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Nanjing, China

The direct inkjet printing method involves the deposition of a wax droplet onto a wafer surface. Wax is used as a resistance layer during etch-back wet process, which coats on top of the dielectric surface with the same Ag electrode printing pattern. Drop on demand (DOD) inkjet printing selective emitter (SE) process has higher performance but more cost because of the additional raw materials, we need to balance the cost of wax exhaust and the efficiency rise. In this paper, we report a sort of new inkjet wax printing pattern, except at the busbar location which has the same printing pattern with the normality.We tested the cell infrared ray response (IR), module power and module electroluminescence (EL), in contrast to the normal inkjet printing pattern cell we found there is no any abnormal phenomenon for the new inkjet printing pattern cell near bus-bar area. Furthermore, the conversion efficiency is comparable in the mass production environment. © 2015 Elsevier GmbH.

NANJING SUNPORT POWER Co. | Date: 2013-07-30

A ribbon-free solar cell module and a method for preparing the same are provided. The solar cell module is in a five-layer structure, including a first layer of conductive back plate, a second layer of conductive adhesive connection joints, a third layer of back contact cells, a fourth layer of packaging material, and a fifth layer of tempered glass which are successively laminated together, wherein the first layer of conductive back plate is in a novel laminated structure. Such a design provides a ribbon-free solar cell module and a method for preparing the same which are low in cost, and easy to implement.

A silicon solar cell with front electrodes covered by a thin film and a process for manufacturing the same. When an MWT back contact solar cell is manufactured, the front electrodes are covered completely by an antireflection film, namely the front electrodes are directly in contact with the silicon wafer without penetration of the antireflection film, so as to reduce the series resistance, and improve the cell conversion efficiency. Meanwhile, the penetration depth when the front electrode silver paste is printed is also easier to control, so that the process is simplified. The front electrodes covered completely by the antireflection film are not directly in contact with the outside, so as to improve the corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of the front electrodes.

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