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Adaskin A.M.,Moscow State Technological University Stankin
Metal Science and Heat Treatment | Year: 2012

It is shown that it is possible in principle to change the shape of articles from steels and alloys with low ductility without changing their mechanical properties due to the relaxation of stresses occurring in the range of low-temperature creep. A process for commercial production of springs from cold-worked high-hardness (up to 600 HV) austenitic wire is developed for making articles of specified shape and sizes without worsening the initial high hardness. © 2012 Springer Science+Business Media, Inc.

Bronnikov K.A.,National Research Nuclear University MEPhI | Krechet V.G.,Moscow State Technological University Stankin
International Journal of Modern Physics A | Year: 2016

We seek wormholes among rotating cylindrically symmetric configurations in general relativity. Exact wormhole solutions are presented with such sources of gravity as a massless scalar field, a cosmological constant, and a scalar field with an exponential potential. However, none of these solutions are asymptotically flat, which excludes the existence of wormhole entrances as local objects in our Universe. To overcome this difficulty, we try to build configurations with flat asymptotic regions using the cut-and-paste procedure: on both sides of the throat, a wormhole solution is matched to a properly chosen region of flat space-time at some surfaces ∑- and ∑+. It is shown, however, that if the source of gravity in the throat region is a scalar field with an arbitrary potential, then one or both thin shells appearing on ∑- and ∑+ inevitably violate the null energy condition. Thus, although rotating wormhole solutions are easily found without exotic matter, such matter is still necessary for obtaining asymptotic flatness. © 2016 World Scientific Publishing Company.

Alexey V.,Moscow State Technological University Stankin
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2013

The paper presents the results of the methodology for improving of cutting tools performance based on modifying the surface properties of the tool material in the formation of wear-resistant complexes, substantially modifying its properties. Argued and offers a threecomponent (for carbide tools) and four-component (for HSS tools) system for modifying the surface properties, improves the tool material. This paper describes a method and results of research to note the substantial increase of efficiency of HSS drills and milling and turning tools made of carbide in the processing of structural steel and hard -to-cut superalloy. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Porvatov A.N.,Moscow State Technological University Stankin
Measurement Techniques | Year: 2011

An analysis of information measurement systems that are utilized in diagnostics of lathe equipment is presented. A method of construction of these types of systems with the use of circuit-based simulation modeling is proposed. © 2011 Springer Science+Business Media, Inc.

Kremnev L.S.,Moscow State Technological University Stankin
Technical Physics | Year: 2013

The method developed earlier for separating the components of a merging doublet of X-ray reflection lines is used to demonstrate that low-carbon martensite with a high concentration of carbide-forming components exhibits a high tetragonality c/a < 1. The effect of carbide-forming and non-carbide-forming components of steel on the tetragonality of martensite is considered. © 2013 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

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