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Pohang, South Korea

Shin D.-C.,Division 5 Technology | Shin D.-C.,Namyang Dairy Products Co. | Kim C.-T.,Nong shim Co. 370 | Lee Y.-C.,Korea Food Research Institute | And 3 more authors.
Food Research International | Year: 2010

Acrylamide in foods is mainly produced by Maillard reaction. Taurine can participate in the reaction, which has led us to investigate the possibility of reducing acrylamide formation by use of taurine. In an aqueous system, the lower the pH of the solution the greater the inhibition of acrylamide formation within a pH range of 5.0-8.0 was found, and the inhibition of acrylamide formation by taurine was dose-dependent. In a fried potato chip model, prior to frying at 170°C for 3. min, the potato slices soaked in 0.l% to 2% taurine solution for 30. min showed significant reductions of acrylamide formation; however, these reductions were not dose-dependent. Also, the soaking treatments for 15-60. min significantly reduced acrylamide formation, but the inhibitory effects were not time-dependent. Thus, taurine, when used in a narrow range of reasonably low levels, is a candidate to inhibit acrylamide formation during frying process. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd. Source

Choi J.-S.,Silla University | Shin H.-S.,Namyang Dairy Products Co. | Ha Y.-M.,Silla University | Kim K.Y.,Glucan Corporation | And 3 more authors.
Toxicology and Environmental Health Sciences | Year: 2014

A mixed composition of purified β-glucan from Aureobasidium pullulans and calcium lactate-gluconate 1: 9(g/g) (polycalcium) was administered orally to female and male Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats once per day for 14 days at doses of 0, 500, 1,000 and 2,000 mg/kg in a volume of 10 mL/kg to investigate the effects of an oral repeated dose. After 14 days of oral polycalcium treatment, no treatment-related mortalities, clinical signs, or body/organ weight changes were detected. In addition, no meaningful polycalcium treatment-related changes were observed in hematological, serum biochemical, gross or histopathological parameters as compared with sex-matched vehicle controls following treatment with doses up to 2,000 mg/kg, the maximum dose limit for rodents. Therefore, polycalcium is non-toxic to rats and is therefore likely to be safe for clinical use. © 2014, Korean Society of Environmental Risk Assessment and Health Science and Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht. Source

Choi J.-S.,Silla University | Shin H.-S.,Namyang Dairy Products Co. | Kim K.Y.,Glucan Corporation Research Institute | Ku S.K.,Daegu Haany University | And 2 more authors.
Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine | Year: 2015

In the present study, the beneficial and synergistic effects of Polycalcium, a mixture of Polycan and calcium (Ca) lactate-gluconate in a 1:9 weight ratio, on a rat model of osteoarthritis (OA) were explored. Polycalcium (50, 100 and 200 mg/kg) was administered orally once per day for 28 days from 1 week after the OA-modeling surgery. Diclofenac sodium (2 mg/kg) was administered as a reference drug. Following the OA surgery, increases in the maximum extension angles, edematous changes in knee and capsule thickness, reductions in chondrocyte proliferation and cartilage glycosaminoglycan (GAG) levels, as well as changes in cartilage degeneration were observed. However, these OA-related symptoms were inhibited after 28 days of continuous oral treatment with Polycalcium. Anti-OA effects, including the induction of chondrocyte proliferation, were detected in the Polycalcium-treated rats and were more favorable compared with those in rats treated with Polycan or Ca lactate-gluconate alone (100 mg). Therefore, a mixture of Polycan and Ca lactate-gluconate was demonstrated to have beneficial synergistic effects on OA. © 2015 Spandidos Publications. All rights reserved. Source

Choi S.C.,Sungkyunkwan University | Kim B.J.,Chung - Ang University | Rhee P.-L.,Sungkyunkwan University | Chang D.K.,Sungkyunkwan University | And 7 more authors.
Gut and Liver | Year: 2011

Background/Aims: Although controversial, probiotics and dietary fiber are commonly used for patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). We evaluated the effects of multistrain probiotics on the symptoms of IBS to determine whether the addition of dietary fiber had an additive effect on constipation-predominant IBS. Methods: A total of 142 participants who met the Rome III criteria were recruited and randomized into a control group or a test group. Participants in the control group received multistrain probiotic fermented milk with Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium infantis; the participants in the test group received the same probiotic fermented milk mixed with dietary fiber such as sea tangle extracts, radish extracts and glasswort extracts. The patients were treated for four weeks. Results: Most of the symptoms of IBS, with the exception of flatulence, stool consistency, and frequency of defecation, significantly improved in both groups. In the analysis of IBS subtypes, especially constipation-predominant IBS, the frequency and duration of defecation and straining at stool were improved more in the test group than in the control group. Conclusions: Dietary fiber had additive benefits for the symptoms of constipation, especially in constipation-predominant IBS. Source

A method of producing non-dairy coffee creamer, includes a sterilizing process (process 1) for sterilizing milk or skim milk, a cooling process for cooling the sterilized milk obtained from process 1 (process 2), a vacuum evaporating process for pre-heating and then vacuum evaporating the cooled milk obtained from process 2 (process 3), a mixing and homogenizing process for mixing and homogenizing the evaporated milk obtained from process 3, a source material for non-dairy coffee creamer, a milk protein concentrate powder and a milk calcium under atmospheric pressure or vacuum pressure (process 4), and a drying process for drying the homogenized mixture obtained from process 4 (process 5), and a non-dairy coffee creamer produced by using the method.

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