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Rockville Centre, NY, United States

Molloy College is an independent, private liberal arts college located in Rockville Centre, New York. Wikipedia.

Borghjid S.,Molloy College | Borghjid S.,SUNY Downstate Medical Center | Feinman R.D.,SUNY Downstate Medical Center
Nutrition and Metabolism | Year: 2012

Abstract. High fat feeding in rodents generally leads to obesity and insulin resistance whereas in humans this is only seen if dietary carbohydrate is also high, the result of the anabolic effect of poor regulation of glucose and insulin. A previous study of C57Bl/6 mice (Kennedy AR, et al.: Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab (2007) 262 E1724-1739) appeared to show the kind of beneficial effects of calorie restriction that is seen in humans but that diet was unusually low in protein (5%). In the current study, we tested a zero-carbohydrate diet that had a higher protein content (20%). Mice on the zero-carbohydrate diet, despite similar caloric intake, consistently gained more weight than animals consuming standard chow, attaining a dramatic difference by week 16 (46.11.38g vs. 30.41.00g for the chow group). Consistent with the obese phenotype, experimental mice had fatty livers and hearts as well as large fat deposits in the abdomino-pelvic cavity, and showed impaired glucose clearance after intraperitoneal injection. In sum, the response of mice to a carbohydrate-free diet was greater weight gain and metabolic disruptions in distinction to the response in humans where low carbohydrate diets cause greater weight loss than isocaloric controls. The results suggest that rodent models of obesity may be most valuable in the understanding of how metabolic mechanisms can work in ways different from the effect in humans. © 2012Borghjid and Feinman; licensee BioMed Central Ltd.

Kuerban A.,Molloy College
Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health | Year: 2016

Healthy migrant effect (HME) of immigrants has been evidenced in various heath aspects. However, few studies have explored the applicability of HME on Asian immigrants’ health risk behavior-smoking. This study used three waves of Current Population Survey–Tobacco Use Supplement data, 1998–1999, 2005–2006, and 2010–2011, to compare the rates of being a current smoker among Asian immigrants and United States born citizens. Further, the odds ratios of gender, age, marital status, socioeconomic status, years of migration, and citizenship status on the likelihood of being a current smoker were examined. Across the three waves, Asian immigrants smoked at a much lower rate than their native-born counterparts. The gender gap of being a current smoker was much wider among Asian immigrants. The longer the Asian immigrants stayed in the United States, the more likely they were to become current smokers. These data confirmed the association of HME and Asian immigrants’ smoking behavior, and also provided strong evidence of the importance of smoking prevention among Asian immigrants. This study also implied the possibility of a decline in the effectiveness of HME on Asian immigrants as the time they spent in the United States increased. © 2015, Springer Science+Business Media New York.

Vitale S.A.,Molloy College
Journal of Holistic Nursing | Year: 2014

The middle-range nursing theory of self-transcendence may be applicable to individuals in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Full cognitive ability may not be necessary for the essential principles of this theory to be implemented. The theory can offer guidance to families and health care providers in attempting to facilitate a meaningful aging process. A case scenario of an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s disease demonstrates how family and caregivers can initiate interventions based on the theoretical concepts. © The Author(s) 2014.

In a preliminary investigation, first-year cultured northern quahogs, Mercenaria mercenaria (Linnaeus, 1758), were administered a matrix of dietary highly unsaturated n-3 fatty acids, 20:5n-3 and 22:6n-3 to observe their effect on homeoviscous adaptation to low temperature. The quahogs were subjected to high magnitude thermal fluctuations of the natural, declining temperature regime of a temperate estuary during the approach to winter. Inverse correlations emerged between mortality and dietary abundance of 20:5n-3 during the upper range of the temperature decline (18°-12 °C), and 22:6n-3 during the lower range (12°-6 °C), demonstrating their unique roles in supporting homeoviscous adaptation within each respective phase of thermal decline. High survival of a group whose diet was devoid of these n-3 fatty acids was associated with high molar % increases of endogenic non-methylene-interrupted fatty acids, 22:2Δ7,13 and 22:2Δ7,15. Conversely in the current investigation, similarly grouped juvenile quahogs all experienced reductions in incorporated 22:2Δ7,13 and 22:2Δ7,15 when subjected to a mild temperature decrease of 0.2 °C per day, suggesting that high magnitude thermal fluctuation is a signal for the synthesis of non-methylene-interrupted fatty acids. The unfavorable circumstance of this group of quahogs deprived of dietary 20:5n-3 and 22:6n-3 was exacerbated by diminishing incorporation of these compounds and suffered the earliest and highest overall mortality of all dietary treatments. High early-phase mortality of this same group was associated with high levels of previously incorporated 22:6n-3, considered to be homeoviscously unfavorable at the upper thermal range above 12 °C, and this direct relationship fell neatly within the 95% confidence interval of a linear regression model established in the preliminary study. Statement of relevance: Results of this supplemental experiment provide novel correlations among thermal decline, diet and mortality of juvenile northern quahogs, distinct from the preliminary investigation cited in this paper. This work distinguishes the effects of absolute temperature decline and rapid decline on mortality of juvenile northern quahogs. This work also demonstrates the requirement of high magnitude thermal decline to signal the endogenic biosynthesis of EPA, DHA and 22:2 NMIs in juvenile northern quahogs in homeoviscous adaptation to falling temperature. Results of this work can be applied to tailor supplemental diets of northern quahog seed to prepare for forecasts of rapid thermal decline. Such timely dietary supplementation may reduce loss of bivalve seed which might improve the industries annual production and profitability. © 2015 Elsevier B.V.

Shin J.Y.,Hofstra University | D'Antonio E.,Hofstra University | Son H.,Creedmoore Psychiatric Center | Kim S.-A.,Molloy College | Park Y.,New York University
Journal of Adolescence | Year: 2011

The bullying experiences of Korean-American adolescents (N = 295) were explored in relation to discrimination and mental health outcomes. Bullying experiences were assessed by the Bully Survey (Swearer, 2005), discrimination by the Perceived Ethnic and Racial Discrimination Scale (Way, 1997) and depression by the Center for Epidemiological Studies - Depression Scale (CES-D). Those who reported being bullied (31.5%) as well as those who reported both being bullied and bullying others (15.9%) experienced a higher level of depression, which was elevated beyond the clinically significant level of CES-D. The results of a LISREL model suggest that the experiences of bullying among Korean/Asian-American adolescents and their related mental health issues need to be addressed in a comprehensive context of their discrimination experiences, acculturation, family and school environments. © 2011 The Foundation for Professionals in Services for Adolescents.

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