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South Charleston, WV, United States

Momentive Performance Materials Inc. | Date: 2015-03-09

A method of forming and filling a pouch, comprises forming opposing walls of a film; sealing the opposing walls of film together to form at least one pouch; filling an interior section of the at least one pouch through an opening in an upper portion of the at least one pouch with a flowable material; forming a top sealed expressing-shaped region to close the opening in the at least one pouch; and cradling the pouch with a foldable flat that is more rigid than the pouch that can be folded or rolled to compress the pouch to express the flowable material through the expressing shaped region.

Momentive Performance Materials Inc. | Date: 2015-01-14

Compositions are provided which comprises an active hydrogen-containing resin, a flexibilizer and at least one curing agent. The cured compositions possess enhanced flexibility while maintaining hardness, and are highly suitable for applications such as coatings, adhesives, sealants, gaskets, industrial rubber goods, and the like.

The invention herein is directed to a process for producing isocyanatoorganosilanes having low color and improved color stability over known isocyanatosilanes involving a neutralizing step in which a carbamatoorganosilane intermediate is neutralized with acid to a pH equal to or greater than 6.0, to the isocyanatosilane produced by said process and to coatings and numerous other industrial applications which are useful in numerous industries containing the isocyanatoorganosilane produced by the process.

Momentive Performance Materials Inc. | Date: 2015-12-15

A process and composition for the hydrosilylation of an unsaturated compound comprising reacting (a) a silyl hydride with (b) an unsaturated compound in the presence of (c) a platinum compound and (d) a cyclodiene, with the proviso that when the unsaturated compound is a terminal alkyne, the silyl hydride is other than a halosilane. The process and composition optionally comprise an inhibitor (e). The process and composition may be employed to form a variety of hydrosilylation products.

The invention is directed to a conversion coating composition for coating a metal surface including a water soluble dye, at least one metal compound selected from the group consisting of a zirconium-containing compound, titanium-containing compound and silicon-containing compound; and water, wherein the provides for qualitative characterization of the conversion coating uniformity and thickness by the naked human eye or visible light detecting device; and, a method for coating the metal surfaces using the conversion coating composition.

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