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News Article | November 4, 2016

Evaluated by a Jury comprising some of India's most respected entrepreneurs and investors including Ashok Soota of Happiest Minds, Amit Patni of RAAY Global Investments and K. Ganesh of Portea Medical, the 2016 Startup50 List features some of the best companies from across diverse sectors such as Enterprise Tech, Consumer Tech, Consumer Brand, Healthcare & Social Impact. The entrepreneurs at the helm of all these 50 companies have built wonderful businesses with long-term potential, robust financials and solid VC-backing. On the eve of The Smart CEO Startup50 Conference & Awards 2016, held at Taj West End, Bengaluru, the founders and first employees of 50 of India's most successful startups joined their peers in becoming a part of The Smart CEO Startup50 List of 2016 . Each of these 50 startups, spanning across diverse sectors and unique business models, was shortlisted from a pool of 450 nominations and evaluated by a top-notch Jury comprising Ashok Soota, Chairman, Happiest Minds Technologies, Amit Patni, Co-Founder & Chairman, Nirvana Venture Partners, Ganapthy Venugopal, Co-Founder & CEO of Axilor Ventures, Krishnan Ganesh, Partner at Growth Story, Shubhankar Bhattacharya, Venture Partner at Kae Capital and Naganand Doraswamy, the Managing Director & CEO of Ideaspring Capital. While enterprise tech startups such as ReConnect Energy, Flutura Technologies, Indix and Capital Float bagged the most awards, it was closely followed by companies in the Consumer Tech and Consumer Brand segment earning recognition for their works. Of course, the determining factor for making the cut was ticking the box on eight criteria; originality of idea, innovation of business model, long-term potential, revenue/profit growth, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, brand and social impact. For example, Jaypore Ecommerce, which hosts Indian crafts-based designs across apparel, jewellery, art and home accents, made it to the Startup50 List, under the Consumer Tech category, for building an e-commerce business, which turned profitable in its very first year of operations. Similarly, Triguni Foods, the makers of Magic Upma and Magic Biryani, framed in the Consumer Brand List for building a robust brand in the airline food segment. Some other categories where businesses with long-term potential, innovative business models and profitable growth were identified are; enterprise technology, social impact and healthcare. Additionally, special Awards were also handed out to three Startup50 Alumni Companies, Happiest Minds Technologies, Mitra Biotech and Forus Health for their sustained growth and recent, path-breaking initiatives in their respective sectors. The Smart CEO Startup50 Awards was initiated as an annual event, in 2015, to recognise and reward entrepreneurs who have built robust businesses with long-term potential, solid VC-backing and strong financials. While the 2015 List saw companies such as UrbanLadder, Freshdesk, Hippocampus, ChargeBee, TeaBox, Consure Medical and the like across education, enterprise tech, consumer tech and healthcare categories, the 2016 List comprises a fresh set of promising startups such as Uniphore Software Systems, Jaypore Ecommerce, Flutura Technologies,, Unacademy and Triguni Foods. Instead of being a mere day-long event where the winners will be honoured, The Smart CEO also created a platform where the winners of each year will become a cohort of sorts. On this front, it has launched three channels; the Startup50 Alumni Connect, where the winners of the 100 Series-A funded companies will stay connected to each other; the Startup50 Global Investor Connect Forum; where the 100 winners can network with Indian and global investors; The Startup50 YouTube Series; where the Conference & Awards Night will be featured over a series of 12 episodes; and the Startup50 Ratings; a methodology to rate and rank early-stage ventures. In keeping with its vision of empowering entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs, middle and senior management professionals across India, with distinctive and timeless lessons on management and entrepreneurship, The Smart CEO hopes its Conference & Awards goes a step further in inspiring and encouraging many more such like-minded people to make India, Make in India. The Smart CEO is a widely read sector-agnostic digital + print platform where CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders share unique perspectives and experiences from their journey. Its primary goal is to capture for our readers the thinking process of these leaders, get a peek into the decisions they make and why they make these decisions. In addition to The Smart CEO, it also operates and runs theThe Smart CEO Media Labs, a content services arm that specializes in creating custom, high-end content and content-driven marketing for clients. Its clients comprise Mahindra Group, Godrej & Boyce, Wealth Advisors, Veda Corporate Advisors, Altacit Global,Intellect Design Arena, Indium Software and several other growth companies in the country. Growth Mechanics also services global development agencies including IDA Ireland and Invest Maldives. For further queries, contact Prem Kumar S at or Madhumita Prabhakar at

Goldman A.,Harvard University | Goldman A.,Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology | Goldman A.,Brigham and Women's Hospital | Majumder B.,India Innovation Research Center | And 11 more authors.
Nature Communications | Year: 2015

Understanding the emerging models of adaptive resistance is key to overcoming cancer chemotherapy failure. Using human breast cancer explants, in vitro cell lines, mouse in vivo studies and mathematical modelling, here we show that exposure to a taxane induces phenotypic cell state transition towards a favoured transient CD44 Hi CD24 Hi chemotherapy-tolerant state. This state is associated with a clustering of CD44 and CD24 in membrane lipid rafts, leading to the activation of Src Family Kinase (SFK)/hemopoietic cell kinase (Hck) and suppression of apoptosis. The use of pharmacological inhibitors of SFK/Hck in combination with taxanes in a temporally constrained manner, where the kinase inhibitor is administered post taxane treatment, but not when co-administered, markedly sensitizes the chemotolerant cells to the chemotherapy. This approach of harnessing chemotherapy-induced phenotypic cell state transition for improving antitumour outcome could emerge as a translational strategy for the management of cancer. © 2014 Macmillan Publishers Limited. All rights reserved.

The present disclosure relates to an Extra Cellular Matrix composition specific for cancer type and a tumor microenvironment platform for long term culturing of tumor tissue, wherein said culturing provides human ligands and tumor tissue micro-environment to mimic physiologically relevant signalling systems. The present disclosure further relates to the development of a Clinical Response Predictor and its application in the prognostic field (selection of treatment option for the patient) and translational biology field (development of anticancer drugs). The disclosure further relates to a method of predicting clinical response of a tumor patient to drug(s). The disclosure further relates to a method for screening tumor cells for the presence of specific markers for determining the viability of said cells for indication of tumor status.

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Type: Journal Article | Journal: Indian journal of surgical oncology | Year: 2017

Urological malignancies, represented mainly by prostate, bladder, and renal cancers, are some of the leading causes of cancer-related mortalities worldwide. Despite various efforts over decades to develop early detection tests and effective therapeutic paradigms, the response rate to the existing treatments remains low for both primary and late stage/recurrent phases of these cancers. The evolving landscape of molecular diagnostics, aiming to make the diagnosis and treatment more patient-driven, underpins precision oncology and particularly intends to rationally profile individual tumors and highlight the mechanistic insight and complexity of tumor microenvironment in order to develop biomarkers of toxicity risks and response prediction in a clinically oriented dynamical setting. The present review is an effort to capture some of the recent developments in the area of molecular diagnostics and functional testing platforms and their potential application in clinical decision making in the premises of precision oncology of urological malignancies.

News Article | October 25, 2013

Financial advisory firm Masterkey Holdings today announced the closure of the Series B Fund raise for Mitra Biotech from Tata Capital Innovations Fund. Mitra Biotech Pvt Ltd is a transnational Biology company focused on “Patient Segregation” in the area of cancer research. Mitra Biotech has developed a novel technology for the creation of local microenvironment mirroring tumor microenvironment for different cancers. They have developed diagnostic tests for targeted drugs, chemotherapeutics and for auto-immune diseases and inflammatory disorders. Founded by a team of medical researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Medical School, and with R&D centre in Bangalore and labs at Boston, Mitra Biotech works with some of the country’s top oncology institutes to determine the optimal drug or combination of drugs for patients. This helps reduce the overall treatment cycle and toxicity of conventional cancer medicines. Mitra Biotech first raised venture funding form Accel partners, India Innovation Fund and Kitven, for the development of Oncoprint their IP-based product with applications in Translational Biology and Theranostics. The latest round of funding will be used to scale operations, expand globally and strengthen the business development and research teams.

News Article | March 25, 2015

The Indian startup eco-system just got a major boost with the US-based venture and growth equity firm Accel Partners announcing a new India-focussed fund of US$305 million to invest in very early-stage companies. The fund will also continue to selectively pursue growth equity deals in technology companies in India. This is the firm’s fourth fund and will focus on investing in consumer, enterprise software, mobile and healthcare businesses. Accel started investing in India in 2005, and has partnered with some of the biggest brands in India such as BookMyShow, CommonFloor, Flipkart, Forus, FreshDesk, Mitra Biotech, MuSigma, Myntra, Power2SME, Proptiger and TaxiForSure. It has had several successful exits such as Myntra (acquired by Flipkart), TaxiForSure (acquired by Ola) and Virident (acquired by Western Digital). “We are excited about the entrepreneurial energy in India and we look forward to working with the next generation of business leaders,” Subrata Mitra, Partner at Accel Partners India said in a blog post. Accel Partners raised US$155 million for its third India-focussed fund in November 2011. The second fund was US$60 million in 2008. Earlier this month, SAIF Partners raised US$350 million for its new India fund. Last year, Sequoia had announced a US$530 million fund focussed on the country. Tiger Global has been actively investing in India and a major chunk of its new fund will be invested into Indian companies. Apart from the West, there has been huge interest from Japan’s SoftBank that has already invested in Ola, Housing and Snapdeal. It has also announced an investment of US$10 billion into India over the next few years. This growing interest from investors clearly indicates that the Indian startup ecosystem is set to witness bigger ticket size investments, more support for early-stage startups and greater exits. Get your Super Early Bird tickets for the Echelon Asia Summit, and secure your free passes to the TOP100 Qualifiers across different cities.

In a chat with Rajesh Rai, CEO of India Innovation Fund brings you a conversation with Rajesh Rai, CEO of India Innovation Fund. Innovation is often a misused word in a startup context. But Rajesh is a pro with close to a decade experience dealing with innovation-led startups in the US. He explains the key focus areas of the fund and also succinctly brings out the difference between the US and India in terms of the ecosystem. He clearly points out what India Innovation Fund is looking to invest and the sectors of interest. Having invested in three companies already, the fund aims to expand in 2012. Rajesh also shares his description of an entrepreneur being one himself sometime back and thinks building a strong team is imperative to performance, be it a VC or a startup. Name of the fund: India Innovation Fund Promoters: The fund is promoted by NASSCOM and IKP Knowledge Park. The investors of the fund are DST, TCS, SIDBI, Airtel and IKP Trust Philosophy of the Fund: To support early stage startups. There are not too many funds supporting innovation led businesses in India. In addition to that the idea was to provide a network of quality mentors to be able to help the companies move forward. The idea is to fund innovation-led companies and to help them grow. Sectors of interest: IT and life sciences. To some extent, it represents the competencies of the promoters, NASSCOM being an IT body and IKP Knowledge Part being one of the largest life sciences R&D centers in India. Rajesh Rai joined the fund as CEO in April 2010. The fund is based out of Bangalore. Rajesh and Ashwin along with the advisor Anjana manage the fund who together take care of operations, the deal making and the deal flow. In addition, a board and an investment committee, which has well-known entrepreneurs like Dr. Bala Manian, guide the fund. At least four investments are planned in 2012. Rajesh started a fund in the US called New Markets Venture Partners in 2002, and invested in around 20 innovation-driven companies. He says, “I am kind of doing the same thing in a different country now. I have been in the business for a while now.” Talking about the size of the investments, he explains: “We are putting anywhere in between $100,000 dollars and $1 million.” The deals are sourced initially through talks but Rajesh feels through the network, the fund has gained good traction and has been able to invest in very good companies. Investments so far: 3 companies 1. Mitra Biotech. Sector: Life Sciences. Very strong team backing the company prompts investment. 2. SEDEMAC. Sector: IT. Service: Embedded software for engines. It is a combination of software and mechanical engineering. 3. Surewaves. Sector: IT. Service: Technology focussed on media businesses.  The platform utilizes cloud technology and significant number of patents filed around it. Talking about these investments, Rajesh points out, “What we are looking for is core innovation which would drive the company, and innovation should be their main competitive advantage, and innovation that can enable something that didn’t exist before.” To our query if the fund is looking to invest in companies that are solving very India-specific problems, he disagrees saying, “I would not put ourselves in a box, but that would be a focus for sure. What we are saying is that can the company address a real problem, and can we help the company through our networks. We would love it to be a India-specific problem, and are looking for companies that can compete globally.” Rajesh’s take on being a VC in the US vs. being a VC in India “I think the energy levels are higher in India at this point in time. The white spaces and opportunities do exist. There is lesser depth in terms of being able to build teams. When you have many years of experience in the startup ecosystem, it becomes easier to put teams together. It is happening, but it is still tougher in India. I think large customers need to learn to work better with startups in India. In the US, acquiring a large customer is easier. In India large customers don’t treat startups too well. So in India it is a little tricky to acquire customers who can provide good margins for you. There is a growth in the consumer market here, which is real and strong. To be able to build good teams, you got to have very good founding teams. In India it is tougher to get employees who will hold equity as team members. It is also because we haven’t had that many mega exits as well. I guess that is where we are different from the US. But, the general traits of the entrepreneurs themselves are very similar.” Traits of successful entrepreneurs in Rajesh’s view   “Somebody who is persistent, somebody who can build a team, and someone who can be flexible. I think these are the main traits of successful entrepreneurs. You can’t be in totally wrong market, things always change, and you got to have the courage to accept that and change.” Rajesh signs off saying, “One of the key things that people should look at now is to build teams. It is helpful. Build teams that take your company from point 1 to point 2, in a finite period of time.”

News Article | February 22, 2017

BOSTON, Feb. 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Mitra Biotech, Inc., a global leader in advancing the personalization of cancer treatment, today announced the appointment of Anton Ehrhardt, Ph.D., as Vice President of Medical Affairs. "Anton Ehrhardt is a respected leader in Medical Affairs,...

News Article | December 14, 2016

FierceMarkets, publisher of FierceBiotech and FiercePharma, today announced the finalists in the Inaugural Fierce Innovation Awards: Life Sciences Edition. Finalists were recognized within 5 distinct categories of innovation. Finalists were chosen by a distinguished panel of judges from Medidata, PPD, PwC, Amgen and more. A complete list of judges can be found on the website. Winners will be announced during a live awards webcast on Wednesday, December 21, 2016, at 2 p.m. ET. Register to attend here. All applications were evaluated based on the following criteria: effectiveness, technical innovation, competitive advantage, financial impact and true innovation. Finalists were selected based on a calculation of the judges’ scores in each area. This year’s finalists include: Biotech Innovation Category Finalists Bicycle Therapeutics for Bicycles and Bicycle Drug Conjugates Humacyte for HUMACYL® Innovative Biochips for Automated Yeast Aging Analysis System Mitra Biotech, Inc. for CANscript Recursion Pharmaceuticals for Computationally intelligent phenotypic screening platform Data Analytics/ Business Intelligence Category Finalists Clarivate Analytics for Drug Research Advisor – Target Druggability Covance for Xcellerate Trial Design LexisNexis for LexisNexis Systems of Care for Life Sciences Strategic Research Insights (SRI) for Innovative Big Data Analytics The Michael J. Fox Foundation for PPMI Data Challenge Digital Health Solution Category Finalists Adherium for Smartinhaler Bayer AG + Facebook for Scrolling Important Safety Information (ISI) Solution ContextMedia for The Digital Exam Room Wallboard, Infusion Room Tablet and Patient Mobile Connect HealthUp Sp. Z o.o for MySpiroo MedEvoke for [OPEN] Scientific Platform Alignment System Drug Delivery Technology Category Finalists Anutra Medical for Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System Bicycle Therapeutics for Bicycles and Bicycle Drug Conjugates Mercator MedSystems, Inc. for The Bullfrog® Micro-Infusion Device Portal Instruments for PRIME Drug Delivery System Titan Pharmaceuticals for ProNeura™ Technology Innovation Category Finalists 10x Genomics for 10x Genomics ChromiumTM System Cianna Medical for SAVI SCOUT Fulholdpharma Plc for New Antimicrobial Platform Technology InCrowd for InCrowd MicroTracker Medimetrics Personalized Drug Delivery B.V. for IntelliCap® System FierceMarkets, a division of Questex, LLC, is a leader in B2B e-media, providing information and marketing services in the telecommunications, life sciences, healthcare, IT, energy, government, finance, and retail industries through its portfolio of email newsletters, websites, webinars and live events. Every business day, FierceMarkets' wide array of digital publications reaches more than 2 million executives in more than 100 countries. Current publications include: Telecom: FierceWireless; FierceCable; FierceDeveloper; FierceOnlineVideo; FierceTelecom; FierceWirelessTech; FierceWireless:Europe /TelecomsEMEA, FierceInstaller; an Telecom Asia; Healthcare: FierceEMR; FierceHealthcare; FierceHealthFinance; FierceHealthIT; FierceHealthPayer; FierceHealthPayerAntiFraud; FierceMobileHealthcare; FiercePracticeManagement and Hospital Impact; Life Sciences: FierceBiotech; FierceBiotechIT; FierceBiotech Research; FierceCRO; FierceDiagnostics, FierceDrugDelivery; FierceMedicalDevices; FiercePharma; FiercePharmaAsia; FiercePharmaMarketing; FiercePharmaManufacturing; FierceVaccines and FierceAnimalHealth Enterprise IT: FierceBigData; FierceCIO; FierceContentManagement; FierceDevOps; FierceEnterpriseCommunications; FierceITSecurity and FierceMobileIT; Finance: FierceCFO; and FierceFinanceIT; Government: FierceGovernment; FierceGovernmentIT; FierceHomelandSecurity; FierceMobileGovernment; FierceCities and FierceGovHealthIT Marketing & Retail: FierceCMO; FierceTechExec.

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