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Beijing, China

Disclosed is a method for implementing link self-adaptation, comprising: sending a downlink sounding channel and a channel quality information CQI feedback resource indication; and receiving CQI information, and selecting a suitable transmission mode for downlink data transmission according to the CQI information. Further disclosed are a network device and a terminal device. By using the method and devices provided in the present invention, the spectrum utilization rate and system performance can be improved.

Mobile Multimedia | Date: 2012-03-16

Disclosed is a method for data transmission, comprising: generating the parity check matrix on the basis of the generating sequence corresponded to the preserved row generator; encoding the input data by the generated matrix obtained by said parity check matrix, and obtaining the output data comprising the parity check information. Also provided in the present invention is an apparatus for data transmission. The method and apparatus of the present invention could make the parity check matrix take the minimum storage space.

Mobile Multimedia | Date: 2012-01-16

A method is for realizing Multi-Input Multi-Output which includes steps of: sending, by a Central Access Point, a downlink sounding channel, Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) control information, and a feedback resource indicator to a Station (STA); detecting, by the STA, the downlink detection channel to obtain channel information, and feeding back on the feedback resource according to the indication of the MIMO control information; and selecting, by the Central Access Point, a suitable MIMO mode for downlink data transmission according to the feedback of the STA.

The present disclosure provides a method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving Channel State Information. The said transmitting method includes calculating the maximum value m

Mobile Multimedia | Date: 2012-03-23

A method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving data are disclosed. The method for transmitting data, comprising encapsulating one or multiple media access control protocol data units (MPDU) as a group media access control protocol data unit (G-MPDU) based on a length of the group media access control protocol data unit G-MPDU; fragmenting a current MPDU according to a residual length to obtain a fragmented MPDU when the residual length is insufficient to encapsulate the current MPDU; encapsulating the fragmented MPDU to the G-MPDU; and transmitting the encapsulated G-MPDU. The method ensures a high data transmission rate and does not wasting excess time to execute the fragmentation processing. The method also ensures a high resource utilization rate, utilizing fully the remaining length of the data unit.

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