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Joshi Y.,Kumaun University | Gagarina L.,RAS Komarov Botanical Institute | Halda J.P.,Muzeum a galerie Orlickych hor | Oh S.-O.,Sunchon National University | Hur J.-S.,Sunchon National University
Mycosphere | Year: 2015

Coenogonium lueckingii, a new corticolous species characterized by a greenish-gray thallus with a white prothallus and 1-septate fusiform ascospores, is described from South Korea. A description of the species is provided together with notes on its chemistry, distribution, ecology and taxonomy. Possible related lichen taxa are discussed briefly, and a worldwide key to the crustose Coenogonium species having a prothallus is also provided. Besides this, Coenogonium pineti is also reported for the first time for the lichen flora of South Korea. © 2015. Source

Kondratyuk S.Y.,M H Kholodny Institute Of Botany | Lokos L.,Hungarian Natural History Museum | Halda J.P.,Muzeum a galerie Orlickych hor | Haji Moniri M.,Islamic Azad University at Mashhad | And 5 more authors.
Acta Botanica Hungarica | Year: 2016

Data on about 27 new for South Korea species of lichen-forming and lichenicolous fungi, including one new for science genus Verseghya and 11 new for science species, i.e.: Agominia loekoesii, Lecanora pseudosambuci, Nectriopsis verseghyklarae, Polysporina golubkovae, Protoparmeliopsis zerovii, Psoroglaena chirisanensis, Pyrenopsis chejudoensis, Ropalospora chirisanensis, Thelopsis chirisanensis, Trapelia coreana, and Verseghya klarae, as well as 27 taxa newly recorded for the country (Biatora aff. subduplex, Buellia cf. uberior, Caloplaca kedrovopadensis, Catillaria chalybaea, Coenogonium isidiatum, Dibaeis yurii, Halecania australis, H. lobulata, Intralichen christiansenii, Ivanpisutia oxneri, Lecania cf. olivacella, Lecanora lojkahugoi, L. sulphurea, Lecidella mandshurica, Lichenoconium erodens, Micarea lithinella, M. aff. stipitata, Muellerella pygmaea var. pygmaea, Oxneria alfredii, Pertusaria aff. flavocorallina, Phaeosporobolus alpinum, Polycoccum innatum, Porina fluminea, Rinodina xanthophaea, Ropalospora chloantha, Stigmidium cladoniicola, and S. epiramalina) are provided. Additional localities for the recently reported or described 39 species from South Korea, and for 1 species (Oxnerella safavidiorum) from Iran and China (for the first time for China) are provided. The following taxa newly recorded for South Korea, i.e. Ivanpisutia oxneri, Lecanora lojkahugoi, Lecidella mandshurica, Rinodina xanthophaea, Ropalospora chloantha, as well as the newly described Buellia chujadoensis and Verseghya klarae found to be rather common in this country. Source

Guzow-Krzeminska B.,University of Gdansk | Halda J.P.,Muzeum a galerie Orlickych hor | Czarnota P.,University of Rzeszow
Lichenologist | Year: 2012

Agonimia flabelliformis sp. nov. (Verrucariaceae, Ascomycota) is described as a new species from the Czech Republic, Germany and Great Britain. Except for the distinctive, flabelliform to minutely coralloid thallus the species mostly resembles A. allobata. It differs from other related species of Agonimia in the absence of cortical papillae and in ascospore size. The distinctness of the new species and its placement within the genus Agonimia is supported by analyses of mitochondrial small subunit ribosomal DNA sequences from several samples of the taxon, and from many other representatives of Verrucariales including newly sequenced A. repleta and A. vouauxii. Additionally, ITS rDNA sequence data supports the distinction of A. flabelliformis from A. allobata. However, A. allobata was found to be highly variable and relationships, as well as the monophyly of taxa within Agonimia, are still unresolved and need further investigation. © Copyright British Lichen Society 2011. Source

Joshi Y.,Kumaun University | Kondratyuk S.,M H Kholodny Institute Of Botany | Lokos L.,Hungarian Natural History Museum | Halda J.P.,Muzeum a galerie Orlickych hor | And 2 more authors.
Mycosphere | Year: 2015

One new species of lichenicolous fungus (Endococcus xanthoparmeliae) along with four new records (Cercidospora caudata, Clypeococcum cladonema, Epicladonia simplex and Lichenostigma cosmopolites) are described based on floristic work on lichens and lichenicolous fungi in the Bogil, Chuja and Jeju Islands of South Korea, bringing the total number of lichenicolous fungi species recognized in South Korea to nineteen. The new species grows on the epilithic foliose lichen Xanthoparmelia coreana, while Cercidospora caudata, Clypeococcum cladonema, Epicladonia simplex and Lichenostigma cosmopolites grow on Caloplaca bogilana, Xanthoparmelia coreana, Cladonia sp. and Xanthoparmelia coreana, respectively. The new species is described in detail and compared with the morphologically most similar species of the genus, while brief description and ecology is being provided for the new records. Furthermore, presence of Endococcus verrucosus in South Korea is also being confirmed and a brief description of that too is also provided. © 2015. Source

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