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Chormunge V.B.,Mvps Dr Vasantrao Pawar Medical College | Umarji B.N.,Korea Institute of Materials Science | Patil R.J.,Korea Institute of Materials Science
Medico-Legal Update | Year: 2013

Dermatoglyphics is scientific study of epidermal ridges and their configuration on palmar and plantar region. Functional mutants of mannose binding protein are associated with pulmonary tuberculosis, which plays important role in inheritance. Epidermal ridge pattern is also determined by genetics. The study was undertaken to find out Various Dermatoglyphic features in patients of pulmonary tuberculosis To compare Dermatoglyphic features in normal and patients of pulmonary tuberculosis To study the statistical significance of the difference found in patients and normal individuals. The study was undertaken with both arms from the age group between 20-45 yrs, one with 100 patients (72-males, 28-females) having pulmonary tuberculosis and the other with 100 healthy adult (72-males, 28-females). The study reveals increase in number of Whorls in Male Patients as compared to controls, increase in mean value of TFRC, AFRC in Male & Female patients as compared to controls. Dermatoglyphic analysis proven to have advantages as a diagnostic tool in certain diseases including pulmonary tuberculosis.It can be used as screening tools for pulmonary tuberculosis.

Shinde A.,Sinhgad Dental College and Hospital | Ganu J.,Government Medical College | Naik P.,MVPS Dr Vasantrao Pawar Medical College | Sawant A.,Sinhgad Dental College and Hospital
Biomedical Research | Year: 2012

The exact pro-oxidant and antioxidant status in alcoholic liver disease among the chronic alcoholics is still not clear. Alcoholic liver disease (ALD) & its complications are still one of the most frequent causes of death in both developing and developed counties. The present study was conducted to add a new insight to the question, whether ethanol induces oxidative stress, change in the level of antioxidant vitamins ascorbic acid & vitamins E (non- enzymatic antioxidant parameters), trace elements Zinc & Selenium & activities of antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione peroxidase (GPx) & catalase in erythrocytes. Study was performed in 40 patients with alcoholic liver disease (study subject) & compared to 40 age & sex matched healthy subject (controls). It was observed that they was a significant increase in MDA (Malondialdehyde), SOD, GPx and significant decrease in ascorbic acid, vitamin E, zinc, selenium & catalase activity in patients with alcoholic liver disease when compared to controls. The results of our study have shown higher free radical production, as evidenced by the increased MDA & decreased levels of ascorbic acid, vitamin E, selenium & catalase activity, supporting the hypothesis that they is increased oxidative stress in patients with ALD. The increased activities of antioxidant enzymes may be a compensatory regulatory response to increased oxidative stress. The decreased antioxidative status support the hypothesis that lipid peroxidation is an important causative factor in the pathogenesis of ALD. These data clearly indicates that, antioxidant mechanisms might be impaired in these patients. These findings also provide a therotical basis for the development of novel therapeutic strategies such as antioxidant supplementation.

Satpute S.B.,Government Medical College | Bankar M.P.,B J Medical College | Momin A.A.,Mvps Dr Vasantrao Pawar Medical College
Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry | Year: 2012

Thalassemia has been recognized by the World Health Organization as important inherited disorders principally impacting on the populations of low income countries. In this report, the prevalence of common β-thalassemia mutations in India was defined in 126 β-thalassemia carrier subjects in a western Indian population mainly from the south-western Maharashtra. The six most common β-thalassemia mutations were detected, which included IVS I-5 (G-C), IVS I-1 (G-T), codon 8-9 (+G), codon 41/42 (-TCTT), Codon 15 (G-A), and 619 bp deletion at 3′ end of β-globin gene. These mutations accounted for 93.66 % in 126 β-thalassemia carrier subjects and 6.34 % remained uncharacterized. Out of 126, 82 (65.07 %) showed the most common (prevalent) type of mutation, IVS I-5 (G-C), followed by IVS I-1 (G-T) showed by 12 (9.52 %) subjects. Three (2.38 %) subjects showed 619 bp deletion, codon 8/9 (+G) and codon 15 (G-A) mutations were present in eight subjects each (6.34 %). Only five (3.96 %) subjects showed codon 41/42 (-TCTT). There were eight (6.34 %) subjects where mutation was not any of the six mutations studied. This study provides the pattern of β thalassemia mutations from south-western Maharashtra, which will help to prevent β-thalassemia using prenatal diagnosis and proper counseling. © 2012 Association of Clinical Biochemists of India.

Khairnar K.B.,Mvps Dr Vasantrao Pawar Medical College | Bhusari P.A.,Mvps Dr Vasantrao Pawar Medical College
Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research | Year: 2013

Introduction: An anatomical study was undertaken to note the shape of the foramen ovale(FO), foramen spinosum (FS) & presence or absence of canalis innominatus. FO is present in the posterior part of the greater wing of sphenoid. FS is located posterolareral to foramen ovale. Aims & Objective: We attempted this study to find out the variations in shape, bony growth & divisions of FO & FS in available dry human skulls. Material & Methods: We studied 100 human skulls available in the Department of Anatomy MVPS Medical College, Nashik. This study of FO & FS was done in both male & female skulls. Observation & Results: We found oval, round, almond, triangular shaped FO. Variations in the shape of FO showed the maximum as oval shaped followed by almond, round & slit like. Conclusion: FO is of great surgical & diagnostic importance in procedures like percutaneous trigeminal rizotomy in trigeminal neuralgia, transfacial fine needle aspiration technique etc. Considering such clinical importance of FO & FS, this study was worthwhile as far as neurosurgeons are concerned.

Momin A.A.,Government Medical College | Momin A.A.,Mvps Dr Vasantrao Pawar Medical College | Bankar M.P.,Government Medical College | Bhoite G.M.,Government Medical College
Biomedical Research | Year: 2012

The early identification of some clinically significant hemoglobinopathies and precise differentiation of hemoglobin variants are important to provide early comprehensive medical care to prevent some serious complications, assess prognosis and offer genetic counseling. A prospective study of 500 infants from South Western Maharashtra showed that 0.4% (4 in 1000) of them had detectable levels of Hb Bart's (γ 4) in the neonatal period by using hemoglobin electrophoresis. The levels of Hb Bart's indicate that the newborns are heterozygous for α thalassemia (-α/αα). Copyright © 2012, Scientific Publisher of India.

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