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Hsinchu, Taiwan

Much ip Co. | Date: 2014-10-17

The present invention provides a remote controller for wirelessly controlling an electronic apparatus. The remote controller comprises: a wireless interface configured to wirelessly connect to the electronic apparatus; a user input interface configured to receive a single input command from the user; and a processing module. The processing module is configured to send multiple control messages via the wireless interface to the electronic apparatus according to the single input command received via the user input interface such that the electronic apparatus performs display operations corresponding to the multiple control messages shown on a display module.

Much ip Co. | Date: 2013-10-23

A multimedia signal control device including a signal-connecting unit and a remote control unit is disclosed. The signal-connecting unit is used for connecting to a portable data-processing device and to a multimedia playback device. The multimedia signal outputted by either of the connected devices is converted into a converted multimedia signal processible to the other of the connected devices by the signal-connecting unit. The converted multimedia signal is transmitted to the other one of the connected devices. The remote control unit connects to the signal-connecting unit and transmits a control signal to the signal-connecting unit. The signal-connecting unit transmits the control signal to one of the connected devices, so as to control the operation of the connected device.

The present invention discloses a dock apparatus for connecting a mobile electronic device. The dock apparatus includes the following modules. A connection port module is configured for physically connecting to the mobile electronic device. A control module is configured for retrieve a first parameter and a display data of the mobile electronic device via the connection port module. A wireless communication module coupled to the control module is configured for establishing a wireless connection to the mobile electronic device according to the first parameter. A wired communication module is configured for connecting to the wireless communication module and an external network and for bridging the wireless communication module and the external network. A power module is configured to supply electric power to the mobile electronic device. A heat dissipation module is configured to transfer heat away from the mobile electronic device.

MuChip Co. | Date: 2001-10-29

antenna, amplifier, signal transceiver, signal converter, power amplifier, semiconductor chip, radio frequency module, semiconductor, and micro electronics, namely, wireless and radio frequency integrated circuits.

Much ip Co. | Date: 2014-10-17

An extension device that connects to an electronic apparatus to be embedded in said extension device is provided. The extension device comprises: a physical connection interface configured to connect to a physical connection interface of the electronic apparatus; an input interface configured to receive user input and to transmit user input to the electronic apparatus via the physical connection interfaces; a battery module configured to supply electrical power to the electronic apparatus; and a speaker module configured to receive audio output signal from the electronic apparatus and to play accordingly.

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