliability Engineering and System Safety | Year: 2013

This paper proposes software reliability growth models (SRGM) where the software failure time follows a normal distribution. The proposed model is mathematically tractable and has sufficient ability of fitting to the software failure data. In particular, we consider the parameter estimation algorithm for the SRGM with normal distribution. The developed algorithm is based on an EM (expectation-maximization) algorithm and is quite simple for implementation as software application. Numerical experiment is devoted to investigating the fitting ability of the SRGMs with normal distribution through 16 types of failure time data collected in real software projects. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Kamiya S.,Nanzan University | Kamiya S.,Meijo University
Memory | Year: 2014

Involuntary autobiographical memories are memories of personal experiences that pop into mind without a conscious attempt at their retrieval. This study investigated individual differences in the number of involuntary autobiographical memories, and explored the relationship between the frequency of occurrence in involuntary autobiographical memory and cognitive failures in everyday memory, as indexed by metamemory questionnaires. A total of 24 undergraduate students reported involuntary autobiographical memories in controlled field interviews, and completed the Everyday Memory Questionnaire and the Cognitive Failures Questionnaire. The results showed that, despite controlled conditions, considerable individual differences were observed in the number of involuntary autobiographical memories reported while walking along a prescribed route on the campus, and that reported memories were predominantly serving self function. In addition, the number of involuntary autobiographical memories was positively related to cognitive failures in everyday memory: participants who acknowledged more problems in everyday memory had a higher frequency of involuntary memories. The implications of these results are discussed in terms of the complementary function of involuntary autobiographical memory in everyday life. © 2013 © 2013 Taylor & Francis.

Oishi Y.,Nanzan University | Fujioka H.,Kyoto University
Automatica | Year: 2010

Stability analysis of an aperiodic sampled-data control system is considered for application to networked and embedded control. The stability condition is described in a linear matrix inequality to be satisfied for all possible sampling intervals. Although this condition is numerically intractable, a tractable sufficient condition can be constructed with the mean value theorem. Special attention is paid to tightness of the sufficient condition for less conservative stability analysis. A region-dividing technique for the reduction of conservatism and generalization to stabilization are also discussed. An example demonstrates the efficacy of the approach. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Oishi Y.,Nanzan University
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control | Year: 2016

Sampled-data control of a polynomial nonlinear plant is considered with performance guarantee. In particular, a given continuous-time nonlinear plant is approximately discretized with an explicit error bound and a discrete-time controller is designed so as to be robust against the error bound. Discretization with an error bound is based on a technique from validated computation and robust controller design is based on a linear-like representation. An advantage of this approach is that the design can be made with respect to the quadratic control performance, for example, and the performance is guaranteed for a given sampling time. It can also take into account the intersample behavior of the system. The proposed approach is applied to a simple example and shows its efficacy. © 2015 IEEE.

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