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Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Ltd | Date: 2015-05-26

This invention provides a method for fabricating a flexible porous film. One application of the film is for fabricating a flexible lithium-ion battery. The method comprises depositing at least one electrospun layer on a flexible substrate sheet by electrospinning. The solution used in electrospinning comprises polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and poly(vinylidene fluoride-hexafluoropropylene) (PVdF-HFP) copolymer dispersed in a solvent such that the solution has a polymer viscosity between 300 cP to 1500 cP. A preferred setting of electrospinning process parameters includes a voltage between 20 kV and 50 kV, a feed rate between 3 ml/h and 12 ml/h, and a spinning height between 100 mm and 150 mm. Preferably, PVDF and PVdF-HFP has a weight ratio between 1:1 and 5:1. The solvent may comprise dimethylformamide (DMF) and acetone in a weight ratio between 1:2 and 8:2. The weight of the copolymer is preferable to be 5% to 25% of a total weight of the copolymer and the solvent.

Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Ltd | Date: 2015-01-20

The present invention relates to a process for recovering metals from indium tin oxide (ITO) scrap. It allows the selective recovery of indium and tin from waste ITO by means of a simple and environmentally benign dissolution-deposition method, with no requirement of using strong corrosive acid/alkaline chemicals (e.g. hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide) for dissolution and complicated procedures/operation. The dissolution baths can be reused without observable recovery deterioration. It significantly reduces the cost requirement in the recovery process.

Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Ltd | Date: 2015-02-17

The present invention relates to a nanoemulsion for transdermal delivery. The presently claimed invention provides chemical formulations for preparing a nanoemulsion, and the methods for preparing the nanoemulsion. The nanoemulsion has desirable particle size for efficient transdermal delivery, and doesnt involve any organic solvent which is harmful to human skin. The corresponding fabrication method is simple.

Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Ltd | Date: 2015-01-09

The present invention relates to an air purification system with plasma driven catalyst technology. The system comprises a plurality of plasma driven catalyst reactors in a parallel setup. Zigzag electrodes comprising zigzag structures are used to facilitate plasma generation. The system of the present invention provides the advantages with ease of fabrication and scaling-up, and improvement of air purification performance.

Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Ltd | Date: 2015-01-05

The present invention pertains to a method of applying surface mechanical attrition treatment (SMAT) with a plurality of balls for treating surfaces of metallic alloys under a set of specific conditions in order to obtain a metal substrate with high yield strength and hardness, low cytotoxicity, high cytocompability and hemocompatibility suitable for medical implant. The plurality of balls used in the present invention comprises 316L stainless steel balls or zirconium oxide (ZrO

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