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Mahnert V.,Museum dhistoire naturelle de la Ville de Geneva | Sharaf M.,King Saud University | Aldawood A.S.,King Saud University
Zootaxa | Year: 2014

Five species of pseudoscorpions are recorded from the southwestern mountains of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Pseudochthonius arabicus Mahnert n. sp. is described as new to science; this genus was previously known only from sub- Saharan Africa and tropical South America and represents the first record of the family Chthoniidae from the Arabian Peninsula. Paratemnoides ellingseni (Beier, 1932), a widespread species in tropical Africa, and Withius piger (Simon, 1878) are added to the faunal list of Saudi Arabia. Minniza monticola Mahnert, 1991 and Rhacochelifer sonyae Mahnert, 1991 are apparently endemic to the southwestern mountains of Saudi Arabia. © 2014 Magnolia Press.

Schwendinger P.J.,Museum dhistoire naturelle de la Ville de Geneva
Zootaxa | Year: 2013

Two mesothelid trapdoor spider species, Liphistius isan Schwendinger, 1998 and L. laoticus sp. n., are reported from southern Laos, east of the Mekong River. Liphistius isan was previously known only from the type locality in northeastern Thailand, and it is here also reported from a second Thai locality. Liphistius laoticus sp. n. is newly described from males and females. The two species belong to distinct lineages and they both have their closest relatives in northeastern Thailand. Information on biology and relationships of these two species is given. Copyright © 2013 Magnolia Press.

Additional specimens or Chthonius (Ephippiochthonius) schmalfussi Schawaller, 1990 (Chthoniidae) and Hadoblothrus aegaeus Beron, 1985 (Syarinidae) are recorded from the caves Zoodochos I and II (type localities) near Kamari. Variability of morphometric and morphological characters is given for both species, H. aegaeus is redescribed. Allochernes powelli (Kew, 1916) (Chernetidae) is recorded for the first time from caves on Santorin.

Schweninger P.J.,Museum dhistoire naturelle de la Ville de Geneva | Kosulic O.,Mendel University in Brno
Revue Suisse de Zoologie | Year: 2015

Two new species of paculline spiders are described on the basis of males and females: Perania annam sp. nov. from southern Vietnam and Lamania bokor sp. nov. from southern Cambodia. Both of them occur distinctly outside the previously known geographical range of each respective genus. The relationships of these species are discussed and morphological variation is illustrated. Lamania kraui (Shear, 1978), the closest known relative of L. bokor sp. nov., is re-defined on the basis of the types and of newly collected specimens from Peninsular Malaysia and Thailand. Vulva morphology in Lamania and scopulae in males of Tetrablemmidae are discussed.

Schwendinger P.J.,Museum dhistoire naturelle de la Ville de Geneva | Hirotsugu O.N.O.,National Museum of Nature and Science
Revue Suisse de Zoologie | Year: 2011

Songthela australis Ono, 2002 is re-defined on the basis of new material from the type locality and from a second locality nearby. The male of this species is described for the first time. A closely related species, Heptathela nui sp. n., is described from males and females collected at two other localities in the same province. Variation in the copulatory organs of both species is illustrated and notes are given on their biology, particularly on their association with an ectoparasitic mite species of the genus Ljunghia Oudemans, 1932. "Twig-lining" is reported for one population of H, nui sp. n. Songthela australis and H. nui sp. n. are compared with Nanthela tonkinensis (Bristowe in Bristowe & Millot, 1933) and H. tomokunii Ono, 1997a from northern Vietnam, with H kimurai (Kishida, 1920), H kikuyai Ono, 1998, Ryuthela owadai Ono, 1997b and R. nishihirai (Haupt, 1979) from Japan, and with Liphistius ornatus Ono & Schwcndinger, 1990 and L. thaleri Schwendinger, 2009 from Thailand. Additional taxonomie characters are illustrated for most of these species. Judging from apomorphies in the male copulatory organs, S. australis and H. nui sp. n. are sister species, but their female copulatory organs are very different. This challenges the generic concepts of Songthela Ono, 2000 and Abcathela Ono, 2000 (the latter earlier placed in the synonymy of Heptathela). The genus Nanthela Haupt, 2003 has no clear apomorphies, and transitions of diagnostic characters between Nanthela, Songthela and Heptathela were found. Thus Nanthela and Songthela are here placed in the synonymy of Heptathela. Morphology and conflicting terminology of copulatory organs in Liphis tiidae, and the current confusion in Heptathelinae systematics are discussed. The copulatory organs of males and females of Liphistius Schiödte, 1849 and Ryuthela Haupt, 1983 are here considered as more derived than those of Heptathela. Some observations on moulting of liphistiid spiders are given.

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