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Han M.,Mudanjiang Normal University
RISTI - Revista Iberica de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informacao | Year: 2016

This paper aims to achieve work as solving the mathematical model of the corona current, neural network structure design of 2 layer structure combined with neural network. The author analyzes the process of curve fitting and neural network curve fitting, the mathematical model of neural network that the corona current curve fitting under certain working principle, discusses the fitting process of corona current waveform from the angle of the double exponential function model and Gauss model, while achieving high precision fitting different types of corona current, the extraction of network weights and current analytical expressions to determine, achieve a unified and effective structure, and a mathematical model of corona current.

Jingying C.,Mudanjiang Normal University
International Journal of Future Generation Communication and Networking | Year: 2016

MaxNLMRGA (Max Network-Lifetime Multicast Routing Algorithm based on Genetic algorithm) for the NLMR (Network-Lifetime Multicast Routing) problem was presented. The genetic operators of this algorithm reduce the transmission cost and energy consumption of multicast trees, and mutation operator prolongs the network lifetime, thus accelerating the convergence speed of the algorithm. Experiment results show that the multicast tree found by this algorithm not only has the minimum transmission cost, but also has the longest network lifetime. Furthermore, this algorithm converges quickly. © 2016 SERSC.

Li S.,Mudanjiang Normal University
International Journal of Grid and Distributed Computing | Year: 2016

As to the problems that can been solved by genetic algorithm in Big Data, genetic algorithm research has profound significance. To meet the need of social development, many researchers have been doing a lot of work in thought and theory of that and come up with specific thought and theory. In the paper, firstly look up papers about the implementation rationale, model and specific implementation of genetic algorithm in HADOOP. Summarise two implementation models of genetic algorithm in HADOOP, vertical strategy and horizontal strategy. And deeply analyze the two implementation models, their design and implementation. Based on above, come up with improved model of genetic algorithm in HADOOP, its detailed design and general implementation steps. The improved implementation model is tested by test data to verify its correctness and validity. Experimental results prove to be that the improved implementation model of this paper is correct and valid. Finally, the improved implementation model of this paper is applied to solving facility location of emergency system. © 2016 SERSC.

Zhang P.,Mudanjiang Normal University
Comptes Rendus Mathematique | Year: 2017

Let M be the Hardy-Littlewood maximal function and b be a locally integrable function. Denote by Mb and [b,M] the maximal commutator and the (nonlinear) commutator of M with b. In this paper, the author considers the boundedness of Mb and [b,M] on Lebesgue spaces and Morrey spaces when b belongs to the Lipschitz space, by which some new characterizations of the Lipschitz spaces are given. © 2017 Académie des sciences.

Zhang D.,Mudanjiang Normal University
International Journal of Grid and Distributed Computing | Year: 2016

In order to solve this problem of cloud model, this paper presents another new collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm by combining the item classification and cloud model. Firstly the algorithm utilizes the item classification information and cloud model to compute items inner-similarity, and then gets the scores from neighbor items which have the highest similarity and uses their scores to forecast the unrated inner-class items. Secondly, the neighbors of user are obtained by computing the inner-class user similarities in the cloud model, providing the final forecast grade and carrying out the recommendation. © 2016 SERSC.

Yang D.-M.,Mudanjiang Normal University
Agro Food Industry Hi-Tech | Year: 2017

As China's economic construction reserve talents, college student physical fitness is very important. The community is concerned about the physical fitness of young people increasingly, which are the future of the country and national prosperity. Facing the recent decline of College Students' Physique in China, the research on the promotion of College Students' individual physical health was carried out from the perspective of physical education reform in this paper. Two kinds of sports options mode and sports prescription personalized strategy were put forward by studying the theory and method of personalized sports elective teaching. Personalized sports strategy was verified through the basketball experiment research in this article. The results showed that personalized sports option teaching had the incomparable advantages of traditional option teaching.

Liu B.,Mudanjiang Normal University
Agro Food Industry Hi-Tech | Year: 2017

The development of modern technology makes the society highly informative, and then, the dissemination of knowledge is no longer bound by time and space, which becomes fast, efficient and real-time visible. The contemporary information technology is taken as a propagation medium of library literature resources. With the help of the familiar information tools service users, the university digital library becomes a new form of the university library service users. In the research, the research background of the topic was investigated, the relevant theories were analyzed, and the embedded service design scheme of the university digital library was established, furthermore, according to specific examples of the experiment, the feasibility and progressiveness were illustrated.

Zhang C.,Mudanjiang Normal University
Agro Food Industry Hi-Tech | Year: 2017

With the development of digital network information technology, it is very important to use data mining technology to mine useful information. The library personalized service can make the library work more effectively by using data mining technology. Apriori algorithm is a classic algorithm in data mining technology. In this paper, the library personalized service was researched by using the Apriori algorithm. The concept and basic principle of data mining technology and association rules were mainly elaborated, and a classical algorithm, the Apriori algorithm in association rule was analyzed. Based on the traditional algorithm, the Apriori algorithm was improved, the new algorithm H-Apriori algorithm was obtained, and the new algorithm was compared with the Apriori algorithm. A library personalized service system was constructed based on the improved algorithm, which is based on the information of the library database. The experimental evaluation was carried out on the constructed system.

Jin Y.,Mudanjiang Normal University
Procedia Engineering | Year: 2017

A word cloud is a kind of weighted list to visualize language or text data, which gains increasing attention and more application opportunities as the big data time approaches. Currently, there has been some online word cloud generators available for users with simple requests, such as repeating the exact phrase, or collecting the text data from a web page. Moreover, most current word cloud generators cannot support characters other than English, which are limited in English-speaking users. There are also packages for programming languages (such as Python and R) to generate word clouds, which requires coding and is not user-friendly. This paper is focusing on developing a graphical user interface (GUI) software to generate word cloud maps with easy operations. The Python programming language is involved and some details are discussed. Finally the software is released for further application.

Wang C.,Mudanjiang Normal University
Boletin Tecnico/Technical Bulletin | Year: 2017

Cloud computing service platform provides the technical feasibility and guarantee for the construction of teaching environment; teachers and students can use the platform to customize the teaching situation, to carry out cooperative learning, to build a personal learning process. In this paper, the author analyzes the construction of evaluation index system of college sunshine sports based on cloud platform. In the process of evaluation, the AHP method is used to make reasonable quantitative evaluation indexes. The synthetic operation method can guarantee the integrity of the new information and make the evaluation result more reasonable and fair.

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