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Newark, CA, United States

A detection system assembly is provided. The detection system assembly includes a detector system including a housing having a sample port configured to receive a sample of an unknown substance, a detector assembly in flow communication with the sample port, and a pump in flow communication with the detector assembly. The detection system assembly further includes a dryer cartridge removably coupled to an outer surface of the housing of the detector system. The dryer cartridge is in flow communication with the pump and the detector assembly.

A method of performing a security inspection of a container including a plurality of objects includes irradiating the container with polychromatic x-rays. The method also includes reconstructing a 4-D voxelized representation defining a momentum transfer spectrum and generating a 3-D image by determining a single value at each voxel as a function of the momentum transfer spectrum. The method further includes segmenting the voxels into segments of contiguous voxels. Each segment includes a plurality of contiguous voxels that at least partially map onto at least one object. The method also includes computing an aggregated momentum transfer spectrum over at least a portion of the plurality of contiguous voxels. The method further includes classifying the aggregated momentum transfer spectrum as one of threat and non-threat and distinguishing the at least one object as one of a threat segment and a non-threat segment based on the aggregated momentum transfer spectrum.

Morpho Detection | Date: 2014-02-28

An apparatus for detecting constituents in a sample includes a casing and an ionization chamber defined by the casing. The apparatus also includes an ion collector positioned downstream of the ionization chamber. The apparatus further includes a spectral analysis device coupled to the ion collector. The spectral analysis device is configured to generate a detection spectrum representative of ions collected at the ion collector. The detection spectrum includes an analyte peak portion and a peak tailing portion. The apparatus also includes a control system that is configured to generate a first pulse having a first polarity to initiate a discharge of stored ions from the ionization chamber. The control system is also configured to generate a second pulse substantially immediately after the first pulse. The second pulse has a second polarity opposite the first polarity and is configured to reduce the peak tailing portion.

A contraband detection system is provided. The contraband detection system includes an X-ray system including a front X-ray transmitter/detector and a rear X-ray transmitter/detector. The contraband detection system further includes a quadrupole resonance (QR) system comprising a first QR coil, and a second QR coil, wherein the first and second QR coils are located between the front and rear X-ray transmitter/detectors, and wherein the first and second QR coils are constructed from a material having a low mass attenuation coefficient and a high conductivity such that the first and second QR coils do not substantially interfere with transmitting X-rays and detecting emitted photons using the X-ray system. The contraband detection system further comprise a computing device coupled to the X-ray system and the QR system, the computing device configured to detect contraband based on signals received from the X-ray system and the QR system.

Morpho Detection | Date: 2015-11-20

A method for transmitting data using a barcode is described. The method is implemented by a diagnostic computing device coupled to a display device. The method includes generating, by the diagnostic computing device, diagnostic data regarding at least a first machine. The method additionally includes encoding at least a portion of the diagnostic data in at least one barcode and displaying the at least one barcode using the display device.

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