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Nanomech Inc and University of Arkansas | Date: 2012-05-29

A physical configuration of multiple-layer coatings formed with at least one layer of coating containing cubic born nitride (cBN) particles with one or more layers in composite form containing cBN particles may have a thickness of each individual layer as thin as in the nanometer range, or as thick as in the range of a few microns and even up to tens of microns. The chemistry of the composite layer consists of any individual phase of (a) nitrides such as titanium nitride (TiN), titanium carbonitride (TiCN), and hafnium nitride (HfN); (b) carbides such as titanium carbide (TiC); and (c) oxides such as aluminum oxide (Al

Additive packages including multifunctional additive molecules are disclosed, including, for example, organic medium intercalated with lubricant nanoparticles. The additive package may be greaseless or may he added to materials such as base oils or greases, greaseless materials, or anti-corrosives, for example. The additive package added to materials may form a coating or lubricant that may be added to a surface of an object.

A composition that includes solid lubricant nanoparticles and an organic medium is disclosed. Also disclosed are nanoparticles that include layered materials. A method of producing a nanoparticle by milling layered materials is provided. Also disclosed is a method of making a lubricant, the method including milling layered materials to form nanoparticles and incorporating the nanoparticles into a base to form a lubricant.

Nanomech Inc | Date: 2013-06-13

Embodiments of the present invention may provide textured surfaces to be lubricated, the texturing to enhance the effectiveness of the intended nano-lubrication. The texturing may make asperities and depressions in the surface to be lubricated. This texturing may be executed, for example, by chemical etching, laser etching, or other techniques. This texturing may create locations in the lubricated surface to hold or anchor the intended nano-lubricants, to facilitate the creation of a tribo-film on the surface when the lubricated surface is used under pressure, and resulting in delivery of multiple chemistries from the nano-lubricant.

Nanomech Inc | Date: 2013-05-31

Embodiments of the present invention may include a macro-composition with a special structure. The structure includes a layered macro-composition made of a nanoparticle as an inner nucleus, an intermediate layer around the nucleus, and an outer layer intercalated with the nucleus or encapsulating the nucleus and the intermediate layer. A plurality of the layered macro-compositions is bonded together by bonds, so that each layered macro-composition is bonded to at least one other such layered macro-composition. Embodiments include a macro-composition made of three 3-layered macro-compositions joined in a chain by two bonds. These macro-composition assemblies may take the shape of layered macro-compositions bonded together in chains, or forming other shapes, such as rings. The layered macro-composition may be no more than about 100 nanometers in size, for example. The bonds of the complex macro-composition may have an average length of no more than about 100 nanometers, for example. Embodiments may be added to lubricants such as oil or grease, to increase their performance.

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