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Yinchuan, China

NanoEnTek Inc. | Date: 2013-09-05

Disclosed is a microscope and a method of controlling the same. According to the one or more of the embodiments of the present inventions relating to the microscope, an optical module for observing cells may be separated from a control module to be disposed in a narrow space such as the inside of an incubator or the inside of a clean bench, and is capable of observing cells while measuring a distribution of the cells (confluence) in a predetermined cycle.

NanoEnTek Inc. | Date: 2014-11-26

Disclosed is a method of bonding upper and lower substrates for manufacturing a plastic micro chip comprising the upper substrate, the lower substrate and a sample filling space having a predetermined height for filling a sample between the upper and lower substrates. According to the method, the upper and lower substrates are bonded by introducing an organic solvent between the upper and lower substrates. In addition, the invention provides a method of manufacturing a micro chip using the method and a micro chip manufactured according to the method. According to the invention, it is possible to easily and precisely bond the upper and lower substrates of the plastic micro chip.

NanoEnTek Inc. | Date: 2012-05-15

The present invention relates to a sampler which is capable of rapidly and easily separating blood corpuscles from blood, being operated conveniently, and directly using extracted plasma. According to one embodiment of the present invention, a sampler includes a chamber and a membrane guide. Here, the chamber includes an insertion unit having an insertion hole on one side, wherein the other side is opened, and an inner side includes a receiving space for receiving a sample. Additionally, one side of the membrane guide is combined to the membrane, and the membrane guide includes a channel wherein filtered materials, which are filtered through the membrane among the samples received in the receiving space, are moved in a gravitational direction.

A fluorescent microscope for observing multiple fluorescent images includes: a first optical module comprising a first light source for supplying first excitation light having a first wavelength, a first excitation filter for selectively transmitting the first excitation light supplied from the first light source, a first dichroic filter for reflecting the first excitation light having passed through the first excitation filter toward the survey object, an objective lens for condensing the first excitation light reflected by the first dichroic filter and transferring the condensed first excitation light to the survey object, a second dichroic filter for reflecting first radiation light radiated from the survey object, a first radiation filter for selectively transmitting the first radiation light reflected by the second dichroic filter, and a first image acquisition unit for acquiring an image by using the first radiation light having passed through the first radiation filter to be supplied; and a second optical module comprising a second light source for supplying second excitation light having a second wavelength, a second excitation filter for selectively transmitting the second excitation light supplied from the second light source, a second radiation filter passing through the second excitation filter and irradiated to the survey object to be radiated, to selectively transmitting the second radiation light EM

The present invention relates to a method for selectively detecting a multimer type multimer-forming polypeptide in a biological sample, the method comprising: (a) bringing the biological sample into contact with an agglutination reaction inducing agent to induce the formation of an aggregate in an analysis target, the agglutination reaction inducing agent being a particle in which a specific antibody is surface-bonded with the multimer-forming polypeptide; (b) obtaining an image with respect to the aggregate of step (a); and (c) analyzing a size or a shape of the aggregate by using the image. Step (a), step (b), or steps (a) and (b) are performed on a microchip having a microchannel. The image analysis is performed using a coefficient according to the size of the aggregate in a predetermined volume provided by the microchannel. In the case where the multimer type of multimer-forming polypeptide is present in the biological sample, the size of the aggregate is larger than the size of an aggregate of a monomer type control group. According to the present invention, unlike in a detection method using chemiluminescence immunoanalysis of the related art, an image with respect to an agglutination reaction target is obtained and then a size or a shape of an aggregate is analyzed so as to determine whether or not an analysis target is present in a biological sample and to determine the quantity of the analysis target. Also, it is possible to detect a multimer type multimer-forming polypeptide by just analyzing an image acquired from the sample so that the detection process is made more convenient and quick.

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