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Woburn, MA, United States

MSI Inc | Date: 2010-03-17

A tubing drain valve in a production tubing string, positioned above a pump, is operated to open drain ports in the housing for draining produced fluids from the production tubing when the pump is shut off. The drain valve incorporates a check valve assembly which is freely moveable within the drain valve to shift a sleeve to open and close the drain ports. An uphole end of the check valve assembly is above the sleeve and seals to the top of a sleeve to shift the sleeve downhole and open the drain ports. A downhole end of the check valve is positioned below the sleeve in the valve. When the pump is turned on, the downhole end of the check valve assembly moves uphole to seal to the sleeve, creating a positive force to lift the sleeve to block the drain ports. The produced fluids flow through the valve and the production tubing to surface. The positive force minimizes the effect of fouling of the valve due to debris above the valve which might otherwise result in failure to shift the sleeve uphole, leaving the drain ports open.

MSI Inc and Osaka University | Date: 2010-03-26

An ion source is provided with a push-out electrode, a pull-out electrode, and a pull-in electrode all for ionizing a sample and accelerating generated ions in a pulsed manner, wherein the push-out electrode and/or the pull-in electrode has a curved surface shape having a depression curved in the direction opposite to the direction of travel of the ions. As a result, a compact ion source capable of temporally and spatially focusing ions and outputting the ions, and a compact time-of-flight mass spectroscope with good detection resolution and detection sensitivity which is provided with the compact ion source can be provided.

Osaka University and MSI Inc | Date: 2010-06-09

Provided is a small-sized mass analysis system capable of analyzing an analysis target system being under atmospheric pressure. The mass analysis system (

The invention relates to compositions and methods to enhance the absorption of S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe) and to methods of treating various disorders or diseases using non-parenteral SAMe formulations with enhanced-absorption and improved bioavailability. The enhanced bioavailability formulations may be used to treat a variety of diseases or disorders, such as for example, psychiatric disorders including, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, depressive disorders (e.g. major clinical depression) and dysthymia; as well as treating liver disorders, cancer, autoimmune disorders, inflammatory disorders, joint disorders, gastrointestinal disorders and cardiovascular disease.

MSI Inc | Date: 2010-03-18

A self-aligning bearing assembly utilizing PDC buttons for forming opposing circumferential arrays of bearing surfaces, is particularly suitable for use in a fluid environment, such as being immersed in flowing water when supporting the rotor of a hydroelectric turbine. One bearing surface is supported for rotation with the rotor. The opposing bearing surface is supported by a spherical joint in a stationary housing. When the rotor is subjected to hydraulic loading, the opposing bearing surface can be tilted to self-align with the rotor axis.

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