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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Harris A.W.,More Inc | Pravec P.,Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Icarus | Year: 2012

It has recently become possible to do a photometric survey of many asteroids at once, rather than observing single asteroids one (or occasionally a couple) at a time. We evaluate two such surveys. Dermawan et al. (Dermawan et al. [2011]. Publ. Astron. Soc. Jpn. 63, S555-S576) observed one night on the Subaru 8.2. m telescope, and Masiero et al. (Masiero, J., Jedicke, R., Durech, J., Gwen, S., Denneau, L., Larsen, J. [2009]. Icarus 204, 145-171) observed six nights over 2. weeks with the 3.6. m CFHT. Dermawan claimed 83 rotation periods from 127 detected asteroids; Masiero et al. claimed 218 rotation periods from 828 detections. Both teams claim a number of super-fast rotators (P< 2.2. h) among main belt asteroids larger than 250. m diameter, some up to several km in diameter. This would imply that the spin rate distribution of main belt asteroids differs from like-sized NEAs, that there are larger super-fast rotators (monolithic asteroids) in the main belt than among NEAs. Here we evaluate these survey results, applying the same criteria for reliability of results that we apply to all results listed in our Lightcurve Database (Warner, B.D., Harris, A.W., Pravec, P. [2009a]. Icarus 202, 134-146). In doing so, we assigned reliability estimates judged sufficient for inclusion in statistical studies for only 27 out of 83 (33%) periods claimed by Dermawan, and only 87 out of 218 (40%) periods reported by Masiero et al.; none of the super-fast rotators larger than about 250. m diameter claimed by either survey received a reliability rating judged sufficient for analysis. We find no reliable basis for the claim of different rotation properties between main belt and near-Earth asteroids. Our analysis presents a cautionary message for future surveys. © 2012 Elsevier Inc.

Choi N.G.,University of Texas at Austin | Lee A.,University of Texas at Austin | Goldstein M.,More Inc
Home Health Care Services Quarterly | Year: 2011

The purpose of this study was to explore Meals on Wheels' (MOW) organizational potential for integrating depression screening, referral, and treatment for homebound older adults. In a survey of 164 MOW administrators, MOW's current practice of depression services was examined, and the administrators' perception of MOW's organizational potential was measured focusing on external environment, financial resources, staffing/skills, and values and goals. Only 20 out of 164 MOWs provide depression screening, and 19 provide in-home counseling for their clients, while 86 provide referral services. About 64-72% of MOWs that are not current providers of screening and/or referrals want to provide the services, and 21% of those that are not current providers of in-home counseling want to provide it. © 2011 Copyright Taylor and Francis Group, LLC.

A method of seed planting in a serpentine pattern called the wave planter is demonstrated. It consists of a manner of placing the seeds that essentially results in equally spaced rows of seeds placed in a serpentine-like layout or wave instead of a straight row. The preferred method creates a wave pattern equidistant from the next, yet creates a substantial increase over the density of straight row planting devices and drills (e.g. parallel, essentially straight rows). The use of the wave pattern provide concrete and substantial benefits to the business and economics of farming through labor, energy, and maintenance savings over current planting methods which results in a new farming business method. The method may be accomplished by several devices. Some of the devices include an oscillating draw bar planter; oscillating tongue planter; elliptical row opener; steerable undercarriage for the planter and castor row openers under undercarriage.

More Inc | Date: 2013-04-12

An adjustable support may have one or more screw piles at its base. The bottom side of a bottom plate may be welded to the screw pile. A top plate may be positioned on top of the bottom plate. A threaded stud is then placed over a nut/bushing affixed to the top side of the top plate and threaded into and through the nut/bushing.

More Inc | Date: 2016-04-26

Fragrance emitting wicks for room fragrance; bar soaps; bath soaps in liquid, solid or gel form; face and body lotions; body sprays; room fragrances; and body and beauty care cosmetics.

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