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Midori ku, Japan

Murakami Corporation | Date: 2013-12-11

An actuator containing a drive mechanism that moves a locking pin forward and backward. Said drive mechanism is provided with the following: a holder that holds the locking pin; a cam member that has a cam gear; and a power-transmitting member in which a lower gear to which power from a motor is transmitted and an upper gear coupled to the cam gear are formed. The cam is offset from the center of rotation of the cam gear. The holder is pushed in a forward/backward direction by reciprocal motion of the cam within a range that constitutes less than a full revolution about the center of rotation of the cam gear. A region into which part of the lower gear fits and a region through which the cam moves are provided in a space above one surface of the cam gear.

Murakami Corporation | Date: 2013-10-28

In a hydrophilic member including a structure in which a photocatalytic TiO

Murakami Corporation | Date: 2013-06-14

An aspect of the present invention is a door mirror having a door mirror main body attached to a door mirror attaching part of a vehicle body, the door mirror including a shared base fixed to the door mirror attaching part and configured to support the door mirror main body, which is shared, and an exclusive cover configured to cover a peripheral region of the door mirror attaching part and selected from a group of different types of exclusive covers.

Murakami Corporation | Date: 2013-01-22

Provided is an electronic device such as an electrochromic device or a liquid-crystal device in which a bus bar can be disposed with a simple structure for at least one electrode film and a width of a region that does not provide an intended function of the electronic device can be reduced. An electronic device is formed by integrating two substrates with spacers interposed therebetween, the substrates including respective electrode films on respective surfaces facing each other. At least one of the spacers is formed by a metal thin film-provided spacer obtained by forming a metal thin film on one surface of an insulating plate material. The electrode film of the substrate and the metal thin film of the metal thin film-provided spacer are conductively joined to each other. The electrode film is conductively connected to a terminal connected to an external circuit, via the metal thin film.

Murakami Corporation | Date: 2013-01-03

Introduction of sounds outside a vehicle is automatically controlled according to a driving state of the vehicle. In a vehicle, a microphone device that collects sounds outside the vehicle and a speaker device that reproduces the collected sounds are installed. When a gear position for the vehicle is a reverse driving position, and until the vehicle reaches a predetermined speed for the first time after a key position in an ignition key switch is switched from an off position to an accessories position or an on position, the collected sounds are reproduced. The collected sounds are transmitted to a car navigation device or a car audio system via wires or wirelessly. When the sounds outside the vehicle are reproduced, sound reproduction in the car navigation device or the car audio system is stopped and the sounds outside the vehicle are reproduced at a set volume.

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