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Universitas Multimedia Nusantara—abbreviated UMN-- is a private university located in Gading Serpong, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. The university was founded by Kompas Gramedia Group on 25 November 2005 and officially launched in a ceremony at the Hotel Santika, Jakarta on 20 November 2006. Wikipedia.

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Iswari N.M.S.,Multimedia Nusantara University
Proceedings of 2016 8th International Conference on Information Technology and Electrical Engineering: Empowering Technology for Better Future, ICITEE 2016 | Year: 2016

RSA is an algorithm for public-key cryptography and is considered as one of the great advances in the field of public key cryptography. RSA security lies in the difficulty of factoring large number into prime factors. The inventor of RSA Algorithm suggests prime number that is used to generate the keys have more than 100 digits' length for security reasons. Elgamal algorithm also is one of public key cryptography algorithm. The security of this algorithm lies in the difficulty of calculating discrete logarithm. In this paper, the author proposes key generation algorithm that is considered safe from the combination of the RSA and Elgamal algorithm. Based on the experiment that has been done, the computing time required for the proposed algorithm is relatively short, compared to the original RSA algorithm. © 2016 IEEE.

Hansun S.,Multimedia Nusantara University
Proceedings - 2016 6th International Annual Engineering Seminar, InAES 2016 | Year: 2016

Moving average as one of popular technical indicator used to predict data in time series analysis has grown significantly. There are many researchers who have develop moving average methods resulting in its' many derivatives methods. Two of them are Weighted Exponential Moving Average (WEMA) and Holt's Weighted Exponential Moving Average (H-WEMA) methods. This research aims to conduct a comparative study on WEMA and H-WEMA methods which are said to excel the other conventional moving average methods. Therefore, we will implement both methods to predict Jakarta Stock Exchange (JKSE) composite index data and then calculate the accuracy and robustness level using Mean Square Error (MSE) and Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE) criteria. The results from the experiments taken show that H-WEMA has a better accuracy and robustness levels compared to other moving average methods. © 2016 IEEE.

Hansun S.,Multimedia Nusantara University
2016 International Conference on Informatics and Computing, ICIC 2016 | Year: 2017

A new variant of B-DES (Brown's Double Exponential Smoothing), as a type of classical MA (Moving Averages) method commonly used in time series data forecasting, had been introduced and known as B-WEMA. It has proven to have a better accuracy and robustness level compare to the other moving average methods, such as WMA and B-DES. However, B-WEMA implementation on a real financial time series data such as foreign exchange (FX) had never been done. Therefore, in this research we try to implement B-WEMA as a variant of MA method on FX forecasting and compare the results with other moving average methods using the MSE and MAPE forecast error measurements criteria. Results from the experiments conducted show that B-WEMA has a better accuracy level compared to WMA and B-DES methods. © 2016 IEEE.

Yekti B.,Multimedia Nusantara University
Advanced Science Letters | Year: 2017

This paper highlights the visual tactility potential in stop motion that utilizing 3D printing technology. In the era where 3D printing technology became worldly recognized, this paper contributes insight through exploring visual tactility of 3D printing utilization in stop motion. Using perspective of insider and outsider of 3D printing technology and stop motion, author observes 3D printing technology utilization, two 3D print stop motion animation: ‘Bears on stairs’ and ‘Unbox Yourself’ to underline the power of visual tactility of 3D printing utilization in stop motion animation practice. Study of literature also conducted to give fundamental platform in analyzing visual tactility in this paper. Research findings published by Souza and Vasseleu became keys to explore visual tactility in author’s research. In this paper, author’s analysis divided into three aspects. First aspect is sense of touch, that focusing on material and texture; second aspect is charm of imperfection and the third one is operational aspect, which includes human interventions on the 3D printing utilization in stop motion animation. © 2017 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.

Supangat K.,Multimedia Nusantara University | Soelistio Y.E.,Multimedia Nusantara University
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering | Year: 2017

Traffic Jam has been a daily problem for people in Jakarta which is one of the busiest city in Indonesia up until now. Even though the official government has tried to reduce the impact of traffic issues by developing a new public transportation which takes up a lot of resources and time, it failed to diminish the problem. The actual concern to this problem actually lies in how people move between places in Jakarta where they always using their own vehicle like cars, and motorcycles that fill most of the street in Jakarta. Among much other public transportations that roams the street of Jakarta, Buses is believed to be an efficient transportation that can move many people at once. However, the location of the bus stop is now have moved to the middle of the main road, and its too far for the nearby residence to access to it. This paper proposes an optimal location of optimal bus stops in West Jakarta that is experimentally proven to have a maximal distance of 350 m. The optimal location is estimated by means of mean shift clustering method while the optimal routes are calculated using Ant Colony algorithm. The bus stops locations rate of error is 0.07% with overall route area of 32 km. Based on our experiments, we believe our proposed bus stop plan can be an interesting alternative to reduce traffic congestion in West Jakarta. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

Hansun S.,Multimedia Nusantara University
ACM International Conference Proceeding Series | Year: 2017

Weighted Exponential Moving Average (WEMA) method is a new hybrid moving average method which combines the weighting factor calculation found in Weighted Moving Average method with Exponential Moving Average method. It had been proven on previous study that the method can give a better accuracy and robustness levels compared to other conventional moving average methods. Another study which combined the Weighted Moving Average method with Brown's Double Exponential Smoothing method had also been done. The proposed method is known as Brown's Weighted Exponential Moving Average (B-WEMA) method and had been proven to excel other conventional moving average methods in terms of the accuracy and robustness levels. In this study, we will try to compare WEMA and B-WEMA forecasting methods in time series analy sis. especially in forecasting. We will implement both methods to forecast three major foreign exchange (forex) data transactions and compare the performance of both methods by using Mean Square Error and Mean Absolute Percentage Error criteria. From the experiments taken, it can be concluded that WEMA and B-WEMA have quite the same accuracy and robustness levels due to their slightly same MSE and MAPE values. © 2017 ACM.

Kuntarto G.P.,Multimedia Nusantara University | Gunawan D.,Multimedia Nusantara University
2012 International Conference on Advanced Computer Science and Information Systems, ICACSIS 2012 - Proceedings | Year: 2012

Internet is an important component in technology development, including tourism. Tourism is an industry which involves much information needed for traveling. Many tourists search for travel information in the web. Nevertheless, the web often gives irrelevant information. Besides that, a huge size of information in the web and the spread of the information in many different sources make users need more time in searching for information and organizing them from many different sources manually. Semantic web is a solution to solve those problems by providing knowledge based on an ontology. E-tourism is a good domain for implementing the semantic web because there are many information sources and data exchange involved in the e-tourism. In this paper, a knowledge base which is based on an ontology is designed and built using Protégé tool version 3.4.7. The ontology consists of tourism domain-specific information and stores data of accommodation, attraction, and cultural event in Bali which is one of the main travel destinations in Indonesia. Besides that, a search engine application for e-tourism in Bali, which implements the semantic web, is designed and built using RAP-RDF version 0.9.6 and RDF query language: SPARQL so that the search results conform to the ontology. © 2012 Universitas Indonesia.

Ranny,Multimedia Nusantara University
ICIMSA 2016 - 2016 3rd International Conference on Industrial Engineering, Management Science and Applications | Year: 2016

Voice recognition process is started with voice feature extraction using Mel Frequency Cepstrum Coefficient (MFCC). The purpose of the MFCC method is to get the signal feature that correlate to the human voice. The converted signal from analog to digital is needed in the MFCC method. The digital signal has a time domain and it make the analysis harder. So, the domain time is converted to time domain for make the analysis more accurate. Furthermore, after get the feature, the recognition step is using k Nearest Neighbor (kNN) method with k number is one. Euclidean Distance is used to get the similarity of the data training and data testing. The previous research shows that kNN has a high accuracy if use normal data, but it has lower accurate when using outlier data. Base on this problem, this research develop a new method to handle the outlier data using kNN and double distance measurement. The double distance method is note each distance of each data to the center of the kNN data. The calculation of the distance is used on recognition step. The accuracy of the method is tested on experiment. The experiment is using 11 subjects as data training and data testing. Each voice of subject is recorded three times. The result of the experiment with kNN method with one data center is 84.85% and the experiment result using double distance measurement is 96.97%. The result shows that the double distance method increase the accuracy of voice recognition. © 2016 IEEE.

This essay provides a comparative study on aesthetic between 3D stop-motion animation and 3D Computer graphic animation. These two animation forms produced in different pipelines and outcomes. Highlighting key aesthetic principles of animation and fueled by statements that written by Power who underlines the importance of expressiveness in animation and engagement of viewer's emotion, author draws two clusters for comparing these two animation practices. The first cluster explores physicality and tactility; and the second cluster discusses perfection and imperfection of both animation practices. This essay aimed to contribute insight on comparative study of aesthetic between diverse animation forms from technical, visual and craft perspectives that have not yet explored by academic or practicing animators. © 2015 IEEE.

Hansun S.,Multimedia Nusantara University
Proceedings of 2013 International Conference on Robotics, Biomimetics, Intelligent Computational Systems, ROBIONETICS 2013 | Year: 2013

This paper aims to implement fuzzy time series as a forecasting method in Jakarta Stock Exchange (JKSE) composite index using percentage change as the universe of discourse. Since Chen and Hsu introduced a new method to forecast enrollments in the University of Alabama, a number of methods have been proposed for forecasting the same subject, such as Jilani, Burney, and Ardil, and Stevenson and Porter. In this paper, the approach of Stevenson and Porter is modified and implemented on another subject, i.e. JKSE composite index. The result of this approach in forecasting JKSE composite index, which is an indicator of stock price changes in Indonesia, shows a promising result. © 2013 IEEE.

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