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Grand Rapids, MI, United States

Pozsgay B.,Momentum
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment | Year: 2014

It has been recently observed for a particular quantum quench in the XXZ spin chain that local observables do not equilibrate to the predictions of the generalized Gibbs ensemble (GGE). In this work we argue that the breakdown of the GGE can be attributed to the failure of the generalized eigenstate thermalization hypothesis (GETH), which has been the main candidate for explaining the validity of the GGE. We provide explicit counterexamples to the GETH and argue that generally it does not hold in models with multiple particle species. Therefore, there is no reason to assume that the GGE should describe the long time limit of observables in these integrable models. © 2014 IOP Publishing Ltd and SISSA Medialab srl.

Pozsgay B.,Momentum
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment | Year: 2013

We consider the generalized Gibbs ensemble (GGE) in the context of global quantum quenches in XXZ Heisenberg spin chains. Embedding the GGE into the quantum transfer matrix formalism, we develop an iterative procedure to fix the Lagrange multipliers and to calculate predictions for the long-time limit of short-range correlators. The main idea is to consider truncated GGEs with only a finite number of charges and to investigate the convergence of the numerical results as the truncation level is increased. As an example we consider a quantum quench situation where the system is initially prepared in the Néel state and then evolves with an XXZ Hamiltonian with anisotropy Δ > 1. We provide predictions for short-range correlators and gather numerical evidence that the iterative procedure indeed converges. The results show that the system retains memory of the initial condition, and there are clear differences between the numerical values of the correlators as calculated from the purely thermal and generalized Gibbs ensembles. © 2013 IOP Publishing Ltd and SISSA Medialab srl.

Pozsgay B.,Momentum
Journal of High Energy Physics | Year: 2013

We derive an exact formula for finite volume excited state mean values of local operators in 1+1 dimensional Integrable QFT with diagonal scattering. Our result is a non-trivial generalization of the LeClair-Mussardo series, which is a form factor expansion for finite size ground state mean values. © 2013 SISSA, Trieste, Italy.

Agency: Cordis | Branch: H2020 | Program: IA | Phase: BIOTEC-3-2014 | Award Amount: 9.25M | Year: 2015

C-C bond forming reactions are at the heart of industrial organic synthesis, but remain largely unexplored due to long development timelines and the lack of broad biocatalytic reaction platforms. CARBAZYMES addresses these challenges by assembling an interdisciplinary and intersectoral consortium as a powerful synergistic tool to promote innovation in the field of biocatalytic C-C bond formation at large scale, and thus the global competitiveness of the European chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The proposed consortium, with 50% industrial participation, represents academia but also commercial interests in different stages of the research-to-market process. This top-down approach, together with a life-cycle innovation approach ensures an industrial drive to the project. Clearly aligned with the scope of topic BIOTEC3-2014, CARBAZYMES will pursue the biocatalytic synthesis (spanning TRLs 5-7) of 4 APIs and 3 bulk chemicals corresponding to market needs detected by the industrial partners in the Consortium. This will be accomplished through an inter-disciplinary approach which includes: i) a broad platform of 4 types of unique C-C bond-forming enzymes, mostly lyases; ii) the capacity to rapidly evolve enzymes to operate under industrial conditions by means of novel enzyme panels and massive screening methods; iii) application of microreactor technology for bioprocess characterization; iv) demonstration actions comprising technical (up to 100L) and economic viability studies carried out by industrial partners. CARBAZYMES unmistakably aims to have social and economic impact by addressing markets worth bn , developing enzyme evolution technologies beyond the state of the art and creating qualified jobs and technical-scale facilities at the industrial partners sites. CARBAZYMES will also achieve an environmental impact by enforcing that the developed processes replace more energy and resource intensive processes, thus leading to reduced environmental footprints.

Hybrid hydrogels formed of a plurality of peptides that are capable of self-assembling into a hydrogel in an aqueous solution and a biocompatible polymer that is characterized by high swelling capability, high elasticity and low mechanical strength are disclosed, with exemplary hybrid hydrogels being formed of a plurality of aromatic dipeptides and hyaluronic acid. The hybrid hydrogels are characterized by controllable mechanical and biological properties which can be adjusted by controlling the concentration ratio of the peptides and the polymer, and which average the mechanical and biological properties of the peptides and the polymer. Processes of preparing the hydrogels and uses thereof in pharmaceutical, cosmetic or cosmeceutic applications such as tissue engineering and/or regeneration are further disclosed.

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