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Ma H.F.,Nanjing Southeast University
Nature communications | Year: 2010

Since invisibility cloaks were first suggested by transformation optics theory, there has been much work on the theoretical analysis and design of various types and a few experimental verifications at microwave and optical frequencies within two-dimensional limits. Here, we realize the first practical implementation of a fully 3D broadband and low-loss ground-plane cloak at microwave frequencies. The cloak, realized by drilling inhomogeneous holes in multi-layered dielectric plates, can conceal a 3D object located under a curved conducting plane from all viewing angles by imitating the reflection of a flat conducting plane. We also designed and realized, using non-resonant metamaterials, a high-gain lens antenna that can produce narrow-beam plane waves in the near-field region in a broad frequency band. The antenna constitutes the transmitter of the measurement system and is essential for the measurement of cloaking behaviour. Source

State Grid Corporation of China, Nanjing Southeast University, BEI JING XJ Electrical CO. and Xu Ji Group Corporation | Date: 2013-04-18

The present invention provides an integrated battery dispatching system with centralized charging and centralized allocation, which comprises an initial parameter setting module (

The disclosure provides a heat source tower heat pump realizing solution regeneration and heat reutilization based on vacuum boiling. It comprises a refrigerant circuit, a solution circuit, a vacuum maintenance circuit, an air circuit, a regenerative solution heating circuit and a cold/hot water circuit. The unit provided by the disclosure regenerates a solution by taking full advantage of the characteristic that the boiling point of a solution will be reduced in vacuum, uses the heat released from the cooling of overheated refrigerant as the heat of solution regeneration and also uses the heat to produce heat supply hot water. While significantly raising the speed of solution regeneration, it also realizes efficient reutilization of solution regeneration heat, thoroughly solves the problem of solution regeneration of the heat pump of heat source tower system, improves the safety and reliability of the heat pump of heat source tower system in various operating conditions and realizes high overall efficiency of the system.

Disclosed is a cache structure for use in implementing reconfigurable system configuration information storage, comprising: layered configuration information cache units: for use in caching configuration information that may be used by a certain or several reconfigurable arrays within a period of time; an off-chip memory interface module: for use in establishing communication; a configuration anagement unit: for use in managing a reconfiguration process of the reconfigurable arrays, in mapping each subtask in an algorithm application to a certain reconfigurable array, thus the reconfigurable array will, on the basis of the mapped subtask, load the corresponding configuration information to complete a function reconfiguration for the reconfigurable array. This increases the utilization efficiency of configuration information caches. Also provided is a method for managing the reconfigurable system configuration information caches, employing a mixed priority cache update method, and changing a mode for managing the configuration information caches in a conventional reconfigurable system, thus increasing the dynamic reconfiguration efficiency in a complex reconfigurable system.

Disclosed is a main synchronization sequence design method for global covering multi-beam satellite LTE, comprising the follow steps: extending a standard Zadoff-Chu sequence to a generalized Zadoff-Chu sequence so as to obtain an initial candidate main synchronization sequence set of more candidate sequences; gradually narrowing down the candidate main synchronization sequence set according to a selection standard of a main synchronization sequence to obtain a final candidate main synchronization sequence set; and obtaining a main synchronization sequence set with optimal eclectic performance and complexity from the final candidate main synchronization sequence set. According to the present invention, a main synchronization sequence with optimal eclectic performance and calculation complexity can be designed for a global covering same-frequency networking multi-beam satellite LTE system.

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