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Bronx, NY, United States

Montefiore Medical Center and Varian Medical Systems | Date: 2012-09-24

The invention relates to methods of obtaining an expanded population of mammalian ex vivo cells and/or for treating a mammalian subject by (a) administering to a subject an effective amount of an agent that confers a growth disadvantage to at least a subset of endogenous cells at the site of engraftment; (b) administering to the subject an effective amount of a mitogenic stimulus for the ex vivo cells; and (c) administering the ex vivo cells to the subject, wherein the ex vivo cells engraft at the site and proliferate to a greater extent than the subset of endogenous cells, to repopulate at least a portion of the engraftment site with the ex vivo cells. The repopulated cells can be harvested for further use or be left at the engraftment site of a subject to be treated. The invention also provides methods of treating brain injury in a subject by engrafting ex vivo cells at the site of injury.

University of Arkansas, The Kitasato Institute and Montefiore Medical Center | Date: 2013-02-11

Methods of delivering therapeutic agents by administering compositions including a bacterial collagen-binding polypeptide segment linked to the therapeutic agent to subjects in need of treatment with the therapeutic agent are provided. Methods of treating hyperparathyroidism, and hair loss using compositions comprising a collagen binding polypeptide and a PTH/PTHrP receptor agonist are provided. In addition, methods of reducing hair regrowth by administering a composition including a collagen binding polypeptide and a PTH/PTHrP receptor antagonist are provided.

University of Hartford and Montefiore Medical Center | Date: 2012-03-20

Attachments for a manual wheelchair are provided for navigating a wheelchair over obstacles and uneven terrain, such as a typical curb on a street. The attachments provide for regulating the movement of the wheelchair as the wheelchair descends the curb and to prevent the wheelchair from flipping over during such movement. The attachments include a belt support frame, at least two rollers mounted on the belt support frame and a belt mounted around the at least two rollers. The belt support frame is adapted for mounting on the frame of the wheelchair such that as the wheelchair descends from the upper surface to the lower surface, the belt engages an edge of the upper surface and rolls around the at least two rollers slowing a descent of the wheelchair from the upper surface to the lower surface.

Methods and compositions using 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds are disclosed for treating toxicity due to therapeutic agents and agents that causes oxidative cellular damage and for treating liver ischemia-reperfusion injury, as well as diseases and disorders that are improved through administration of N-acetylcysteine.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Montefiore Medical Center and Yeshiva University | Date: 2012-02-24

The present invention provides a method for identifying a tumor as likely to metastasize, or likely to have metastasized, comprising obtaining a sample of the tumor and quantitating alternatively spliced mRNA isoforms of a cell motility gene, a cell adhesion gene and/or an actin cytoskeletal remodeling gene in the sample, or any specified genes or the level of RNA binding proteins compared to a predetermined non-metastasizing control.

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