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Ayano M.,Kyushu University | Tsukamoto H.,Kyushu University | Kohno K.,National Kyushu Medical Center | Ueda N.,Miyazaki Prefectural Miyazaki Hospital | And 7 more authors.
Journal of Immunology | Year: 2015

Systemic sclerosis (SSc) is an autoimmune disease characterized by vascular damage and fibrosis of the skin and internal organs. Because activated and oligoclonally expanded CD8+ T cells can be detected in peripheral blood and lungs of SSc patients, effector memory CD8+ T cells may play a critical role for organ involvement in SSc; however, the pathogenic functions of effector memory CD8+ T cells remain incompletely understood. In this study, we performed DNA microarray analysis of the sort-purified effector memory CD8+ T cells from SSc patients and healthy controls, and showed that the expression of genes related to immune response and cell adhesion, including CD226 (also known as DNAX accessory molecule-1 [DNAM-1]), was significantly altered. Moreover, detailed analysis of CD226 revealed that CD226highCD8+ T cells were increased in SSc patients (mean, 50.7%) compared with healthy controls (32.9%) and were appreciably associated with the severity of skin sclerosis and interstitial lung disease. Furthermore, CD226+CD8+T cells produced higher amount of various cytokines than CD226- ones, and CD226highCD8+ T cells from SSc patients showed upregulated IL-13 production and positive correlation with the cytotoxic capacity of CD8+ T cells against HUVECs. Finally, the neutralization of CD226 in CD8+ T cells impaired costimulation, cytokine productions, and cytolysis against HUVECs. These findings indicate that upregulated CD226 expression on CD8+ T cells reflects disease severity and is involved in SSc pathogenesis via the production of various cytokines, including profibrotic IL-13 and endothelial cell injury, and that CD226 may be a useful target in the treatment of SSc. Copyright © 2015 by The American Association of Immunologists, Inc.

Ito T.,Fukuoka University | Hamasaki M.,Fukuoka University | Matsumoto S.,Fukuoka University | Hiroshima K.,Tokyo Womens Medical University | And 8 more authors.
American Journal of Clinical Pathology | Year: 2015

Objectives: It can be difficult to differentiate diffuse malignant peritoneal mesothelioma (DMPM) from reactive mesothelial hyperplasia (RMH) or peritoneal dissemination of gynecologic malignancies, such as epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC), which cause a large amount of ascites. Detection of the homozygous deletion of p16/CDKN2A (p16) by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) is an effective adjunct in the diagnosis of malignant pleural mesothelioma. The aim of this study was to investigate the ability of the p16 FISH assay to differentiate DMPM from RMH and EOC. Methods: p16 FISH was performed in 28 DMPMs (successful in 19), 30 RMHs, and 40 EOC cases. The cutoff values of p16 FISH were more than 10% for homozygous deletion and more than 40% for heterozygous deletion. Results: According to the above criteria, nine (47.4%) of 19 successful DMPM cases were homozygous deletion positive, and three (15.8%) of 19 were heterozygous deletion positive, whereas all RMH cases were negative for the p16 deletion. In all four major histologic subtypes of EOC, neither p16 homozygous nor heterozygous deletions were detected. To differentiate DMPM from RMH or EOC, the sensitivity of the p16 homozygous deletion was 32% (9/28), and the specificity was 100%. Conclusions: Our study suggests that p16 FISH analysis is useful in differentiating DMPM from RMH and EOC when homozygous deletion is detected. © American Society for Clinical Pathology.

Kawano N.,Miyazaki Prefectural Miyazaki Hospital
Journal of clinical and experimental hematopathology : JCEH | Year: 2013

Crystal-storing histiocytosis is a rare clinical entity characterized by an increase in the number of abnormal histiocytes accompanied by accumulation of crystallized immunoglobulins. We describe the case of an 80-year-old man who presented with crystal-storing histiocytosis of the lung 13 years after receiving a diagnosis of gastric non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL ; clinical stage, Lugano IA). After wedge resection of the left upper lobe, the histological findings showed crystal-storing histiocytosis with CD68(+), some small to medium lymphoid cells with CD79a(+) with κ(+(weekly)) and λ(-), and some plasma cells with CD138(+), and rearrangement of the immunoglobulin heavy chain. Based on the nonrecurrent gastric NHL, small B-cell population, and failure to detect the same clone by polymerase chain reaction analysis, our case was classified as pulmonary localized crystal-storing histiocytosis without underlying lymphoproliferative or plasma cell disorder. The findings of minor B-cell populations harboring a heavy chain rearrangement with slight light-chain restriction (κ > λ) may be related to the pathogenesis of crystallogenesis and crystal-storing histiocytosis. Moreover, surgical treatment may be an effective therapeutic option for solitary crystal-storing histiocytosis.

Yano Y.,Jichi Medical University | Hoshide S.,Jichi Medical University | Tamaki N.,Tamaki Clinic | Inokuchi T.,Miyazaki Prefectural Miyazaki Hospital | And 8 more authors.
American Journal of Hypertension | Year: 2011

Background Effects of dietary n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-3 PUFA) intake on the cardiovascular system have been reported, and thus we hypothesized that the prevalence of hypertensive cardiovascular remodeling would be lower in a fishing than a farming community.MethodsWe recruited 263 essential hypertensives from a fishing and 333 from a farming village; all subjects were 40 years (mean 73 years; 42% men). They were cross-sectionally examined for serum eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) levels, left ventricular mass index (LVMI), and common-carotid artery (CCA) and internal-carotid artery (ICA) intima-media thickness (IMT).ResultsCompared to the patients in the farming village, those in the fishing village had higher serum EPA and DHA levels (63.3 vs.70.9νg/ml, 137.2 vs.157.8νg/ml) and lower ADMA levels (0.49 vs.0.47nmol/ml; all P 0.05). LVMI and both CCA-IMT and ICA-IMT levels were lower in the fishing than the farming village (113.2 vs.121.6g/m2, 0.88 vs.0.94mm, 1.10 vs.1.17mm all P 0.01) even after adjustment for age, sex, body mass index (BMI), duration of hypertensive medication, number of antihypertensive medications, and 24-h systolic blood pressure (SBP) level. The differences in LVMI and IMT levels between these communities also remained unchanged (all P 0.01) after additional adjustment for the regional differences in EPA, DHA, and ADMA levels. A multivariable linear regression analysis showed that the difference in place of residence was independently associated with LVMI as well as with both CCA-IMT and ICA-IMT levels (all P 0.01).ConclusionThe prevalence of cardiovascular remodeling was significantly lower in patients in the fishing community than in those in the farming community. Further investigations are required to explain the mechanisms underlying this association. © 2011 American Journal of Hypertension, Ltd.

Sonoda H.,University of Miyazaki | Prachasilchai W.,University of Miyazaki | Kondo H.,University of Miyazaki | Yokota-Ikeda N.,Miyazaki Prefectural Miyazaki Hospital | And 3 more authors.
Journal of Pharmacological Sciences | Year: 2010

Overexpression of heat shock protein 70 kDa (HSP70) is known to confer cellular protection against ischemia-reperfusion (I/R) injury. Radicicol, a HSP90 inhibitor, has been reported to induce the expression of HSP70 protein. Here we studied whether radicicol attenuated renal I/R injury in vivo. Treatment of mice with radicicol ameliorated renal I/R injury and increased renal HSP70 mRNA and protein. Administration of radicicol with quercetin, an inhibitor of HSP70 induction, eliminated the renoprotective effect of radicicol. Our results suggest that the up-regulation of renal HSP70 protein by radicicol leads to a novel drug therapy against renal I/R injury. ©2010 The Japanese Pharmacological Society.

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