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Chiba, Japan

NanoCarrier Co and Laboratoire Francais Du Fractionnement Et Des Biotechnologies | Date: 2012-07-31

The invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition comprising factor VII encapsulated in micelles formed from block copolymer molecules containing (i) a hydrophilic polymer segment consisting of a polyalkylene glycol and (ii) a hydrophobic polymer segment consisting of a polyamino acid, with said polyamino acid comprising exclusively amino acid residues selected from the group consisting of histidine, lysine, aspartic acid and glutamic acid residues, wherein a part of said amino acid residues is substituted with a hydrophobic group.

A pharmaceutical composition includes a block copolymer having a hydrophilic segment, a hydrophobic segment, and a boronic acid compound bound to a side chain of the hydrophobic segment via a linker moiety that includes a heterocyclic structure. The heterocyclic structure contains a cyclic skeleton that includes a boron atom of the boronic acid compound, one or two atom(s) X bound to the boron atom and selected from an oxygen atom and a nitrogen atom, and one or two carbon atom(s) (respectively) bound to the atom(s) X. The block copolymer further includes at least one organic group bound to the carbon atom(s). The organic group(s) contain(s) an aromatic group or cyclic alkyl group that sterically protects a boronic acid ester bond and/or a boron amide bond resulting from bonding between the boron atom and the atom(s) X.

NanoCarrier Co and University of Tokyo | Date: 2012-01-16

A composition of matter for use in encapsulating a drug is expressed by formula (1) or formula (2): wherein R

NanoCarrier Co | Date: 2015-11-02

The present invention provides a particulate pharmaceutical composition which has improved drug encapsulation stability and is suitable for a drug delivery system. The particulate pharmaceutical composition

Provided are a composition for preparing a lyophilized preparation, comprising a drug-encapsulating polymer micelle and saccharides and/or polyethylene glycol as a stabilizing agent, a lyophilized preparation and a process for producing them. The lyophilized preparation thus provided is easily restructured to an aqueous preparation using an aqueous medium.

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