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Exeter, United Kingdom

Knezevic J.,Mirce Akademy
Journal of Applied Engineering Science | Year: 2015

Mirce Mechanics is a scientific theory of the motion of in-service systems through Mirce Spacetime that enables prediction of the work done by them to be made by using Mirce Equations. However, practical applications of Mirce Mechanics are possible only, when the physical mechanisms that generate the motion of systems through positive and negative states are understood. The mechanism of ice building on an aircraft on the ground is addressed in this paper, as a cause of occurrence of a negative in-service event. It is generated under certain environmental conditions when precipitation falling onto the aircraft freezes, mainly on upper surfaces of the wing and tail, endangering the flight safety. This type of negative events is followed by de-icing process of the aircraft at the airport, as a physical mechanism that causes the transition of an aircraft from the negative to the positive in-service state. Several de-icing methods are presented in this paper together with the analysis of their impacts on aircraft and environment. Source

Zaczyk I.,Mirce Akademy
Journal of Applied Engineering Science | Year: 2013

The main objective of this paper is to argue that the scientific approach to reliability and safety is the only way forward for the reliability community if accurate predictions regarding occurrences of negative functionability events are to be made and subsequently verified during the operational processes of the future man made, managed and maintained systems. For that to happen, a scientific understanding of the mechanisms that cause occurrences of functionability events of the surrounding natural environment are required. Then and only then, can accurate and meaningful reliability and safety predictions become possible, enabling the ultimate goal of reducing the probability of failure event occurrences during the life of man made, managed and maintained systems. This paper focuses on the scientific understandings of the relevant cosmic radiation on aviation reliability and safety. Source

Knezevic J.,Mirce Akademy
Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering | Year: 2012

Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to develop a science-based formulation of quality of maintenance processes. Design/methodology/approach - The paper takes the form of scientific analysis of the faulty maintenance tasks to determine the pattern of phenomena and to understand the nature of causing mechanisms. Findings - Faulty maintenance tasks are found to exist in statistical analysis of the tens of thousands of maintenance tasks in defence, aerospace, transportation (including Formula 1 Grand Prix racing), communication and other industries, which has led to the formulation of the probabilistic axiom of the quality of maintenance. Practical implications - This axiom has a profound impact on the properties of any maintainable system, such as reliability, availability, safety, cost, effectiveness and many others, on the one hand, and associated processes such as manufacturing, operation, logistics support, on the other. Originality/value - The paper presents the formulation of the second axiom of Mirce Mechanics, which is related to the quality of the maintenance processes and a new classification of quality-based maintenance tasks. © 2012 Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Source

Chiarello O.,Secondo Mona | Knezevic J.,Mirce Akademy
Journal of Applied Engineering Science | Year: 2013

The second Axiom of Mirce Mechanics, states, "The probability of faulty execution of any maintenance task is greater than zero". Analysis of maintenance processes clearly shows that ineffective communication between system designers and maintenance personnel, through maintenance documentation, is a well-recognised contributor to the occurrence of faulty maintenance task, which in turn could have a significant impact on reliability, availability, safety, cost and effectiveness of technical systems. This paper addresses the lack of understanding of maintenance manuals, written in English, by 80% of the global maintenance personnel whose native language is not English. The majority of them have knowledge of English that is rather limited and are easily confused by complex sentence structures and by the number of meanings and synonyms that English words may have. Significant improvements in the direction of effective communication have been achieved by the creation and use of Simplified Technical English, the benefit of which is presented in this paper. Source

Knezevic J.,Mirce Akademy
Journal of Applied Engineering Science | Year: 2014

Birds represent a serious, but often misunderstood, threat to aircraft. Most bird strikes do not result in any aircraft damage, but some bird strikes have led to serious accidents involving aircraft of every size. According to Bird strike Committee USA, bird and other wildlife strikes to aircraft result in over $600 million in damage to U.S. civil and military aviation each year. The lives of the crew and passengers are also at risk. Since 1988, over 200 people have been killed worldwide as a result of encounters with birds and other wildlife. Thus, this paper addresses bird strike from MIRCE Mechanics point of view, which means that it is considered as a mechanism that generates a functionability event which causes the motion of a system from positive to negative functionability state. The paper provides vital information about the physical properties of most common birds that are required for predictions of their impacts on aircrafts, at the design stages as a scientific method for the evaluation of alternatives. Source

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