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Austin, TX, United States

Nanohmics, Inc. | Date: 2013-03-07

An array of sensor devices, each sensor including a set of semiconducting nanotraces having a width less than about 100 nm is provided. Method for fabricating the arrays is disclosed, providing a top-down approach for large arrays with multiple copies of the detection device in a single processing step. Nanodimensional sensing elements with precise dimensions and spacing to avoid the influence of electrodes are provided. The arrays may be used for multiplex detection of chemical and biomolecular species. The regular arrays may be combined with parallel synthesis of anchor probe libraries to provide a multiplex diagnostic device. Applications for gas phase sensing, chemical sensing and solution phase biomolecular sensing are disclosed.

Agency: Department of Defense | Branch: Navy | Program: SBIR | Phase: Phase I | Award Amount: 80.00K | Year: 2016

Providing Marines with enhanced situational awareness through the real-time display of night vision imagery, thermal vision overlays, or waypoint and navigational cues, to name a few options, must not also compromise their position or force disorienting transitions in focal point or sudden changes in brightness. Producing a low SWaP full-color light-secure display with a large FOV that also transmits the majority of incoming ambient light can leverage emerging augmented reality technology geared at the commercial sector, but ultimately requires innovative elements to achieve the requisite metrics. Nanohmics proposes to develop a real-time transmissive display technology that provides high ambient light throughput and prevents light leakage, capable of day and night operation.

Detectors and methods for gathering, detecting and analyzing electromagnetic radiation are disclosed. A radiation detector includes one or more positive lenses to direct radiation to mirrors or to a photodetector. Coordinates of directed radiation are measured and interpreted to determine the angle of arrival. A color filter mosaic may be present to determine wavelengths of detected radiation. Temporal characteristics of the radiation may be measured.

Nanohmics, Inc. | Date: 2012-02-16

Thermoelectric devices and methods for making and using the devices and their intermediates are provided. Membrane-supported thermoelectric modules are fabricated by dispensing thermoelectric powder into select locations of a membrane to form electrically-isolated columns of thermoelectric material. The powder is then sintered or fused to form thermoelectric elements, which are then electrically connected and combined with thermal interface films to form the modules. The modules are the building blocks of electrical current generating, thermoelectric cooling and heat scavenging thermoelectric devices.

Nanohmics, Inc. | Date: 2011-03-23

Analyte filter arrays and methods for making an analyte filter array are provided. The arrays are formed using a dispersion of filter particles having selected moieties attached to the surface of the particles and a microarray having complementary moieties formed in an array on a substrate, such that each filter particle is attached to a selected region of the microarray. The moiety on the substrate may be RNA or DNA or other molecule. The substrate may be a surface of a detector array, a membrane that may be placed in registration with the detector array or a stamp used to transfer the filter array to a detector array.

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