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Mitsubishi Materials Corporation | Date: 2015-01-30

A copper alloy wiring film of a flat panel display of the present invention and a sputtering target for forming the same have a composition including Mg: 0.1 to 5 atom %; either one or both of Mn and Al: 0.1 to 11 atom % in total; and Cu and inevitable impurities as the balance, and if necessary, may be further including P: 0.001 to 0.1 atom %.

Provided are a metal nitride material for a thermistor, which has a high reliability and high heat resistance and can be directly deposited on a film or the like without firing, a method for producing the same, and a film type thermistor sensor. The metal nitride material for a thermistor consists of a metal nitride represented by the general formula: (M

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation | Date: 2014-03-27

A plurality of cutting edges that are arranged on an outer circumference of a shaft-shaped broach body are provided with a spline teeth group, which contains a plurality of spline teeth 8 that groove a prepared hole of a work material, and a round teeth group, which is disposed in a different position from the spline teeth group along an axis direction and contains a plurality of round teeth that machine an inner circumference of the prepared hole. At least one gullet is formed to extend along the outer circumference of the broach body in a circumferential direction around the axis between the round teeth that are adjacent to one another in the axis direction in the round teeth group. The gullet extends toward the axis direction, gradually twisting toward the circumferential direction. The spline teeth group and the round teeth group are formed integrally on the outer circumference of the broach body.

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation | Date: 2015-11-02

An apparatus for producing trichlorosilane, including: a reaction vessel in which a supply gas containing silicon tetrachloride and hydrogen is supplied to produce a reaction product gas containing trichlorosilane and hydrogen chloride; a heating mechanism that heats the interior of the reaction vessel; a gas supply section that supplies the supply gas in the reaction vessel; and a gas discharge section that discharges the reaction product gas from the reaction vessel to the outside, wherein a reaction passageway is formed in the interior of the reaction vessel, in which a plurality of small spaces partitioned by a plurality of reaction tubular walls that have different inner diameters and are substantially concentrically disposed communicate by flow penetration sections formed alternately in lower portions and upper portions of the reaction tubular walls in order from the inside, and the gas supply section and the gas discharge section are connected to the reaction passageway.

Mitsubishi Shindoh Co. and Mitsubishi Materials Corporation | Date: 2015-11-19

A copper alloy sheet for terminal and connector materials contains 4.5 mass % to 12.0 mass % of Zn, 0.40 mass % to 0.9 mass % of Sn, 0.01 mass % to 0.08 mass % of P, and 0.20 mass % to 0.85 mass % of Ni with a remainder being Cu and inevitable impurities, a relationship of 11[Zn]+7.5[Sn]+16[P]+3.5[Ni]19 is satisfied, a relationship of 7[Ni]/[P]40 is satisfied in a case in which the content of Ni is in a range of 0.35 mass % to 0.85 mass %, an average crystal grain diameter is in a range of 2.0 m to 8.0 m, an average particle diameter of circular or elliptical precipitates is in a range of 4.0 nm to 25.0 nm or a proportion of the number of precipitates having a particle diameter in a range of 4.0 nm to 25.0 nm in the precipitates is 70% or more, an electric conductivity is 29% IACS or more, a percentage of stress relaxation is 30% or less at 150 C. for 1000 hours as stress relaxation resistance, bending workability is R/t0.5 at W bending, solderability is excellent, and a Youngs modulus is 10010

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