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Nagoya-shi, Japan

Nagoya Gakuin University is a private university located in Nagoya, Japan . Founded in 1887 by Dr. Frederick C. Klein, an American Methodist minister, as Aichi English School; the present-day university was established in 1964 with the Faculty of Economics. Nagoya Gakuin University follows the spirit of the school's motto “Fear God, Love People.”.With a curriculum focusing on Business and Economics, as well as Foreign Studies and Human Health, Nagoya Gakuin University awards degrees at the bachelor's, master's, and Doctor of Philosophy levels.Additionally, NGU has exchange agreements with universities around the world in 8 different countries: Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, China, Taiwan, Thailand, the United States and Canada. Approximately 30 exchange students come to Nagoya Gakuin University every semester, and around 200 Japanese students participate in the university's study abroad programs each year. Wikipedia.

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Sato M.,Kobe University | Samreth S.,Saitama University | Sasaki K.,Nagoya Gakuin University
International Journal of Sustainable Development and World Ecology | Year: 2017

This study investigates institutional factors affecting the performance of genuine savings (GS), which are often used in assessing sustainable development, and adopts a model of autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity in mean. We pay particular attention to the contribution of institutions to decrease the volatility level of the GS path. The estimation results show that there are two ways in which institutions affect GS performance. First, high quality of institutions enhances the GS level directly. Second, high quality of institutions enhances the GS level via stabilizing the volatility of the GS path. Considering both effects in their totality, institutional improvement plays an important role in realizing a sustainable development path. © 2017 Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group

Miwa K.,Nagoya Gakuin University | Nomura J.,Seijoh University | Takakuwa S.,Chuo University
Proceedings - Winter Simulation Conference | Year: 2017

A systematic procedure for module-based modeling is designed and proposed to simulate of any multistage manufacturing flow type system adopting a dual-card kanban system with a delivery cycle. First, a functional analysis was performed to present kanban flows in exactly the same fashion in a simulation model as they actually appear in a real manufacturing system. One shipping area module, the required number of parts store modules, and one supplier center module were used to develop a designated simulation. Proposed modules have focused dialogs, animation, and modeling functionality. In addition, a procedure to obtain the necessity minimum number of kanbans to achieve no stock-out events is proposed. Then, a numerical example is shown to apply the proposed procedure. © 2016 IEEE.

Sugiura T.,Nagoya City University | Dohi Y.,Nagoya Gakuin University | Yamashita S.,Nagoya City University | Hirowatari Y.,Saitama Prefectural University | And 2 more authors.
Atherosclerosis | Year: 2016

We enrolled 132 outpatients with cardiovascular risk factors to evaluate the serotonin levels in platelet-poor plasma (PPP) and whole blood (WB). PPP serotonin levels and PPP/WB serotonin ratio were significantly correlated with levels of oxidative stress measured by derivative reactive oxygen metabolites (d-ROM). Twenty-five subjects were revealed to have stable coronary artery disease (CAD), and the levels CRP, d-ROM, and PPP/WB serotonin ratio were significantly higher in subjects with CAD than in those without CAD. Logistic regression analysis performed with the endpoint of having CAD revealed that the PPP/WB serotonin ratio was independently associated with CAD (odds ratio 3.37, 95% confidence interval 1.04-10.9, P = 0.04). Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve analyses to discriminate subjects with CAD from those without CAD indicated that combining PPP/WB serotonin ratio and d-ROM improved diagnostic utility. Targeting the serotonin-oxidative stress axis as part of a holistic anti-atherothrombotic strategy could be beneficial for patients with atherosclerosis. © 2016 Elsevier Ireland Ltd.

Miwa K.,Nagoya Gakuin University | Takakuwa S.,Nagoya University
Proceedings - Winter Simulation Conference | Year: 2010

In this study, a simulation modeling procedure for a retail store was proposed to find the optimal number of clerks based on operation types, operation frequency, and staffing schedule. First, all required data for staffing problems were collected and work loading was performed during each 24-hour period. Then, integer programming was used to obtain an initial feasible solution. Finally, simulation experiments were performed together using OptQuest, and optimal solutions were obtained. The proposed procedure was applied to the actual case. It was found that the staffing problems can be solved easily and effectively. ©2010 IEEE.

Imani I.,Nagoya Gakuin University | Takarajima I.,Nagoya Gakuin University
IEEE SSCI 2014 - 2014 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence - ISIC 2014: 2014 IEEE International Symposium on Independent Computing, Proceedings | Year: 2015

It is well-known that locative prepositions are used to make temporal expressions, and that they have been intensively studied in theoretical, cognitive and psycho-linguistics. However, there have been few attempts to develop a theoretical framework to deal with linguistic data on the locative prepositions (see Piñón (1997), Zwarts and Winter (1997) and Zwarts (2000) for a vector semantics to capture parallelism between aspects and a certain kind of locative prepositions). There are two purposes in this paper. One is to investigate prepositions 'in,' 'on,' 'at' and 'from/to' in English that have correlations between space and time, and show how the topological properties of the locative prepositions are preserved in temporal expressions. The other purpose is to develop a theoretical framework, or what we call a 'topological approach' to natural languages, in which we use topological concepts such as spaces, paths and dimensions to analyze the linguistic data. © 2014 IEEE.

Abiko Y.,Nagoya Gakuin University | Abiko Y.,Tohoku University | Nagano K.,Nagoya Gakuin University | Yoshida Y.,Nagoya Gakuin University | Yoshimura F.,Nagoya Gakuin University
PLoS ONE | Year: 2014

Treponema denticola , a gram-negative and anaerobic spirochete, is associated with advancing severity of chronic periodontitis. In this study, we confirmed that two major antigenic proteinswere Msp and TmpC, and examined their physiological and pathological roles using gene-deletion mutants. Msp formed a large complex that localized to the outer membrane, while TmpC existed as a monomer and largely localized to the inner membrane. However, TmpC was also detected in the outer membrane fraction, but its cell-surface exposure was not detected. Msp defects increased cell-surface hydrophobicity and secretion of TNF-a from macrophage-like cells, whereas TmpC defects decreased autoagglutination and chymotrypsin-like protease activities. Both mutants adhered to gingival epithelial cells similarly to the wild-type and showed slightly decreased motility. In addition, in Msp-defective mutants, the TDE1072 protein, which is a major membrane protein, was abolished; therefore, phenotypic changes in the mutant can be, at least in part, attributed to the loss of the TDE1072 protein. Thus, the major antigenic proteins, Msp and TmpC, have significant and diverse impacts on the characteristics of T. denticola, especially cell surface properties. ©- 2014 Abiko et al.

Nakano T.,Nagoya Gakuin University | Kasuga K.,Gifu University | Murase T.,Aichi University | Suzuki K.,International Budo University
Journal of School Health | Year: 2013

Background: Unhealthy lifestyles during childhood constitute a public health problem in Japan. However, current health education in Japan is ineffective in counteracting them. Previous studies contend that healthy lifestyles in children vary by academic grade and sex. This study examined changes throughout childhood suggests some intervention points for lifestyle education. Methods: The participants were 2833 elementary and junior high school students living in Japanese rural areas. Data on 26 variables assigned to 5 subfactors were collected. We estimated the composite score of each subfactor on the basis of item response theory. A 2-way ANOVA and a graph review were performed to explore the differences and changes by sex and grade. RESULTS: Most of the main effects for sex and grade were statistically significant. Lifestyle behaviors acquired early in elementary school were lost as students progressed to higher grades. Conclusions: The research indicated the following emphases: (1) Physical activity and leisure habits should be focused on girls and hygiene habits on boys; (2) Continuous education for a healthy lifestyle is essential to maintain good health among children; (3) Education for healthy lifestyle can be classified into 2 important stages such as for dietary and sleeping habits, education from the upper grades of elementary school is important, whereas for other routine activities, reeducation in junior high school is effective. © 2013, American School Health Association.

Morita T.,Osaka University | Sugawara K.,Nagoya Gakuin University
Journal of International Trade and Economic Development | Year: 2015

We construct an overlapping generation model with human capital accumulation to analyze the effect of human capital level on foreign direct investment (FDI) in a small open developing country. In particular, we assume that manufactured goods have the human capital intensive technology and young agents choose whether to work or to educate themselves. When the human capital level in the developing country is sufficiently small, manufactured goods firms do not conduct FDI and the economy in the developing country is trapped in poverty. If the government of the developing country levies a tariff on the imports of manufactured goods, manufacturers conduct FDI, and the economy in the developing country can escape from the poverty trap. © 2015 Taylor & Francis.

Yamamoto M.,Nagoya Gakuin University
Proceedings - 22nd ISSAT International Conference on Reliability and Quality in Design | Year: 2016

Regional tourism is currently receiving a great deal of attention, but the methodology for effectively attracting visitors is still developing. To effectively attract tourists, several factors that affect travelers' destination decisions must be examined. In this study, I conducted a survey on attracting tourists online and measured the effect. I displayed ads on search results of keywords related to regional tourism, such as "tourism Noto," "Noto tourism," and "Nanao tourism," and used these ads to attract participants. First, I developed a Web site to introduce tourism and gourmet information about the Noto region. Then I measured the percentage of visitors who visited a download (PDF brochure) site through the keyword advertising described above. The keyword advertising was classified into two categories, and the relative cost-effectiveness of each category was examined through a comparison. © 2016, International Society of Science and Applied Technologies. All rights reserved.

Sato N.,Nagoya Gakuin University | Sato N.,Nagoya University | Nunome H.,Fukuoka University | Ikegami Y.,Aichi Shukutoku University
Journal of Applied Biomechanics | Year: 2014

The evaluation of hip hop dancers presently lacks clearly defined criteria and is often dependent on the subjective impressions of judges. Our study objective was to extract hidden motion characteristics that could potentially distinguish the skill levels of hip hop dancers and to examine the relationship between performance kinematics and judging scores. Eleven expert, six nonexpert, and nine novice dancers participated in the study, where each performed the "wave" motion as an experimental task. The movements of their upper extremities were captured by a motion capture system, and several kinematic parameters including the propagation velocity of the wave were calculated. Twelve judges evaluated the performances of the dancers, and we compared the kinematic parameters of the three groups and examined the relationship between the judging scores and the kinematic parameters. We found the coefficient of variation of the propagation velocity to be significantly different among the groups (P < .01) and highly correlated with the judging scores (r = -0.800, P < .01). This revealed that the variation of propagation velocity was the most dominant variable representing the skill level of the dancers and that the smooth propagation of the wave was most closely related to the evaluation by judges. © 2014 Human Kinetics, Inc.

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