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Chūō-ku, Japan

Morishita Jintan Co. | Date: 2012-09-21

The present invention is related to a seamless capsule which easily dissolves in the oral cavity etc. The present invention provides a seamless capsule comprising a capsule content solution, and a capsule shell enclosing the capsule content solution, wherein the capsule shell comprises a gelatin having a bloom value of 50 to 190 and wherein the seamless capsule has a capsule shell-dissolution time of 60 seconds or less when the dissolution time is determined by a disintegration test using water as a test solution.

Morishita Jintan Co. | Date: 2012-10-16

The present invention is to obtain capsules which do not disintegrate in stomach and intestine after orally administrating them and which disintegrate specifically in large intestine. The present invention thus provides a capsule which disintegrates specifically in large intestine, comprising a content comprising a main agent, and a shell, covering the content, comprising a natural water-soluble polymer as a shell base material and chitosan powder dispersing in the natural water-soluble polymer.

Morishita Jintan Co. | Date: 2012-12-27

A Maillard reaction inhibitor which effectively inhibits the progress of a Maillard reaction in a living body, can be safely applied without adverse side effects, can be manufactured without any complicated process, a skin anti-aging agent, an anti-diabetic complication agent and foods and beverages using the same. The Maillard reaction inhibitor contains 50 to 90% by mass of polyphenol as an active ingredient. The Maillard reaction inhibitor has a potent Maillard reaction inhibitory activity in a living body and allows for the prevention and improvement of the various dysfunction of protein in a living body. Due to this activity, the Maillard reaction inhibitor suppresses aging and can prevent and/or treat diabetic complications. Furthermore, when the above-described tannin is mixed in foods and beverages containing collagen, it is possible to suppress the Maillard reaction in the foods and beverages to suppress the deterioration of the foods and beverages.

Morishita Jintan Co. | Date: 2012-11-16

The present invention provides an insect pest repellant and a method for repelling insect pest using the same, which is highly transported by the insect pests and which effectively exterminates insect pests and does not badly affect ecological system. The present invention is to provide an insect pest repellant comprising, in a mixed condition, (A) a dummy egg imitating an egg of an insect pest, formed from a particulate substrate on which an egg recognizing pheromone is coated, and (B) a particle containing an active component for repelling the insect pest either on a surface or in an inside of the particle.

A primary object of the invention is to provide a composition for the prevention, amelioration, or treatment of metabolic syndrome and to provide a food or drink, a medicine, or a feed comprising the composition. A composition for the prevention, amelioration, or treatment of metabolic syndrome, the composition comprising the following (a) and (b): (a) a rose hip extract, and

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